I sat down this morning and my immediate thought was that I would not write about sorority recs (recommendations) today.  It’s such a daunting task!  There is so much to cover and well……I have just been procrastinating about it , not gonna lie.  But after 3 cups of darn good coffee (my son is a barista at Peets Coffe and he sends me 2 pounds about every 3 weeks) I think I am up for the task.  I am going to divide recommendations into several posts…there’s just too much to cover.  So here goes post number one.

Let’s cover the basics first.

****What exactly is a sorority recommendation?

A sorority recommendation is a form that is filled out by an alumnae of a sorority giving information about a PNM who is planning on going through recruitment.  Usually the form is found either on the website for the sorority and sometimes they are included in the alumnae magazine published that particular sorority.

****Who is able to write a recommendation?

Any alumnae member that is in good standing can write a rec.  Sometimes and depending on the sorority, and the university you are attending, a young woman who is an active member but NOT at the university where the rec is being sent, can write a rec as well.  It is much better to get a rec from an alum.

****Do I need to be a personal friend of the person who I ask to write the rec?

No, an alum may write a rec for anyone.  That being said most people will not write a rec unless they have spoken with you and have a copy of your resume and a picture.  This is why having a complete resume packet is so important.

****Who gets the recommendation after it is completed?

The woman who has written the recommendation sends it to the recruitment chair at the chapter of the school where the PNM is going through recruitment.

****Does the school I’m attending require recommendations?

When getting ready for recruitment most schools will tell you whether they find recommendations a necessity or not. IF they say that “they are strongly suggested” and THEN they list contact names and the addresses of all of the sororities the YOU NEED TO GET A T LEAST 1 if not 2 RECS PER SORORITY!!!  Many Panhellenics will tell you that the final burden of getting a rec falls on the sorority but as I will explain in tomorrows post it is in your best interest to get your own recs lined up and make sure they are sent!

Here is a list of schools where recommendations are a MUST:

All SEC schools: Alabama, Ole Miss, Kentucky, Tennessee, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida,  Auburn, Miss State, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Texas A&M, LSU

Big XII:  Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Baylor, Texas Tech, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas Christian,

ACC: Florida State, Clemson, UVA

Pac 10: USC, Arizonia

Big 10: Indiana

Also add Southern Methodist, and Southern Miss

Note:  Basically ANYTHING south of the Mason Dixon Line needs a rec!

The following school are on the fence post but I would suggest you go ahead and get them.

Nebraska, Kansas State, Iowa, Iowa State,  NC State, Wake Forest, UNC, University of Washington, Cal, UCLA, Arizona  State, Northwestern, UCF, DePauw, Washington and Lee, Georgetown,

So after scanning this list and seeing the name of the university you plan to attend you have your work cut out for you and you need to get going NOW!  Starting as soon as you have made a decision and paid the deposit is not too soon.  This is a time consuming job and with all that most seniors have going on time can slip away very quickly.

If you have scanned the list and your school isn’t in the “MUST HAVE” section but in the fence post suggestion I would start to look for a minimum of 1 rec per house.

Finally if you do not see your school on either list I would at least call their Panhellenic as inquire as to what their position on recommendations is…remembering that if they give info on who and where to send them…get them and send them!

So you’ve got homework …..sit down and list all the sororities on campus.  Next to each one list who you know that is an alum of that sorority who would be willing to write a rec for you.  Hmmm…your list looks like swiss cheese????  Don’t panic!  I have ways to help you plug those holes !!!!

We’ve covered a lot today…get going on that list.  I am going to get another coffee.