Yesterday was National Badge Day.  It’s the day set aside for sorority women (both alumnae and collegians) to proudly wear their badge (pin) signifying to all that they belong to a fabulous sisterhood of women.  I was on an airplane from Paris to home but had taken my pin to wear.  Upon landing in Philadelphia, clearing customs and heading to find food (I was actually supposed to be finding food but had taken a side detour to shop in the Gap…) I was stopped by a woman who looked to be about my age.  She actually grabbed my arm, spinning me around and said “Is that an Alpha Phi pin you’re wearing?”.  I glanced at her and then noticed that she too had an APhi pin on her chest…we hugged and exchanged where we went to school.  It was an instant bond..a “sisterhood”, that united two women who had never met but were united in the sisterhood of Alpha Phi.  I forgot the food..rushing back to my husband to gush about my “sister” who i had met, showing him her email and cell number.

So this got me thinking about sisterhood and finding the right one.  I know that for many of you who are heading off to college and going through recruitment the task seems daunting.  I have had so many people ask me, “How in one week and at parties that last 30 minutes can you find where you belong”?  I don’t know any better answer except for  this one..”you just do”.

Thinking back on when I went through recruitment I still remember that feeling when I found “THE HOUSE”.  I just knew was home…there was an instant “bond” with the girls.  Even today we still share that bond.  It’s interesting if you look at my lineage in the house.  My big sis (also referred to as my “big”) graduated with an education degree, went on and taught kindergarten and first grade and then became a principal.  I graduated with an education degree and went on and taught kindergarten and first grade.  After leaving the regular classroom I have gone on to work with special needs children, specifically those with an “autism” diagnosis.  My big’s school where she was principal also was the satellite school for the autistic population in her district.  My little sis (also know as my “little”) also graduated with an education degree, went onto teach kindergarten and first grade and now works as the fund-raising specialist for a special needs school where the population is mostly autistic.  We have kept in touch but our paths have all led us down the same road.  We have a’s called sisterhood.

My pledge class sisters and I all still keep in touch.  It’s amazing but we all still have so much in common.  We all like to think we are wine connoisseurs.  We all have traveled and continue to travel the world…many of us have actually gone to many of the same cities and countries and have even stayed in the same place! A week before I was in Paris one of my sorority sisiters had been in Paris.  We both rented apartments….and it was only after we had shared this (her’s overlooked the Eiffel Tower)..that I opened the shutters on a window that we had not looked out to discover that MY apartment over looked the Eiffel Tower as well!!

When we talk it’s like we are sitting in the informal living room and it’s 1976.  We still have such a connection.  It’s hard to explain but it’s a powerful one.  We chat almost daily even though we are spread out across the country.   We are there for each other, even if it’s only to send a virtual hug.  It’s a sisterhood that has spanned 35 years and hopefully at least another 35 more!!!!

My daughters have experienced this sisterhood as well.  When my second daughter moved to Washington DC there were two sorority sisters who lived in Baltimore.  They helped her find a place to live, and actually one helped her find her job!  They made sure she learned how to navigate the city, they met her for dinner and movies and introduced her to their friends.  They got her involved in the alumnae group (she’s now president).

My youngest daughter is still in college but she knew that she had found her home at Preference.  She was set o pledge MY sorority, to follow in my footsteps but it was while she was at ADPi that she felt “the connection”.  She actually felt it with her Rho Chi who happens now to be a “sister”.  My daughter just knew that even though this house did not start out to be “THE HOUSE”…like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly it transformed into “THE HOUSE”.   The bond she has with her sisters is strong.  She tried living in an apartment this fall with three of her sisters but she missed “living in” the house.  She needed to be int he middle of that sisterhood of girls.  She loves “living in”….eating breakfast in her jammies and slippers, watching “The Bachelor” in the TV room, raiding the frig at 1 am…’s a sisterhood.  This Spring Break, 9 of her sisters and my daughter will be heading to Destin, Florida.  They have all rented a house and planning a very memorable week with I found out today includes a trip to Panama Beach to see Luke Bryan in concert on the beach.

The definition of sisterhood is as follows:

  1. The relationship between sisters.
  2. The feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women

This definition of sisterhood awaits every one of you.  It is something you will cherish and enjoy for a lifetime. You too will find this sisterhood.  You will wear your badge proudly.  The journey has begun.  I am so excited for each and every one of you!