Last night my husband and I went to the Brad Paisley concert.  I loved every minute of it while he sat and sulked in the corner.  The man is just not a country music sort of guy.  I asked him which song he liked the best and he told me it was the one about the guy making up all of the fake stuff and putting it up on Facebook.  He was referring to the song “Online”.  That got a giggle out of me as I pictured what my husband might put up on line if he was trying to “meet girls” .  Outta tell you that the man I love is an average height baldy fat guy…certainly  not a 6 pack toting bronze god, but he’s mine and I’ll keep him!

During the concert I received a text message from a good friend telling me to watch the Youtube link she had sent me.  It was a parody of what sorority girls talk like.  Hysterical but unfortunately a little too familiar as well.  I mean WOW..they had my coffee order down to a “t”.

This all got me wondering , thinking and worrying about world of social media, cyberspace, the virtual reality world…you know what I am talking about right???  The world of Facebook, twitter, Youtube, and even myspace.  If a person wanted to they could “creep” on anyone…the tools and options available for this type of personal infringement are endless.  And what would they find???  And more importantly what would you want them to find.  Are YOU “so much cooler on line?”’s lesson is on how to be the best You” in the virtual world. I mean you can make yourself as “cool” as you want online.

We’ve covered what makes a good resume and how important that is for a successful recruitment.  Your resume is a “paper” picture of you.  When the sorority receives that piece of paper that describes you academic career, your hobbies, interests, what you do in your spare time and how you choose to share with others they can paint a picture of what you “DO” but not what you look like when you’re doing it.

Facebook:  This is your number one priority …make sure it is “grandma clean”.  Whats’ “grandma clean” you ask?  Don’t have anything on there you would want your grandmother to see or read.  Start with your profile picture.  It should be of you..just you..not you and your bestie holding red solo cups (yeah not koolaide in there right??0, or you and your boyfriend in a lip lock, or a naval shot of your new belly button ring…..just a plain pic of you.  Think cute senior pic…a head shot perhaps or even a candid photo but make sure it’s in focus, attractive and in good taste.

You then have to decide if you want to make your Facebook public or private.  There are multiple schools of thought on this when it comes to recruitment.  Some think if you make it private that the sororities will think you are “hiding” something.  Others think that if you make it public, well meaning friends might post something that was inappropriate.  you know your friends and acquaintances.  I know you are thinking to yourself “really..they don’t really look at peoples Facebook pages”…..YES THEY DO!!!!   I’ve watched them do it right here in my own house.

A great example come from one of my dead children.  My child and a friend were taking pictures of their arms next to each other.  When you looked at the pics it looked like they had pulled their pants down and you were looking at their crack!!!!!  I happened to see they had a new post and so I looked!!! Oh my!!!  I picked up the phone and called the child immediately where they laughed told me what they had done (they thought it was hysterical) and I told them to “GET IT OFF’..Wasn’t 5 mintes later when a friend who is also a firend with my child called asking.  It was perfectly innocent but perceived toatlly the worng wa.

It’s my opinion that having a public Facebook shows the Greek world you are upfront, honest and have nothing to hide…just my opinion…gotta put it out there.  If you haven’t shared with your friends that you are going through recrutiment now’s the time.  Have a Facebook discussion.  At the end you will know what you need to do.

Twitter:  “Oh my gad…I so love sorority life” #greekforlife#hottiesororitygirl12#…..You get the picture.  In the world of Twitter people “tweet” about everything and nothing. Not only will the sororities “follow you” on Twitter if they are interested in seeng what your up to but they will also check out who your are following.  Hmmm let’s see Suzy PNM follows  Vodkaqueen132,  sexymomma,  school skipper.  These may be perfectly nice people but Patty Pi Phi doesn’t know that and combined with tweets like “shit faced at Burger King and it’s only 3pm #gonnapukeallnight she might form an unfavorable opinion of you.  Then there’s the tweets that others tweet about you or maybe not even about you but they think you’ll think it’s funny but well it implies something “just saw Suzy PNM swinging those babies in Kevin’s face”…hmmm was Suzy really swinging babies or????? Word of warning be careful what you tweet and who you follow.  Again if grandma can’t tweet it or follow it….nope you don’t either.

Youtube:  Reapeat after me…”I am not a budding movie star”.  Is it funny to make a video of you pretending to do a lap dance as part of you Forensics practice and post it on Youtube…sure but if Patty Pi Phi (sorry Pi Phis….I’m not picking on you but I’ve had you guys on my mind today) Googles your name and the lap dance shows up she has no way of knowing that this was just you playing around at forensics.   Restrain from posting something that could be misconstrued in any way. You can collect the Oscar after you get the bid…I’d like to thank ADPi and the academy….you get my drift? you are either sitting going “This lady is in the NO FUN ZONE” or you are frantically trying to get to your Facebook page while dialing up your twitter to see if there is anything you need to fix and OH MY GOD….has someone already looked??????  Calm the hysteria and no I am not in the NO FUN ZONE.  I like to have fun too but I told you it’s my goal to get girls as prepared as possible for recruitment and this is a something that isn’t really talked about but is VERY important.  So spend a few minutes after you read this just looking at you in the eyes of social media…are you really “so much cooler online”????