I know that we have to get down to facts of recruitment….I promise I will tomorrow but I thought it would be fun to do a “mock” recruitment story.   I have been chatting with so many moms about the process lately and with Preview Weekends just around the corner I thought that you might enjoy reading this. So I have put together this fairy tale of a young girl who goes through recruitment at a very competitive college.  The names of the sororities have been changed to reflect the fairy tale theme.  I hope you enjoy reading her journey and I wonder will you be able to pick where she finds her letters and can you guess what house that it might actually be? (Remember this all fictional and so the personalities of the sororities in this story do not reflect their actual personalities at any campus they may be at!)

Once upon a time there was a beautiful young girl who was getting ready to go off to college.  She had decided to go to school in another kingdom far away from where she lived.  This did not make her mother happy (many boxes of Kleenexes later) and her father grumbled about the time it took to travel there (he actually was just going to miss her terribly) but in the end they found their happy faces and both agreed that this was the right place for the sweet girl to learn and grow into a wonderful young woman.

They were not surprised that their daughter wanted to go through sorority recruitment and worked very hard getting her letters of introduction, recommendations to every sorority on campus and compiling a fantastic recruitment wardrobe.  Everything was loaded into their carriage (a 2009 mini van borrowed from a friend) and they traveled over hill,  across rivers, down highways, through big cities and small towns and finally down a two lane road until the arrived at The College.

Upon arriving they were immediately struck at the kindness shown to them.  Men unloaded their carriage and carried all of their daughter’s “things” (4 carts full!) up to the room in the castle she would be staying in.  The happy family spent the day unpacking, organizing and socializing.  The castle in which the daughter had chosen to live in had so many beautiful girls living there as well.  Secretly the parents worried.  Would their daughter, who they thought was the most beautiful maiden in the land, be able to get a bid and become a member of a sorority at The College?  They knew that many young women desired to be in a sorority, but had never contemplated that this might be a competitive process.

The time had come to bid adieu and so the parents hugged and kissed their sweet child, telling her that she was beautiful, strong, brave and smart.  They climbed into their carriage and made their back up the two lane road, through small towns, and big cities, down highways, across rivers, over hills and back to their home in the kingdom that now seemed even farther away.  They comforted each other with fond memories of the big move and waited for the daughter to call to update them on the recruitment process.

In the meantime the daughter was quickly making friends.  When the information convocation began that evening she was feeling a little less homesick and a little more confident that she WOULD find her letters in one of the sorority castles.  She listened as the young women who would be her guides through this process talked about “keeping and open mind” and “maximizing your options”.  She eagerly went and joined her Rho Chi group (the group of girls who had alphabetically the same last name) and by the end of the evening, when she climbed into bed a wave of calmness swept over her.  She dreamed of sorority castles, fraternity princes and becoming a sorority princess and woke up in the morning with a smile on her in anticipation of a full day of parties and fun.

The first two days of recruitment were called ice water teas.  The girls would visit half of the castles on day one and then the other half on day two.  When the daughter met with her Rho Chi group in front of Cinderella’s Castle and received her party list her stomach flipped and flopped like there were grasshoppers in it doing somersaults. She took a deep breath and marched off to her first party.

The first castle she visited was “The Wizard of Oz”.  Looking through the “Fabulous Fairytale Guide” provided by Panhellenic the dear daughter like the way the Wiz’s house looked.  The girls all were very pretty but not “beauty queen” pretty.  She really enjoyed the short time she spent here.  The conversation was easy and she discovered several girls from her kingdom and neighboring kingdoms.

The next castle was “Cinderella”.  Dear daughter loved the crowns they all wore.  Each girl was prettier than the next.  The conversation was fun and interesting.  Dear daughter loved this house and left picturing herself in one of Cinderella’s crowns.

The third house was “Sleeping Beauty” and that’s just exactly how dear daughter felt.  The conversations were boring and uninteresting.  She left feeling like she needed a nap!

After lunch she visited “Little Mermaid”.  She didn’t know if it was because she had just had a break but she really enjoyed this castle and had a lovely conversation about going to college far away from her own kingdom.  Dear daughter left with a smile on her face.

It was a very warm day and dear daughter was looking forward to the next glass of ice water that was going to be offered at ” Goldilocks and the Three Bears” castle.  Oh my!!!!  The door song was especially enthusiastic and the castle was beautiful!  The girls were welcoming.  What a lovely time she had and the ice water was so refreshing! An added bonus was that when her mother had gone to college she had been a member of ” Goldilocks and the Three Bears”.

Her last castle was “Peter Pan”.  Dear daughter enjoyed her time there but it was just that…. a nice time.  The girls were friendly, the conversations were ok , it wasn’t her favorite castle.  As she left with her mind whirling through the memories of all the castles she had visited that day.

Day two was warmer than day one and dear daughter was glad she had brought several choices of dresses.  Wear a darling strapless sundress with cute strappy sandals, dear daughter was glad to see the her first castle was “The Little Princess”.  when she had visited during Preview Weekend this was a house she thought she could see herself in.  She was glad not to be disappointed, “The Little Princess” was all that she had thought it could be and more!

Dear daughters second house was “Bambi”.  The girls at Bambi were a diverse group and dear daughter had a connection to one girl she talked to but her second conversation lagged and was awkward.  She left confused as to how she felt about Bambi.

