I wrote this and tucked it in a pair of shoes that I knew my daughter would wear on Skit Day…thank goodness…. it was a life saver!


Dear daughter,

         Since you are reading this, I am pretty sure that after a frantic search you found the shoes that match your flowered dress that you are wearing to Skit Day.  It is now the middle of what has most likely been a long week.  You have ridden the emotional roller coaster many times and I am sure that you are waiting to get back on yet again.  I thought a little “mom talk” might help…so here goes :).

I’ve got to tell you that I knew that leaving you would be hard but after 4 days of missing you so, it is even harder than I imagined!  I miss your cute sayings, “I’m not gonna lie.  Can I ask you something?  Seriously????”.  I catch myself turning around to remind you that questions are only answered on Mondays and Thursdays (I can hear you laughing right now).  I went off to buy cupcakes the other day and ended up eating all 6 by myself!

     But enough of my dribble because that is not the point of this letter.  What I wanted to tell you is how very special you are.  Going through a process like recruitment can shake your self esteem to its very core.  Don’t let it.  Remember who YOU are.  And in case you don’t remember or are having trouble at this moment I will!

YOU are a treasure..a one of a kind jewel that sparkles constantly.

YOU are a gift from God….put here on earth to share your sweet smile and sunny disposition with everyone you meet.

YOU are a true friend and sister……once someone is accepted into your heart they are there forever.

YOU are smart, witty and intelligent…..making great choices and decisions daily.

YOU are kind and loving….a fighter for the underdogs in life.

YOU are a natural born leader…..willing to sacrifice you time for a higher cause.

YOU are funny…..(can you hear dad saying ..”looks aren’t everything”?) your sense of humor makes others laugh.

YOU are talented in so many different areas!

YOU are fearless……always throwing caution to the wind to try something new.

YOU are determined to make a difference in the world you live in.

YOU are compassionate…..there is a mature understanding for those who are suffering or in need.

YOU are a fashion magnet….your sense of style is uniquely your own and you wear it well.

YOU are giving…sharing with those around you.

YOU are adventurous….willing to try new things and the opportunities they afford you.

YOU are artistic….you make somethings out of nothings so gracefully.

YOU are beautiful…both inside and out!

YOU are my daughter!  I am so proud to call you that!  I know that this week has been hard but look in the mirror…you will see a young woman staring back at you who is all of the above.  You have chosen a path this week that has been and will continue to be smooth at times but also there will be bumps and pot holes along the way.  You can’t miss them..they surface before you can prepare for them, but your strength and perseverance will help you navigate this path and at the end you will find yourself standing in front of your new “Home”, surrounded by your new family of sisters.

If you are feeling lonesome….sad…… or alone…… YOU are not, for I am here…. in your heart….just a beat away.  I wish I could throw my arms around you and give you a big HUG but these words will have to do that…..can you feel it????  I hope so!!!! 

So my sweet child…good luck today.  AS you head out the door to the first party of the day say these words….I am stronger than I seem…braver than I believe…and smarter than I think…..

I love you with all my heart…….Mom