While shopping for shoes in NYC one day I had this “aha” moment.  I was there visiting my eldest daughter and we had been to Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue and Begdorf Goodman trying on shoes.  My daughter had recently bought a pair of Louboutins (the famous “red soled” shoes) to wear to a premier and being the cutting edge mom that I am, I wanted a pair as well.  The sticker shock was enough to give me cardiac arrest (even on the sale rack) but as I began to try on pair after pair after pair I quickly came to realize that no matter how much I wanted those shoes there was “no way” they were ever going to fit my feet.  Similar to Cinderella’s stepsisters attempts to fit into the glass slipper, I tried with the up most of perseverance to fit my not so delicate foot into that ever so fabulous shoe. Huffing and puffing, shoving and wiggling I finally worked my way into a SIZE 11!!!!! Seriously…a SIZE 11!!!!!  Standing, teetering on the brink of a major fall, the pain began to radiate through my toes and ripple up my calves.  “How in the world did you stand this?”,  I asked my daughter, who was trying very hard not to laugh at how ridiculous I looked. She smiled sweetly and simply responded, “Mom, maybe those are just not the “right fit” for you”. Acknowledging she was right I decided to switch to another brand, one that I also had been coveting…the infamous “Jimmy Choos”.

As the catchy tune by Kellie Pickler floated through my head (“Jimmy Choo Choo, Saks Fifth Avenue”), I strutted by aching tootsies over to the next shoe department and promptly found a fabulous pair of black patent leather, high heeled, Jimmy Choos to try on.  Confident I had found the perfect fit I wriggled and pushed and alas failure again….Jimmy Choos also not the “perfect fit”!

Gotta admit at this point my self esteem was heading quickly south as I pondered “why” these fabulous shoes, that I really, really wanted, would not fit what I thought were perfectly nice, normal feet. And then it hit me….I was trying to fit into something that simply was not “me”.  Where would I wear these shoes??? To Price Chopper to grocery shop?  With no movie premieres in my future and the astounding price tag that went with the coveted shoes I knew that I could find a great pair of “fabulous shoes” that were more my style (ok so I AM NOT a velour wearing jogging suit kind of mom..more Anthropologie and JCrew) and actually fit,  I could walk in, and most importantly enjoy wearing  (oh and I should add…. afford without auctioning off our youngest on ebay!).

Heading over again to peruse the shoes, my eye caught the glint of gold the embellishment on the toe of a very cute pair of Tory Burch black ballet flats.  As I opened the box and looked at the shoe I just knew that this was more “me”.  My heart was fluttering as I slipped the shoe over my toes.  What???? No excruciating pain? No wriggling and cramping?  My foot slipped in just as Cinderella’s foot slipped into her glass slipper.  Success!!!!!  I had found the “perfect fit” for me.

That was three years ago and I still wear those wonderful, “perfect fit” shoes every week.  They still feel fabulous and if I must say they have become my favorite shoe.  They are who I am…they compliment me.  When I wear them I feel confident and comfortable.

I am sure at this point you are wondering why all the blathering about shoes…so here’s the kicker.  I write recommendation letters and advise lots of young women who are getting ready to go through recruitment about how to make the process a successful one.  My “aha” moment while on my shoe shopping trip to NYC gave me an inspiration to share with all my girls and with you this…going through sorority recruitment is like trying to find the “perfect” pair of shoes. You just need to find “the right fit”.

Oh ladies, you might really picture yourself a “Louboutin” girl (like me!) but in all actuality it might not be the right fit (like me!) and instead you might be a Tory Burch girl or a Anna Sui girl , maybe a Steve Madden or even a Toms girl.  No matter how much you can try to make yourself “fit” into that particular sorority (or shoe) if it’s not the “right fit” for you it’s not going to be a pleasurable experience.

So it’s my goal with this blog to help you through the process of recruitment ..from the Northeast to the SEC to the Pac West…competitive and non-competitive, big and small.  Let’s see if we can find “the right fit” for you!  I look forward to sharing my stories and insights about the process and my own personal experiences (back in the dinosaur days) as well as the experiences of my daughters who have survived recruitment, had very successful sorority experiences and still are experiencing Greek Life today.  I am so looking forward to helping you find “the right fit”. Hmmmm…am thinking I might need a new pair of shoes!