I have a big stack of resumes, pictures and recs that need to be written sitting on my desk.  That’s a good thing!  It means that many of the girls I have been working with are almost completed with their recommendation process. I sat and poured over them last night, just trying to absorb all the information in preparation to write each individual rec.  I became fascinated with the full names of each girl.  Okay now I know y’all think that is weird but to see that full name; first, middle and last, all together got me thinking about why parents name their children what they do.  I know why we named each of our children the names we did.  Each one has a family name ,except for the baby, she was named after the neighbors golden retriever….she used that information when she begged for our first dog!  Each name has a special meaning….we named them those names for a reason.  It is a name that they will carry with them (for better or for worse) for the rest of their lives.  In addition my children all have “nick names” (interesting fact..many of the rec forms will ask if a girl has a nick name) which they are lovingly called by family members

I then got thinking about the names and nick names of the 26 NPC sororities, what they mean and the symbolism behind each name.  So…today’s post is just a little “get acquainted”  to sorority names.

Pi Beta Phi… (Pi Phi’s) originally named I.C. Sorosis by its 12 founders the name was later changed to Pi Beta Phi. their symbol is the arrow with 12 links, one for each of the founding 12.  It’s flower is the crimson carnation.  It’s crest has an eagle on it with IC on its left talon and the arrow on the right.  The words Pi Beta Phi symbolize promoting the happiness of humanity.

Kappa Alpha Theta…. (Theta’s) was founded to provide nurturing and support for young women while they attend college.  It’s badge is kite shaped, it’s flower is the black and gold pansy and it’s moral code is love.

Kappa Kappa Gamma (Kappa’s)….Kappa was founded to promote the love of learning, especially literature.  Their philanthropy is “Reading Is Fun” promoting the founders values.  Their flower is the Fleur de lis and their colors are light blue and bark blue.

Alpha Phi (APhi’s)…..the women who founded this sorority were looking for a tie that would unite a circle of friends.  The motto, “hand to hand and heart to heart” is the words that symbolized APhi.  Their colors are bordeaux and silver and their flower is the lily of the valley.  Their philanthropy is the American Heart Association.

Delta Gamma (DG’s)….the founders of DG sought to encourage intellectual growth and service of young women. their original pin was simply just a letter H which symbolized the word “hope”. that then changed to an anchor which is the international symbol for hope.  Their flower is the cream rose. Their colors are bronze pink and blue.

Gamma Phi Beta (Gamma Phi’s)…..during a time when women were thought be “delicate” and have “insufficient brainpower ” Gamma Phi was founded with the motto of “founded upon a rock”.  Since the rock is the most enduring substance, so will be this sisterhood.  Their flower is the pink carnation.  Their colors are light and dark brown after a professor named brown who supported it’s founders. Their philanthropy is Campfire USA.

Alpha Chi Omega (AChiO’s)….the name comes from the first (Alpha) and last (Omega) letters of the Greek alphabet.  Kai (later changed to chi) was added in the middle later. The women who founded ACHiO felt they would be the first and last organization of it’s kind. Since these women were members of the music school at DePauw they chose the lyre as their symbol.

Delta Delta Delta (Tri-Delts)…..the women who founded Delta Delta Delta wanted a name that was a single letter three times.  Inspiration came from Egyptian lore, Greek astronomy and Hindu mysticism.   The women wanted a society where members would think more of a women’ s inner self than personal appearance.

Alpha Xi Delta (Alpha Xi’s)….was founded with the idea that women should pursue individual excellence while incorporating the ideals of sisterhood, leadership, knowledge and service.  Sticking with the theme of education their motto is “the quill is mightier than the sword”.  Their colors are light blue, dark blue and gold and their philanthropy is Autism Speaks.

Chi Omega (ChiO’s)….founded upon the value that it’s sisters will serve the world Chi O’s philanthropy is The Make a Wish Foundation.  A fun fact is that one of their founders was a dentist and their first pin was made out of dental gold. It has six purposes, friendship, high personal standards, sincere learning and credible scholarship, involvement in campus activities, career development and community service.  Their colors are plum and olive that their originally wore as ribbons tied to their sweaters to tease boys.

Sigma Kappa (no abbreviation)….Sigma Kappa’s motto is “one heart, one way”.  Their philanthropy is the Alzheimers Association. Sigma Kappa was originally founded as a literary and social society.  Their colors are maroon and lavender and their flower is the violet.  They chose the violet because they grew on the riverbanks where they sat and talked about forming Sigma Kappa.

Alpha Omicron Pi (AOPi)…..founded on the ideal of “women enriched through lifelong friendship” AOPi  founders wanted a fraternity that would carry on after college life and into the work years.  It’s color is cardinal red, it’s jewel the ruby and it’s flower the rose.  Although not official the Panda is this sororities mascot.

