I love to read.  My husband is often frustrated with me because my choice of reading materials often does meet with his opinion of what is “trashy” and what is “worthwhile”.  The one topic we both find interesting and he approves of is the history of the English courts, specifically King Henry VIII and his ladies.

I was thinking this morning about the “ladies of the court” and how they actually were somewhat like a sorority of sorts.  Scratching your heads… huh?  Yeah I know you are all thinking “ok where’s she going with this”?……so hear me out.  Being a lady in waiting to the king was a coveted position (hmmm…just like wanting to be in a sorority), they performed philanthropy projects (like sewing shirts for the poor), they kind of had a specific type of attire they wore and in some cases wore badges proclaiming  allegiance to that particular queen (the Tudor roses worn during Ann Boelyn’s reign) and it was a mutual selection process in that they showed their best “lady in waiting” skills and chose to be a part of this life and the court then “chose” those best fiitted for this life.

So as you begin this process I want you to think about the “Why” of sorority life.  Why do you want to be in a sorority?  Is it for the jerseys and letters, the (in some cases) 200 plus sisters who will enter your life, is it a networking thing, to job in your future, thinking about the social end of it and all those swaps, do you see it as a popularity thing on campus, sort of to “be noticed”?  There is no right or wrong answer.

I had lunch one day with a young woman who wanted me to write a recommendation for her for my sorority (more about recs coming soon!!) and so I asked her the “why question”.  Her answer “Well”, she said, kind of curling her long blond hair in her fingers, “I really want to join AOPi because I love Panda bears and that’s their mascot”.  I nearly fell off my chair!!!!  Seriously!  Yep…we had a little heart to heart about… 1. Going into recruitment with an open mind and 2. If you want to collect panda bears take a trip to China (no I didn’t really say that but you get what I’m thinking right?)

For those of you thinking about going through recruitment really ask yourself the “Why” question.  Why do I want to be apart of a community of young women who will provide me with friendships for a lifetime, an opportunity to give to others, networking job opportunities, a social group to enjoy and be active in as well as the ability to expand myself (no I don’t mean the freshman 15!) and grow as an individual.  I think your answers will make you smile!!!!  Good luck and let’s get started!

One last thing…for those of you who are addicted to mascots, here’s a link to the National Panhellenic’s page on wikipedia with info on all 26 NPC sororities (you just click on the sorority name and it give tons of info on each one)….you can study up and pick your fav mascot (ok just kidding!!!!).   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Panhellenic_Conference

Also you should watch the new video by NPC called “Our Potential. your Move”!  I just loved it and I think it captures the “Why” of going through recruitment and joining a sorority.  Here’s the link for that as well!


So time to take off my APhi sweatshirt, (yep I have a sweatshirt with my letters on it that I LOVE to wear….big hugs from all m sisters who now are spread out all over the US and who I talk with almost every day!!!), jump in the shower and finish packing.  Am jetting off to move sorority daughter #1 to a new apartment this weekend in DC.  Will catch up on all the Alum activities she’s involved in.  we will chat soon!

Next topic:  Toot your own horn!