So I am going to say “I’m sorry” right’s post is a rambling of sorts…tidbits of this and that. First of all a new sorority info session has been added for San Angelo Texas :).

San Angelo TX — April 17, 2012

The San Angelo Panhellenic Association will hold a recruitment forum at 6 p.m. April 17 in the San Angelo Visitor Center’s River Room, 418 W. Avenue B.

The forum is open to area graduating high school seniors who plan to attend a college or university in the fall and are interested in obtaining information on sororities and how to participate in the National Panhellenic Recruitment Process.

Registration and contact information available, see:…ited-to-forum/

So I am just going to say this…these are great to go to IF you have no idea what you are doing regarding resumes, recs, clothing and the recruitment process.  Even if you think you know what you’re doing (well kind of) but are a little unsure then you should go.  MOSTLY you should go to network.  If you are missing recommendations this is usually a GREAT place to meet sorority alums and pick up a few recs.  So if there is one in your area GO!
SECONDLY>>> for those of you who are attending Preview this weekend and since this was posted on the UA Rushing Facebook page (thank you!!!…I REALLY hope this helps a lot of girls) I wanted to repost the National Panhellenic’s video called Our Potential. Your  Here is the link..  .   I REALLY encourage all of you to watch it before you go to Preview.  THIS is what being a sorority woman means.  When we first saw it (I sit on a Panhellenic board) there wasn’t a dry eye in the room when it finished.  I watched it again this morning before I posted the link…gives me goose bumps.  Yeah I know…crazy but it’s true.  I am hoping you will all see that this is just more than a 4 year thing.’s fun and exciting…at times it will be EXHAUSTING (think homecoming!!!) but it is so worth it!  So WATCH IT!!!!!!  I hope they show it to you at Preview but I had heard it might be at the convocation instead.
THIRDLY>>>>>> I am so excited because my youngest (sorority girl) is coming home next Friday for the WHOLE weekend!!!!  I haven’t seen her since Christmas and I really do miss her.  I am also excited because of the reason she is coming home.  Remember I posted that she had organized a really great 5k to benefit the community of Tuscaloosa Alabama (ok so very presumptuous of me to think you read this everyday but hey…I have the right to live in my own little dream world 🙂  )?  Well The University has asked her to speak to potential and incoming students and their families in our hometown area as well as across the state in the other large metropolitan area.  She will be representing The University but she will also be representing Greek Life.  I think it is so important for young women to put a positive spin on the benefits of Sorority Life .  There are so many negative stereo types out there when it comes to sorority women, I am hoping that her speech will empower you women to step up and make a difference.  I also hope that the people attending will see how great The University is and what a positive influence it has on its students.  She LOVES it there and is vested in The University and the surrounding community!
FINALLY>>>>> I was excited to see this blog posted on University of Alabama Rushing 2016 Facebook page (thank you to my poster).  For those of you who just looked at the latest post… go back and read the first one…you will understand why I started this blog.  Since I was a sorority woman and have continued on to be involved as an alum I just really wanted to share not only the process but also why being a sorority woman is IMPORTANT!  Many of you have checked this out and I hope you keep coming back.  It’s my goal to post 5 days a week and the topics will vary greatly.  Currently there’s a lot about recruitment but look for it to transition to philanthropy topics..the inner workings of a sorority and how you can be the best sorority woman you can be. The recruitment process is exciting and stressful.  I am hopeful that you will find lots of tools and ideas to help you smoothly navigate yourself through recruitment.  If you need help or have questions that I haven’t answered or would like to see a topic discussed comment on the blog and give me a way to reach you.  I help so many young women who are going through recruitment not only at “The University” but all over the United States.   I am more than happy to assist in any way that I can (oh and I won’t charge you like other groups who profess to “Guarantee” you a bid will…and by the way I can’t/won’t guarantee bids but I do promise to endeavor to help you put together the best “you” 🙂  ).
Ok so am climbing off the soap box before I fall…end of lecture.  WATCH the video….it”s powerful stuff.  For those of you going to Preview have a WONDERFUL time :).  Great memories here of that weekend.  Smile, be your best self and most of all have fun!!!!
Thanks for reading :).