This always happens….springtime and PNM’s who have all of a sudden have the light come on that they need to get ready for recruitment.  It’s just one of those “ah ha” moments :).  Laying bed last night going through everything I need to do in my head before we leave for France I thought maybe I should put a time line out there of where you should be now as far as recruitment prep goes and what the next months look like. What do you think?  Yep that’s what I thought so here goes 🙂

MARCH:…..You should be finishing up your rec packets and getting them out to the wonderful women who are taking the time to do this :).  Don’t forget to include a handwritten “thank you” in each.

If you are still short recs you really need to reach out to local Panhellenic in your area as well as alum groups.  Most women will want to meet with you or chat by phone after you have made contact.  This is not something to put off until tomorrow.  Time goes by fast!  It may take over a month for some of these women to do a rec, especially with they are having to write them for other girls as well.

Keep an eye out for your local Panhellenic to host a tea or info session on going through recruitment.  These are great events to attend to network for those recs you still need and often are great sources of information!

Check you college or universities Panhellenic page for a list of info session that might be in your area.  I know of several colleges that take their Panhellenic group “on the road” to cities in surrounding areas to info session on recruitment.  If your college does this by all means make sure and go!  You will not only meet women who are Panhellenic res for their various sororities (sometimes they might not tell you which sorority they are affiliated with) but you will also have an opportunity to meet other girls who are going through recruitment.

You also might be attending a Preview Weekend at your college or university or perhaps a Preview tea or two.  If  you were invited by a particular sorority member to an event make sure you send her a “thank you”.  It can be on Facebook, by text or an actual hand written note but know that she worked hard to get you on the list so you could meet her sisters.

You should also start keeping an eye open for dresses and clothing for recruitment.  Spring and summer items are starting to arrive in stores.  If you are on a budget you can scope out ebay, Rue la la and other on line store for great buys on designer items.  Make sure to plan several options for each day of recruitment, you never know how you’ll be feeling on a particular day…better to have options instead of a melt down!

APRIL:  Continue working on recs and packets.  You really should be done no later than the end of the month.  Remember that most colleges have final the first week or so in May and then the girls are gone for the summer.  If your rec is not in the hands of the recruitment chair before she leaves for the summer then she’ not going to get it until late July.  You want to be the one she keeps looking at during summer break….the one that she keeps telling her sisters “we want THIS girl”…if she doesn’t have your rec in her hand then she can’t do that.  I do know some houses have local girls get the mail and send it away to their recruitment chair so if you absolutely can’t hit this deadline don’t despair !’s a great idea to really shoot for having all your rec packets done by April and hopefully they will be in the hands of the various sororities by May 1!

You may still be attending some Preview invite parties.  They will continue through the end of April.

MAY:  For many of you this is graduation time and you will be wrapped up in all of the details that recruitment might be far from your mind.  It might be a good idea to send an email or a quick note to each woman who wrote you a rec…just touching base, maybe thanking them again.  This will serve as a reminder for any of them who still (GASP!!) might have your rec sitting on their desk!’s happened before.  If for some reason they no longer can do the rec then at least you have enough time to get another.   At colleges where recs are a MUST HAVE, not having one sent in can be terrible!

Remember it is now “no contact” time for sorority women and PNM’s.  If you live in the same town or are family friend with women who are in sororities at the college campus you are attending you can still talk to them and be friendly you just cannot talk about anything sorority or recruitment.

Graduation gifts will be coming in….maybe put some of that gift money away for some pearls, or a new dress for recruitment!

JUNE:  Okay so for many of you recruitment is 2 months away!!!  A little over 75 days!!!!  Are you excited?  Many of you will go to Orientation in the next month or so at your university.  It’s another chance to walk down Greek Row…

You most likely have chosen a room and a roommate by now.  Perhaps she is going through recruitment as well :).  You are probably buying items you need for your dorm room and now is a great time to start finalizing all of your recruitment clothes. Your colleges Panhellenic probably will send out a “look book” at the end of the month.  My daughter called this her “Greek bible” and took it EVERYWHERE!  In it will all kinds of recruitment info as well as picture of each sorority, a little bit about their philanthropy, colors ect.  There will be a fashion guide for clothing…a schedule for the days of recruitment.  It is just chock full of information!

