When my kids were little and we head off to the beach house for our summer vacation we used to play a game that went like this…”I’m going to the beach house and in my beach bag I”m going to take”…..Everyone would take turns adding an item into the bag.  It went in alphabetical order and the each person had to repeat each time that had been added before them so at the end of the game the winner had to correctly list all 26 items.

I thought it would be fun to do this with items you need when going through Recruitment.  Of course I will do the listing (I am actually driving my husband crazy doing this post…I have a pad an paper in the kitchen where I have started a list and every time I think of a new item I go running which then get s the dogs going….well you might have to be here but he’s announced it’s driving him CRAZY!!!) and you won’t have to repeat it all but you might want to start alist of your own :).

I am going through recruitment and in my new and very cute Vera Bradley duffel bag I am going to put….

Aquafina and a very good Attitude….not only will you need to stay hydrated to be your best all week but you will need to be able to roll with the punches and speed bumps that come along the way.

Bubbly personality….even if you are tired smile, aact interested in the conversation..give them the opinion that you are fun and engaging.

Cute clothes and chocolate….. clothes to wear to all of the fun pre-recruitment and recruitment parties and chocolate to help you be calm.

David Yurman….many of the girls in the SEC wear David Yurman bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

Exercise….first of all you want to be the “best you” you can be and secondly it’s amazing how a little exercise can help clear the mind and make you just feel better.

Fun, fun, fun and friends……you have to make this fun….enjoy the process! Meet new friends and reach out to your old ones when you need a pep talka bout how FABULOUS you are!

Great conversation starters and skills……your recruitment conversations will flow with ease.

Humor and hugs…undoubtedly sometime during this process something will happen that at the moment might seem catastrophic but if you can find a way to laugh and remember how much your “people” love you, then the tension will diffuse and make it easier to deal with.

Instant stain remover…you never know what you might spill.

Just You…bring just you…be yourself…leave everyone’s else’s opinion behind…it’s you who are going through this process.  Sure you can listen to everyone’s advice but in the end when you actually GO to recruitment bring just YOU!

Keep calm and carry on….this should be your motto through out the WHOLE process!

Lip gloss and Lilly….all that talking and smiling makes for dry lips and nothing makes you smile like a cute new Lilly :).

Mascara that is waterproof…first so when you seat it doesn’t run and second for when you boo hoo at the pref parties!

Never be ordinary…pack something that you can wear or talk about that makes you stand out from the crowd.  One girl I know wore her grandmother’s ring….it was a great conversation starter!

Open mind…..keep an open mind concerning all of the sororities you visit :).

Pearls….make sure and pack a great strand of pearls and some pearl stud earrings. They go with EVERYTHING!!

Quiet moments….you need to find some time to just be you..alone with your thoughts, to decompress and just relax!

Resumes and recommendations……enough said :).

Smiles…lots and lots of smiles :).. :0. 🙂

Tissues…you may need to them to dab because of the heat,  but also to dry those tears of happiness on Bid Day!

Umbrella….totally practical, it might rain.  Cute rain boots too!

Vera Bradley Luggage and all the accessories…it’s a staple at SEC schools and you NEED something to carry all this in …right?

Wisdom…the wisdom to know what topics are NOT okay to talk about (Boys, Booze, Beds and  $$Bucks$$)

YOU!!!!…I mean what would be this process with out the wonderful YOU that you are!!!!!

Zee best attitude ever!…….you have to go into this with a positive attitude that everything will work out the way it’s supposed to!

Let the packing begin (I’m off to pack as well…Paris..less than 24 hours and counting!)