The song “Sorority Girl” by Luke Bryan has been going through my head for the past couple of days.  You know the one “My, my, my little ADPi, Kappa Delta, Tri Delts you look so fine”.  It became a “in the car road trip staple” for my daughter and I as we traveled multiple times to and from sorority events at the SEC school she wold be attending in the Fall.

We first listened to the song as we drove to Panhellenic Preview Weekend. It was an 11 1/2 hour drive to campus and my daughter had made a CD playlist that had every song that had the name of the state in it as well as anything that mentioned sorority or fraternity life. We were heading down for a weekend of “meet and greets”, invitation events at several of the houses on campus and a full day affair sponsored by Panhellenic where we would get all the FACTS on recruitment and sorority life.  In addition (and the part my daughter was looking forward to the MOST) she would get to visit each sorority house for about 10 minutes.  finally she was going to actually get to go inside the palatial mansions that lined sorority row.  She just couldn’t wait!

“My, my, sorority girl”, everytime he’d sing those lyrics I’d steal a glance over at my blond haired daughter who was smiling and singing along.  My heart would catch in my throat and my eyes would tear up….I was so nervous for her and the whole recruitment process.  We had been told that the school had chosen to attend had one of the top two most competitive recruitments in the country.  I silently worried.  What if none of those houses and sorority girls wanted my daughter?  What if she got cut by every house?  What if this was a horrible experience for her and she wanted to transfer home?

Of course I couldn’t say any of that out loud but it was there, in my head as Luke sang “you got your sundress on for game day”.  I pictured her in her crimson sundress, Solo cup in hand, smiling and laughing with her sisters.  We had six new sundresses in the car as we traveled to  Preview Weekend.  Oh I had done my research, calling my National organization and spending over an hour on the phone with the SEC district rep.  We wanted to be prepared!I learned a lot the day I made that phone call.  You know they say that “too much knowledge is not a good thing”.  Yep… I knew way too much.

It was this knowledge that causing the mini anxiety attack I was having as Luke was crooning “you know how to be a lady, Yea you’re still your daddy’s baby.  That reminded me that my husband was not thrilled his “baby” was going so far from home and less thrilled as the “sorority make over began”.  He was a little concerned about the transformation of his basketball playing, pony tail no makeup daughter.  Oh she cleaned up real nice that was for sure but the “Style” in the Midwest and the fact that she was somewhat of a “Jock” was not the picture my new found “expert” from nationals had shared.  When I sat my daughter down and had the conversation with her about “tweaking” her wardrobe a little she was more than receptive.  Upon receiving the credit card bill for out own little version of “What Not To Wear” my husband was not.

He had a point I will give him that.  You can not go into recruitment and completely change who you are just to “fit in” and be a chameleon of sorts…changing your colors as you go from situation to situation or in this case from house to house.  That long car ride provided a time for my daughter and I to “talk” about what she was looking for in a house and more over was she comfortable in the changes we were making.  The bottom line came to this question, “was this really something she wanted to do or was she doing it for all the wrong reasons”?

More than once I had asked her if this was really what she wanted.  There was no hesitation with the response…always a resounding “YES” followed by that sweet smile.  “I’ll be fine mom”,  she said as she glanced over at me as I wiped away a tear that had escaped.  I was quick to tel her my allergies were acting up..all that cotton out our windows.  She gave one of those knowing looks which told me that although she wouldn’t challenge what I said that we both knew it wasn’t the truth.  That’s my kid…she could be both a tiger and kitten all at the same time.

Luke sang “you were born and raised to be a southern belle, but in a place like this you like to raise a little hell”.  My daughter was born and raised in the Midwest.  I don’t think she’d ever even been to the “south” before our initial visit to The University.  We would go to the beach in North Carolina each summer but I don’t think that counts.  I began to wonder if all of the girls would be “southern belles”.  How many would be from out of state?  Would there be a glaring difference?  I was reminded of when we took the school tour back in October and while we were at the Rec Center two girls wearing over sized t-shirts advertising a Greek event, and Nike shorts, speaking in thick southern drawls walked past us.  My daughters head whipped around to follow them and she whispered “sorority girls” and smiled.  “Yep”, I spoke to myself….she could most certainly be a “southern belle”  especially if they wore t-shirts and shorts.

Even as I write this, I can still remember that panicky feeling.  I wonder if those of you who are reading these words have that feeling too.  I am here to tell you that it all works out :). It really does…I PROMISE!!! I think because we love our daughters so much and want for them what will bring them happiness that we tend to worry and obsess over these types of things more than they do.  We had a fabulous Preview Weekend (see my post “A “PREVIEW” of things to come) and she most definitely didn’t want to leave on Sunday afternoon when it was time to head home.  Her wardrobe was perfect for her.  In fact, the sorority girl she was staying with immediately went through the clothes she brought and asked to borrow a dress to wear to the band parties they went to on Friday night.  That was the ULTIMATE seal of approval!!!   So…. I do have to confess though …..I bought these little shrug sweaters to wear over the strapless sundresses……well…they went to Goodwill as soon as we got home.   I am pretty sure if she could have figured out a way, she would have thrown them away in the trash can in the dorm that weekend.

“My,my sorority girl”…yep my daughter is definitely a sorority girl. She is a game day dress wearing, convertible driving, fraternity boy loving, year round tan, pom pom shaking sorority girl (they call them “shakers” at her school).  She called the other morning laughing to tell me that while she was at the Rec a tour came through.  As she walked past in her Greek over sized t-shirt and Nike shorts she hear one of the girls on the tour whisper to her mom, “that’s a sorority girl!”  We laughed remembering when the shoe had been on the other foot.  She told me “Mom , all that worrying paid off didn’t it”?  “Yes it did”, I said as I wiped away a run away tear and humming softly, “my my sorority girl”.

Oh …real quick….as far as the “Raise a little hell” part…….it goes with the territory but she’s got her sisters to take care of her :)…thank goodness.