Remember in the movie Snow White when the Evil Queen looks into her magic mirror and says “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” Of course she’s looking for the mirror to reply that she is the current front runner for this position but that wasn’t always the answer she got.  Sometimes the mirror had another beautiful, smart woman who it thought was the current fairest maiden in the land at the time. The Queen would go into a fit of anger, cursing the new fairest maiden and vowing to again regain the coveted “first place” spot.

Welcome to the world of sorority recruitment.  Each woman that goes through recruitment wants to believe that she is the fairest maiden in land and that each sorority is clamoring to give her a bid.  But how do you get the sororities to “notice” you.  How do you make yourself stand out above the crowd?  It all starts with an excellent resume that will then lead to a glowing recommendation.

In the Recruitment world of 2012 most sororities at major universities will STRONGLY suggest that a PNM get “letters of recommendation” for each house on campus.  As a PNM you must search out sorority alumna who are will to write these letters and send them off to their chapter at the university you will be attending.

First of all they aren’t really letters but actually a form that an alumna from a sorority fills out “endorsing” a particular girl as a PNM for her house.  I have written hundreds of these for my sorority in the past.  They can be time consuming if you as an alum are not provided the needed information.  So you are asking yourself…”do you personally KNOW these young women and if so WOW!”  Nope…I don’t personally know each and every girl I write a rec for but I do have a “magic mirror” of sorts that provides me a sneak peek or snapshot of the young lady.  I ask each girl to give me a resume of her high school years….a mirror which reflects her academics, involvement, honors and awards and philanthropy.  This resume helps me to get an idea of how she will fit into sorority life and what assets she will bring to the sorority.

I also should tell you that at major universities, where Greek life if flourishing, recommendations and resumes are a “MUST HAVE” for each PNM.   With over 1700 young women going through recruitment each house has to have a way of “getting to know” a PNM.  The calling card is the rec and resume.  These are collected over the spring and cataloged into notebooks and power point presentations.  They are shared with each member of the house, where they are expected to pour over them, scouring them for the perfect PNM.  It is their “Magic mirror” into each girl that is going through recruitment, hoping for a bid.

So what makes a great, no perfect Greek resume?  First of all you need the following:

  • Contact information
    • name
    • address
    • email
    • cell number
    • home phone
  • Don’t forget personal info
    • your date of birth
    • the college you are planning to attend
    • the class you are entering (ie: freshmen , Fall 2012).
  • Next comes the academic  part…
    • GPA, class rank (if your school doesn’t rank but does percentiles then state “top 10% out of 230 students”),
    • ACT scores, SAT scores
    • High School attended
    • graduation date
    • and Junior college attended if applicable (you can also add GPA etc.. from the JCC if you are transferring in as a sophomore).
  • Parental Information:
    • You need to list your parents
    • their occupations
    • colleges they graduated from
    • degrees attained
    • date of graduation
  • There should be a spot for Greek Affiliations 
    • where you can list parents, sisters and brothers, grandparents, aunts and cousins who have pledged a sorority or fraternity.  I wouldn’t get carried away here.  Today most sororities look to mothers and sisters for legacy status.

As I posted earlier being a legacy actually doesn’t guarantee you a bid to that sorority but will get you invited back to the second round of parties.  When listing Greek Affiliations make sure list the sorority/fraternity, the particular chapter and campus, dates attended and relationship to you.

For example:

Mother           Kappa Delta      Lambda Chapter Northwestern University Chicago         1973-1977

It is some people’s opinion that if you are going through recruitment at the same college or university your mother/sister went to that you should not list your greek affiliation.  If your parent or sibling was EXTREMELY active in their house some sororities may infer that you will automatically want to pledge that sorority and so they will cut you from their invite list.  I don’t have statisitcs to support this…have I seen it happen??..yep……..the decision is up to you.

  • List all of the activities:

What you have been involved in the past 4 years of high school.  List them by year and note any leadership or team captain awards.

Here’s an example:










*    JV Volleyball *    JV Volleyball *    Varsity Volleyball *    Varsity Volleyball
*   Fellowship of       (Captain, *    Varsity Track       (Coaches Award)
     Christian         Coaches Award)       (Captain) *    Varsity Track
     Athletes (FCA) *    JV Track *    FCA (Leadership)       (Captain)
*   Concert Band       (Coaches Award) *    Character *    FCA
  *    FCA (Leadership)       Education Mentor *    Character
  *    Concert Band       Education Mentor
  • Clubs:
    • Should list any clubs you have participated in and the dates that you held membership.
  • Volunteer activities: 
    • (philanthropy) and again make sure to again list dates and finally
  • Work experience or jobs you have held.

You do not need to describe any of the above just list them and the dates participated.  The sororities are looking for young women who are well rounded, can handle a full load of school, and extra curricular (EC’s) activities.  Each sorority has many positions that they need to fill each year from President to Homecoming Float Chair.  As they begin to search fro those women who they think will make outstanding members and mesh with those women who are already members they are also looking for members who will become involved and be an asset to that sorority.  Many houses make a “list” of what type of young women they are looking for.  Members are encouraged to keep these attributes in mind during the recruitment process.

  • Look and Feel:
    • So you’ve amassed all this information and the next part is to make the resume look inviting, concise and appealing to the eye.
      • No fancy fonts that are difficult to read.  There are lots of templates on the internet that will help you just plug in the information and it will do the layout.
      • Choose a nice linen resume paper (muted tones) and make sure to get matching envelopes (more about this later).

And voila!!!!!  You are done. Your resume is now ready to be passed onto the wonderful alum who is going to peer into your high school career and write for you an absolutely glowing recommendation.  So hold up your resume….chant the magic words “Mirror, mirror on the wall..whose resume is the best of all?”…the mirror will undoubtedly answer back…”YOURS”!