I hesitate to mention this but if you still are needing recs you need to call Panhellenic and see what their suggestion is.  Many times they will have you contact the sorority you are needing the rec for and see if they can help you. THIS IS A LAST RESORT!!!!  At this point I have had many girls resort to “Facebook creeping” on different sororities alum pages.  they have messaged women to see if they would write a rec….hey…… it has worked many times!

Since you want to be the best you can be now is a great time to start working on your tan, thinking about how you want to wear your hair (it’s not a great idea to do drastic hair cuts or change hair colors…remember they have a pic of you that you sent in and it really helps if you look similar to it 🙂  ),  if you want to tone a little or get in shape a little more…..

You probably want to begin making final clothing decisions.  Fall clothes will begin to arrive in stores at the end of the month.  now is a great time to snap up some deals but finding sandals and strappy summer dresses might more difficult at the end of the month.

If your mom is going to order a Bid Day basket and/or flowers she should make sure to do it now.  Since baskets are put together  the morning of Bid Day it’s a first come first serves basis.  You want to be closer to the top of the list rather than the bottom.  Don’t worry you will get a basket but it might be the day after.  Same rule applies to flowers.

JULY:  Now is the time to schedule hair trims, manicures and pedicures, dentist, doctor, eye appts and  finalize all clothing and begin to plan for move-in and the big event of recruitment.

At this point not having recs is a BIG DEAL.  Panhellenic has probably told you that they needed to be in by July 1.  If recruitment is the second week in August most sorority members will return the first week for work week.  Recs have to be there!  For those of you going to an SEC school or a school listed in my previous post about campuses that recs are a must, not having a rec (or two..better two..wink wink) on file will lessen your chances on being invited back to the second round of parties.  I’s just a fact!

In your “look book” there will be a page devoted to putting together a bag of  things that you will carry around with you during the days of recruitment.  Now is a great time to start collecting those items.  Some Panhellenics will tell you they need to be put in a certain size baggie, could be as small as quart and as big as gallon.  On most campuses you can’t take a bag inside the houses.  If you are allowed to carry your own bag make sure it is not something that you would be devastated if it were lost!

Some things that might go inside, lip gloss, breath mints, whisps (those little disposable tooth brushes), blotting papers, miniature deodorant, ibuprofen, band aids,  flip flops to wear between parties,  hairbrush,  hair spray, a granola bar or snack, tissues, a small hand held fan….you get the idea.  We had a lot of fun trying to find some cute items to put in….it may take a while so getting started now doesn’t hurt.

AUGUST:  The day is quickly approaching…you are probably trying to plan how to move you and everything you “Think” you’ll need to college.  I say “think” because the truth is every girl takes way too much.  When our youngest moved in we brought a mini van (borrowed from a friend since both of our cars are sedan) filled to the roof with her “stuff”.  when we drove down to visit several weeks later we drove our car home “filled to the roof” with all the stuff she didn’t need/want. On another note make sure that you take a variety of clothing and accessory options for recruitment.  Having 3 girls I just know that there’s a very good chance that the outfit they decided on at home to wear for Skit Day is not going to be what they want to wear the actual day of the party.  Granted if it’s all they have then they will wear it (oh but they’ll be stressed)but it would be nice to have a couple of other options just in case the “emotions monster” rears it’s ugly head!

So maybe in JULY…you need to make a pile and then take half that pile and put it back :). will want to shop when you arrive.  Shopping is a good stress reliever!!!  We bought several clothing items when we arrived and my daughter actually wore one of them for recruitment.

Parents:  if you haven’t taught your daughter to do laundry NOW is the time to do this.  I know some of you are shocked but there are girls who go to school who don’t know how to do laundry.  Make sure you send laundry soap, stain stick, bleach with your sweet daughter…..she’s going to need it!

The BIG DAY…Departure day will arrive before you know it.  It’s emotional..that’s for sure (oh add Kleenex to the sopping list in July). You and your daughter will be embarking on an that ultimately will provide her with a sisterhood for a lifetime.  It is going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions (oh and add wine and chocolate to the shopping list for YOU!)

I hope this little time line helped.  Time flies when you’re having fun (you are having fun getting recs ect.  right??).. Recruitment will be here before you know it!