“Pinocchio” was the third house of the day. Dear daughter’s grandmother had been a member of Pinocchio”.  The girls at Pinocchio knew that dear daughter was a legacy but she also learned that many of the girls who visited Pinocchio’s castle that day had a relative who had been a member.  She wondered if she was the type of member Pinocchio was looking for?

The temps soared on day two and by her fourth party of the day dear daughter was feeling the effects of the heat.  “Snow White and Rose Red” had a huge castle.  As  she stood under the tent letting fans blow a semi cool breeze across her she couldn’t help but feel that this castle was not for her.  Oh my was she right.  The girl who picked her up at the door gave her a forced smile.  As she led her into the large lavish living room, dear daughter had to suppress the feeling that she wanted to run out the door and never return.

She was relieved to find that “Little Red Riding Hood” was fun, easy going and pleasant.  She had a nice time and was sad when the goodbye song started up and she was led out the door.

Her final house of ice water teas was “The Gingerbread Man”.  Many of the the PNM’s would chant “run run as fast as you can..run away from the Gingerbread Man”.  She tried not to listen to this talk but found that she was not comfortable here but was happy that as she walked back to her castle that other girls seemed to find that the rumors about this house were not true and many were excited to go back and visit again.

Voting was easy and she confidently listed her top 8 houses.  Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Peter Pan, The Little Princess, Pinocchio and Little Red Riding Hood.  Remembering to maximize her options she also listed those houses she did not love but would be open to return to if one of her top houses did not invite her back.  Listing them in order she put Sleeping Beauty first, then Bambi, the Gingerbread Man, and finally Snow white and Rose Red.

The next day dear daughter was excited to receive 8 invites back was sad to see that “The Little Princess” did not invite her back and so “Sleeping Beauty” moved into her eighth slot.  The parties highlighted the sororities philanthropy projects and dear daughter was glad to wear shorts and a comfy t-shirt that Panhellenic had given her.  She would visit 5 house today Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Peter Pan, Cinderella and The Three Bears.  The parties were longer and dear daughter spent time at each party making some sort of craft.  She was pleased to find that her conversations at Sleeping Beauty were more interesting and she left glad that she had another chance to get to know the girls there.  She was disappointed to find that as excited as she was  to return to Cinderella (love those crowns) the girls she spoke with did not seem enthusiastic and were almost rude.  She pondered why this may have been but then quickly forgot it when she and some of the girls in her Rho Chi group decided to walk to a local restaurant for diner and then went back to sit and talk late into the night .

The next day dear daughter visited her last three houses, Wizard of Oz, Little Mermaid and Little Princess.  All three parties were wonderful!!!  Heading back to vote and list her top 5 houses dear daughter smiled thinking of what a great day she had and then frowned wondering what three houses she would not list in her top 5.  It took her quite a while but she finally put Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Wizard of Oz, Cinderella, and Little Mermaid on her top 5 and then ranked Sleeping Beauty and Little Princess as her bottom two.   She was nervous because even though she felt that her time at Cinderella was uncomfortable she still thought she cold see herself as a crown wearing member.

Dear Daughter was not prepared for the party list she received the next morning.  She only received 3 party invites even though she could receive a maximum of 5 invites.  Choking back the tears she looked with dismay at the three houses she had left…..The Wizard of Oz, Goldilocks and The Three Bears and Little Princess!  She felt sad and she thought of Cinderella’s crowns and how she had laughed and laughed at Little Mermaid.  Her Rho Chi could tell she was upset and took her aside.  Dear daughter called home (something she had been doing every day) and tearfully told her mother about her dilemma.  After talking and boo hooing a little she went back to her castle to take her sundress off, take a shower and regroup.  the way her party schedule was laid out she would not have parties until later in the day.

After a tough morning dear daughter had a terrific time at each of the three sororities she visited!  It was skit day and the personalities of each sorority showed.  She was greeted by enthusiastic girls whose smiles let her know they were glad to see her return.  Quickly, dear daughter forgot about not being invited back to the other sororities.  Since she only had 3 houses to list she again listed all three (remembering to maximize her options) and nervously went back to her castle to await her Preference Party invites.  She was hopeful that at least one of these sororities would invite her to preference and offer her a bid.

Dressed in her best dress, hair perfectly done and wearing her grandmother’s pearls dear daughter walked to in front of Cinderella where her Rho chi group met every day.  Carefully turning over her party card she smiled. All three sororities had invited her to their Preference Parties!  Some girls were not so lucky and she consoled several who were upset by their invites.

Each sorority put on a great party.  All made dear daughter feel as if she could be a member of that house but Wizard of Oz was the one house where dear daughter felt the deepest connection.  When the girls sang and spoke about the bonds of sisterhood in Wizard of Oz dear daughter knew in her heart this is where she belonged!  As she walked in silence to sign her bid card she knew that she would be happy in any of the three sororities but she secretly prayed that when she opened her bid it would say “The Wizard of OZ”.

Are you excited to find where dear daughter found her letters??  Well….. when she opened her bid card the writing she was longing to see  stared back at her.  Embossed in gold were the words “The Sorority of The Wizard of OZ request the honor of your membership”.  Running down the street to her new castle and being greeted by her new sister and her parents who had made the trek from their kingdom for the big day she thought to herself….”And she lived happily ever after”!

And you will too!!!!!!  Although your recruitment fairy tale might not be exactly as dear daughters I know that you will have a terrific time and your own tale to tell with it’s own “and she lived happily ever after”!