I am getting ready to leave for Paris in 4 days…the excitement is mounting.  this isn’t our first trip to the “city of lights”…we have been there before but it is our first attempt to live as true Parisians.  After renting apartments in many great cities of the world (NYC, London, Rome just to name a few), we decided to rent one in Paris!  We always joke with our children that when Daddy retires we are moving to France, well I will let you in on a little secret…it’s not a joke.  I am not sure we would actually want to live IN Paris but a small quaint french village does sound very appealing.

Okay am off the subject…sorry.  I have been consumed with shopping for the trip, which I know is silly because I mean …come on…I’m going to one of the fashion capitols of the world right???  It’s just that I don’t want to “look” touristy….I know…I know…I am one and don’t forget I am traveling with that wonderful baldy, fat man (who I love dearly)….I just want to look a little “Parisian”.  In all that shopping I got to think about how much my daughters and myself love to shop for “all things sorority” and so this post is simply about that. Lots of links on Greek letters and where to buy things once your daughter pledges…as well as some common sorority looks and links to those….Happy shopping!

I will hit the Greek items first.  On some campuses (especially those SEC and Texas ones….they just seem to go all out!) on Bid Day many girls will receive Bid Day Baskets.  These are often purchased at Greek themed stores near campus, usually before recruitment, and are delivered to the house your daughter pledges, on Bid Day.  “how do they know what house my daughter has pledged”, you ask?  Well Panhellenic is kind enough to give them a list VERY early on Bid Day morning.  It’s a frenzy…..making up hundreds of baskets and delivering them to Greek Row.  It’s almost like the night before Valentine’s Day when all the florists work all night long..crazy.  I had so much fun picking out all the items in my daughters basket.  I might add she LOVED arriving at her house and finding it there..all in the colors of HER sorority and tired up in a beautiful bow.

When yo go to Preview Weekend (soon!!!) you will get to see several vendors who sell these.  I made sure to order mine that day…it’s usually a first come first serve system and so stragglers won’t get theirs actually delivered ON Bid Day….so here are some links to a few …most at SEC campuses.  If your campus doesn’t do this…hmmm …time to start a new tradition and a business I think?

The Trunk…University of Alabama..Tuscaloosa  http://www.heybama.com/Bid-Day-Gifts/View-all-products.html

The Lily Pad….Ole Miss Oxford Mississippi http://www.lilypadgiftshop.com/store/WsDefault.asp?Cat=Greek

Tiger Surprise…Auburn http://www.tigersurprise.com/page/page/4419883.htm

The Club House…University of Georgia http://www.ugaspirit.com/info.html

One Greek Store…University of Florida http://www.ugaspirit.com/info.html

Garnet and Gold…Florida State http://www.garnetandgold.com/locations.cfm

The Greek Boutique… Texas A&M http://www.thegreekboutique.com/

Brown Bag ECT. … TCU  http://www.brownbagetc.com/

Any Occasion…. University of Texas  http://dscreationsdyoung.homestead.com/

The Real Campus Cargo…..University of Tennessee http://www.therealcampuscargo.com/

Tiger Spirit …..University of Missouri  http://www.tigerspirit.com/ (Greek items are in back)

Sorority Heaven…..University of Kansas http://www.sororityheaven.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc

So although it’s predominately SEC and schools with few others tossed in..you can get an idea what’s out there.  Some stores specifically list Bid Day items. We have found that many campuses have a few Greek items in the bookstore but actual stores that are devoted entirely to sorority and fraternity items are few and far between.  When you pledge most likely if there is not a store by your campus there will be the ability to order items through your chapter.  Remember that chapters will make t-shirts for EVERYTHING!!!   Moms….if your daughter goes away to school you might become great friends with “Google” to order surprises to send her way :).

There are “Greek Clothes”..those that have your letters on them and then there are sorority clothes, you know the clothes you wear to recruitment and for sorority life.

Again sorority life seems to regional.  I will address the SEC today and move on to post about the country by region in the next few days.

In the South all I can say is Lilly, Lilly, Lilly.  As I mentioned earlier a particular sorority on an SEC campus requires their members to wear a Lilly Pulitzer dress one day during recruitment.  Will all girls have Lilly’s…no but you will certainly see a lot.  Lilly has come out with a sorority line as well….check it out..very cute :). http://www.lillypulitzer.com/category/Just-In/for-Sororities/pc/1/6.uts

There also seems to be quite a following for Vineyard Vines.  They not only have a sorority selection :http://www.vineyardvines.com/category__42550_14607_____13055, but also a college collection as well : http://www.vineyardvines.com/category__14613_14607_____13055.  In many of the small boutiques on college campuses in the SEC you will see Vineyard Vines for sale.  My daughter has a pair of shorts and a t-shirt (I actually think it’s a guys..4thof July themed..we bought it at the beach house last summer).

Then there is game day dressing.  Many campuses will wear t-shirts and shorts or if it’s colder jeans, boots ect. but in the SEC it’s all about dressing up in dresses. Alabama, Ole Miss, Auburn, Georgia just to name a few….these young women (an guys also0 take Game Day dressing VERY seriously.  We are already starting to look for Game Day dresses for next year.  Do you HAVE to dress in houndstooth if you go to Alabama?….Nope in fact you might get made fun of it you are covered in it but you will see young women sporting the crimson and houndstooth at games and in high heels no less.  Judith March does a line of Game Day dresses for many of the SEC schools.  Her game day line usually starts to be available for viewing in July and for purchasing in late July/early August.  Since you can’t have the same dress as your sister girls scope out the different on line boutiques and websites for the minute these dresses become available!  High stress at my house last year over a long sleeved Crimson number with a bow in the back that my daughter wanted to wear to a very special football game.  Yep….we were victorious and snagged it before any of her sisters could.   Here’s a link to a few pics of Judith March dresses.  you will have to Google Judith March to find boutiques that carry these creations!  http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150251303991540.319639.120280841539&type=3

Here are a few other links to game day dresses :).




http://www.gamedayandsororitydresses.com/..an interesting sight !



So just a few to get you started….I could go on FOREVER! Have fun shopping!