When you arrive on campus, Vera Bradley luggage in hand, to begin your recruitment journey you may have to do a double take on listening as the young women around seem to be talking in a language that sounds like a secret code.  It would not be uncommon to hear these conversations between two potential new members (PNM”s)   “So do you like your Rho Chi group?  Did you get to to meet with and GLO’s before you did your recs”  Are you a legacy or a sister sister? How many houses do we cut after Ice Water Teas?  Have you heard what quota will be?  What did you bring to wear to Pref night?”

As you prepare to go through “recruitment” you need to understand the “language” of sorority life.  For some of you it may sound like “Pig Latin” but as you read on hopefully things will begin to make sense.  So…no quippy humorous stories today ladies..just the facts…nothing but the facts and definitions from the world of “Sorority Lingo”.

Thought I would put these terms and definitions in ABC order.  A disclaimer….I have tried to list terms that are universal for most major campuses.  If you come across a term and don’t know what it means message me and I will help :).

Active**** an initiated member of a sorority.

Alum**** short for Alumna, a member of a sorority who is no longer a collegiate member.

Badge**** the pin that is worn by initiated members to chapter meetings and other events.

Big Sis*** an active member who is paired with a new member to help them adjust to Greek life.

Bid Matching**** a computerized process where PNM’s and sororities are matched with one another after Preference Parties during Formal Recruitment.

Bid*** a formal invitation to join a sorority.

Bid Day**** the last day of Recuitment where Bids are given out ot PNM’s.

Chapter**** a branch of a sorority at a particular campus.

Continuous Open Bidding (COB)**** an opportunity for those chapters who do not reach Quota during recruitment to add members until they reach total.

Cut**** to not be invited back to a sorority during Formal Recruitment.

Deactivate**** to officially leave your sorority and not be a member any longer.

Deferred Recruitment**** Recruitment held after classes begin, usually in the Spring but some campuses are now holding it in late Fall.

Depledge**** when a new member leaves the sorority before initiation.

Dirty rush**** when a sorority member promises a PNM an invite (Bid) before Recruitment begins.

Drop**** 1) to drop out of recruitment because you no longer wish to continue. 2) to be cut by a sorority during recruitment (eg. ABC dropped me).

Executive (Exec)**** the governing body of the sorority.

Formal Recruitment**** Formerly known as “rush” it is a process where a Potential New Member (PNM) visits all of the sororities on campus through a series of events, narrow down the sororities until they potentially receive a “Bid” or invitation to join.

GDI**** slang for Gosh Darn Independent or God Damned Independent.  A person who is not in a Greek organization.

Greek**** a person who is in a fraternity or sorority, or being in a GLO.

Greek Letter Organization (GLO)**** any sorority or fraternity is a GLO.

House Mom (House Director, House Manager)**** a person who lives in the sorority house and oversees the day to day operations.

In House Legacy (also known as a Sister Sister)**** a legacy whose blood sister (in some sororities in can be a step sister) is currently a member in good standing of that sorority.

Initiation**** the private ceremony in which a new member become a full initiated member.

Intentional Single Preference (ISP)**** when a PNM lists only one sorority on their Preference Card (also called Suiciding).

Invite**** an invitation extended to attend a recruitment event.

Lavaliere**** a small drop necklace with Greek Letters.

Legacy**** A person whose parent, sister, or grandmother belonged to a particular sorority. (note>>>Legacies ARE NOT guaranteed a bid) .

Letters**** the Greek Letters that represent your particular sorority.

Maximize Your Options**** this basically means that a PNM returns to every group that she is invited back to AND lists every group whose pref she attended on her pref card.

Mismatch**** this occurs when a PNM’s name fails to match any of her sorority preferences. This can happen when a PNM’s name is far enough down on each sorority’s second list that the sorority reaches quota before she is high enough on her list.

National Panhellenic Conference (NPC)**** the governing body of all 26 international sororities in the USA and Canada.

National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)**** the governing body of all 9 traditionally Afican American sororities.

New Member Class**** the other new members that will go inititation with you.

New Member Period**** the time period between bid acceptance and initiation.

New Member Program (Pledge Program)**** a program that teaches the New Member about the sorority, their ideals, philanthropy, founders ect.

NPC**** (see National Panhellenic Conference).

Philanthropy**** the charity or charities that each sorority supports.

Pin**** (see Badge)

Pin Attire**** Badges/Pins must be worn with nice attire, similar to what you would wear to an interview.

Potential New Member (PNM)**** a female college student who is seeking membership on a NPC sorority either through Formal Recruitment. Formerly called a Rushee.

Preference (Pref)**** the final big night (or day) of Recruitment where you will attend 2,3, or sometimes 4 parties. If you are invited to Prefrence it means the sorority can see you as a member.

Preference Card (Pref Card)**** a card signed by PNM’s after Preference events indicating in order or preference, which sororities of the ones they attended they liked the most.

Quota**** the number of women each sorority may pledge during formal recruitment.

Recommendation**** a form or letter written by an alumna in good standing about a PNM and sent to the sorority at the campus where the PNM will be going through Recruitment.

Recruitment Guide (Rho Chi, Gamma Chi, Pi Gamma, Pi Chi, Rho Gam )**** a member of a NPC sorority who disaffiliates from.her sorority for the duration of Formal Recruitment to assist PNM’s during the process of Recruitment.

Release Figure Management (RFM)**** a way of managing formal recruitment to put all the chapters on even footing. Numbers from past years recruitment events showing how many girls elected to return to a sorority’s events are used to determine how many girls can be invited back to a sorority recruitment event now.

Ritual**** a ceremony held in secret only for initiated members which teaches secret information of the group.

Rush Crush**** an informal NPC term that describes a PNM that a member may really like and encourages to join.

Sister**** what sorority sisters call each other.

Snap Bidding**** when a group that has not reached quota during bid matching is offered a chance to take a PNM who has not matched to any sorority.

Suicide**** See Intentional sisngle Preference.

Tent Talk**** Gossip heard during recruitment about the Chapters.

Total**** the total amount of members a sorority is allowed to have.

So there you go…sorority lingo in a nutshell..Study up and you will be able to “talk the talk” while “walking the walk” of recruitment.