Zeta Tau Alpha (zeta’s)….Zeta’ motto, “seek the noblest”  encourages it’s members to build up a noble and true woman.  Their symbol is the crown and it’s five points of significance will be revealed to members upon initiation.  It’ colors are turquoise and steel gray (again significance revealed during initiation..catching a theme here?).  Their philanthropy is Breast Cancer Awareness and their flower is the white violet.

Alpha Gamma Delta (Alpha Gam)…..their mission is to inspire women and impact the world while also providing opportunities of personal development through the spirit of sisterhood.  Their flowers are the red and buff rose with the green asparagus fern.  Their colors are red, buff and green.  Their mascot is the squirrel. Alpha Gam’s philanthropy is the Diabetes Association.

Alpha Delta Pi (ADPi)…. originally formed as the Adelphean society ADPI’s founders wanted to instill in women the values of scholarship, leadership, sisterhood and service.   It was the first formed secret society. ADPi is committed to sisterhood, values and ethics, high academic standards and social responsibility.  Their philanthropy is the Ronald McDonald House.  Their colors are azure blue and white.  Their mascot is the lion named “Alphie” and the their motto is “we live for each other”.

Delta Zeta (DZ”s)….the women of Delta Zeta wanted its purpose to be a life that is fuller, more meaningful and more rewarding.  To it’s members it promises friendship, personal development and opportunity.  t the community it promises that the DZ women will make a difference where they live.  Their flower is the pink Killarney rose.  Their badge is the roman lamp and their mascot is the turtle.

Phi Mu (no abbreviation)….Phi Mu is a vibrant, values based sorority with its purpose founded upon the principles of love, honor and truth.  Their colors are rose and white and can be tied to the Philomathean society.  They chose a rose carnation for their flower with the symbolism that a rose colored carnation refers to women’s love and sisterhood.  Their motto is “les soeurs fideles” or “faithful sisters” and their mascot is a lion nicknamed Sir Fidel.  Little side note..Phi Mu was actually formed after a group of women left the ADPi sorority to form their own.  You will notice many similarities between the two.

Kappa Delta (KD”s)….. Kappa Delta was founded on the motto “let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful and highest”.  It is their desire to provide opportunities and experiences that inspire women to greatness.  Their colors are green and white.  They have 4 mascots, the nautilus shell, the dagger the teddy bear and the katy did.   They have 3 jewels, the diamond, pearl and the emerald.  Their flower is the white rose.

Sigma Sigma Sigma (Tri Sigs)….. begun by young women who were perusing a teaching career, this sorority was founded upon the core values of wisdom, power, faith , hope and love.  It’s motto is “faithful unto death” and is associated with the symbol of the skull and crossbones.  Associated with its unofficial motto “ever forward” it also uses the symbol of a sailboat.

Alpha Sigma Tau (Alpha Tau)….was founded to promote ethical, cultural and social development of its members.  It’s colors are emerald green and gold. It’s symbol is an anchor. It’s jewel is a pearl. Alpha Sig encourages it’s chapters to each choose their own mascot. Their philanthropy is Pine Mountain Settlement School.  Their national philanthropy is Habitat for Humanity.

Alpha Sigma Alpha (Alpha Sig)……Alpha Sigs purpose was to develop women of poise and purpose.  Their motto is “Aspire, Seek, Attain” which follows the letters ASA.  Their philanthropy is the Special Olympics. their mascot is Dot the Ladybug.

Alpha Epislon Phi (AEPhi)….was founded at Barnard college.  It’s emphasis is on Judaic values and sisterhood.  the women of AEPhi chose a giraffe as their mascot because it’s got the biggest heart and it’s head is above the rest.  Their colors are green and white.  Their symbol is columns.  Their motto is “many hearts, one purpose”.  Their philanthropy is the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundation.

Theta Pi Alpha (Theta Pi’s)….originally a Catholic sorority Theta Pi Alpha now opens it’s doors to women of all faiths encouraging them to provide support and friendship  to one another.  The penguin is their mascot because it is a symbol of friendship.  They proudly wear the colors of blue gold and silver.  Their motto is “Nothing great is ever achieved without much enduring”.

Phi Sigma Sigma (Phi Sigs)….was founded on the core values of life long learning, inclusiveness and leadership through service.  Phi Sigma Sigma is a strong member of the Greek community believing that women of different faiths can come together to work for common goals.  it is the first non sectarian sorority.   Their motto is “aim high”.  Their symbol is the sphinx and their flower is the rose.

Delta Phi Upsilon (DPhiE)…the mission of Delta Phi Upsilon is to develop in women a social consciousness and a commitment to think and act for the greater good.   They focus on the five pearls of sisterhood, scholarship, service, social and self.

Sigma Delta Tau (Sig Delt)….when formed the original name of this sorority was Sigma Delta Phi but was later changed to Sigma Delta Tau when the women discovered that the first letters already belonged to another organization. Their motto is “one hope of many people”.  Their mascot is the teddy bear.  Their philanthropy is Prevent child Abuse America.

So there you have it..all 26 sororities and their names.  Each name means some thing special just like your name is special to you.  I wonder which name you will call home?