As you all know the point of this blog is to give information and help to young women who are wanting to go through the recruitment process at the college where they will attend.  Recruitment has gone through a lot of changes since I went through over 36 years ago.

We went through “rush” not recruitment and were called “rushees” not PNM’s (potential new members).  Going Greek was a popular thing to do.  If you didn’t join a sorority then you were labeled a GDI (God damn Independent)….and you did not mix  socially AT ALL with the sorority girls.

Back in the day we had never even heard of securing letters of recommendation for each house on campus.  Oh sure our mothers talked to their friends who had sorority affiliations, giving them a “heads up” that their daughter was participating in “rush” and would they please tell their daughters, who more than likely were members of that same house, to “keep and eye out” for their rushee daughter.  Rush was competitive but almost everyone who went through received a bid, usually to their number one choice.

Today there has been a resurgence in the popularity of joining a sorority.  There are many campuses across the US where over 1700 young women will sign up to “go through recruitment” this fall.  Pledge classes often run over 70 young women (my pledge class had 43) and house totals often have upward of 250 girls.  Being a “legacy” does not carry with it an automatic assumption that you will receive a bid but rather gets you a courtesy invite back to “day two” or “second round”  parties.

I know you’re thinking “but I KNOW all this”..of course you do!!!!  In desperate times people get desperate.  They pull out all the stops to be as successful as possible….in this case to secure the almighty “bid card”.  So…. some mommas hire a “Professional Recruitment Trainer” to get their darling daughter in perfect recruitment shape so she can attain the coveted “bid card”.

I had heard that these ladies existed but had never met one face to face (or blog to blog) until yesterday.  I often read the posts on a group forum called “Greek Chat”.  The silver tongued women who post there all think that they are “experts” on all things sorority. Yesterday a discussion began called “Pay us and we’ll help you get a bid”.   The main topic was the website of two women who call themselves “Rush biddies”  (   Being the curious person I am I had to of course immediately check it out.

Wow!!!!  Yep all I can say is Wow!!!  The picture shows two ladies wearing pink feather boas while smiling their best “sorority girl” smiles.  The website states in a variety of different ways that recruitment is more competitive than ever and IF you want to be successful you need to hire these ladies.  They hold a variety of workshops that claim to get the “rushee” prepared for the recruitment process.  Granted these ladies are from Birmingham Alabama, the deep south.  Because of this I am thinking that they most likely consult for girls who will attend Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn, Georgia or other SEC schools.  They claim to help you get a bid from your “first choice” house.  I am wondering how they do this??? Guarantee a bid????  So I clicked over onto the part of the website called “services” and my jaw nearly hit the floor.  Here’s what they listed……………………………………………………………………………….

Personal Services for pre-Rush provided by Rushbiddies:

Resume consultation  $25 per hour

    For Wardrobe consultation please contact us for referrals

Conversation and etiquette advice $25 per hour

  Hair, and make-up consultation $25 per hour

Private Workshops for groups of 5 or more

                                                              Week of Rush advice, phone calls, etc. $50 per hour.

That’s when it hit me…”Wow”!!!!!  I’m in the wrong business.  Here I am dispensing all kinds of free advice to lots of girls each year as they prepare for recruitment and I could have been lining my purse with dollar bills.  My husband has suggested this concept more than once but I just can’t do it.  I am simply sharing information about something I love….sorority life.  Oh I have given advice on every item listed in the services section.  I even took phone calls and emails from frantic moms during the week of recruitment…talking them off the ledge when the cuts came.

But I just can’t charge for my help, so  I am going to leave the “biddies” to their work.  I will continue to help my girls…for free.  My payment is the joy of knowing they will have a successful and non stressful recruitment.