More Panhellenic info sessions have been planned…here they are :

1) Nashville Alumnae Panhellenic’s 2012 Greek Tea is on Sunday April 22nd from 1-3 p.m. at Playground Recording Studios (2814 Azalea Place, Nashville, TN 37204). It’s open to all graduating senior women! Here’s the website:

The info session listed below is for young women attending KU only.

2) Kansas City

On April 4th, 2012, you can attend The Panhellenic Sorority Experience Night at the KU Edwards Campus, Overland Park KS. This event will be held on at 7 p.m. in the BEST Conference Center

This evening will offer a unique opportunity for high school students to learn about the benefits of joining a Panhellenic Sorority at KU.

Prior to the start of the program there will be an informal reception at 6:30 with light hors d’oeurves. This reception will offer an opportunity to mingle with other families, students, and representatives of the KU Panhellenic community.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact the Director of Recruitment, Whitlee Douthitt, at, or call the KU Student Involvement and Leadership Center at (785)-864-4861.

A registration “form” is at…5Wdnc6MQ#gid=0

or call the number listed above ^^


Here it is…the day you all have been waiting for…Preview Day!!!!!  So after spending the day walking around with 1500 girls and their parents don’t you agree….Crazy Town right???  But it’s a good crazy and a crazy that when you go home you will play it over and over and over in your head. You will go home and tell your husbands and frineds about the experiences of the day and will be met with quizzical stares…”you had to be there” you’ll say.   I hope your parties last night went well.  Heard through the grapevine that the sorority girls mixed it up on you a little and had a few events that happened to turn out VERY CASUAL…jeans and shorts :).  Ummm hmmmm…. and most girls brought dresses :).  You know as I told one mom ..better to be dressed up in a dress when everyone is dressed down in jeans than to show up in jeans while everyone else was dressed in dresses.  Besides I am betting that most PNM’s were in dresses so you shouldn’t have felt out of place.

I probably should have posted this yesterday since I am talking about a few things that might be helpful today but maybe some will get up and read this before they head out this morning.

I know from my daughter , who has to be at your Main Event today, that Sign In starts at 11:30 am.  I was amazed when we attended Preview that when we got to Sign In at 11:00 there were TONS of girls there already.  Panhellenic has announced there is a record breaking crowd and so I might get there a bit early….Sign In will be crazy and you want to get up stairs to start looking at everything, finding a spot to sit and maybe connecting with some of the new friends you met last night. Remember..if they sell t-shirts…get a size bigger than your daughter normally wears!

I am hoping you did meet some new friends….that’s one of the benefits of going to the invite parties.  Not only do you get to spend some one on one time with women of that particular sorority but you also get to meet some of the young women who will be back in August to go through recruitment,

For those of you who are outgoing..this was easy. For those of you who are more reserved and shy this might have been a little harder.  I really encourage you to set outside your comfort level, put yourself out there and make a few new friends.  Many of these girls are in the same emotional boat.  I think it’s  hard on the self esteem.  You are looking around at all these girls who have on these great outfits of clothes and look fabulous and all of a sudden you wish you had worn something else, are worried about the blemish that you are sure is now a flashing sign on your chin, feel bloated from the lunch at Mugshots that your Mom insisted you eat…it’s hard..I was there and had a daughter who went through the same feelings and emotions.  Here’s the good news….she made it through unscathed AND she got a BID!!!!!  So look around and rather than feeling insecure about yourself,  use this time to do a little recon on what you might add to your wardrobe or another cute way to do your hair for when the real show starts.

I have shared that before we went to Preview I had a lengthy conversation with my National office about Preview and what to expect.  A lot was about clothing (labels) and getting invites to parties but one statement stood out.  The woman on the phone told me that my daughter should not waste time comparing herself to the other young women attending but rather to look at the different sororities she visited and to picture herself complimenting these women.  Not complimenting in the conversation way..”oh wow I like your dress” but rather how her personality and skills would compliment the members of that house.

She also told me that we would meet young women who had been “groomed” for Preview and recruitment.  And she was right ….we did.  I posted a while ago about the website  Remember???  It’s those women who live outside Birmingham who have a business where if you sign up and take their classes they will GUARANTEE you a bid!  It perplexes me how they can guarantee that unless they have someone major form Panhellenic in their hip pocket but there will be girls at Preview who have gone through this or another similar program.

I’m not knocking these programs…kind of like Charm School for sorority recruitment but I think if you read blogs…where it’s mine or others out there,  you do what we tell you to do (most of us have done this before) and you reach out to us for help and follow the advice given you too will be successful.  So have you seen some professional rushers (that’s what they call them)?  This an even better reason to go early to sign in…scope out the girls..what they have on from head to toe….if you like a look make a metal picture.  You can go home and search it out.  It’s always fun to see what dresses and jewelry make their appearances at these events.  We had so much fun looking and then saying “Yep ..saw that at J Crew”.  We counted Lilly’s and were astounded at the girl who showed up in REALLY short shorts (there’s one in every crowd).

MOMS…I am hoping that last night as you dropped your daughters off at their first round of invite parties you had a box of tissues in the car and a Xanax sitting in the console.  I have a friend who equated it to the first day of Kindergarten.  Those precious girls are all dressed up and so cute :).  You practically have to shove them out of the car door so that they will go up the walk or into the building (of course that’s after you drove around the block 6 times while your sweet child mustered enough courage to even get out of the car).  I am hopeful that you were rewarded when you picked up your daughter with a bubbly excited young woman who was mesmerized with sorority life and the terrific young women she had just met.

Were you dying to go too???  Come on, you can admit it,  You were weren’t you (I was!!!!! )…just to get a peek at the sorority make sure your daughter had someone to talk to and was doing alright, to see the other girls there and kind of “size them up”,  but most of all just to “see” the process.

I have to tell you I am a little jealous of all of you getting to do the drop off/pick up thing.  I didn’t get to do this and so had to live vicariously through text messages since *GASP* she couldn’t call her mommy and report in. She did a great job “keeping me updated” but it was just not the same.

Today will be crazy…CRAZY TOWN…..not only will you have an invite event or two this morning before sign in but the fraternity men will be out doing their Preview…lots of people on campus.  It’s a full day!!!!   A LOT of information.  I hope you brought something to take notes on … times I felt like I couldn’t write fast enough.  So any new things but hopefully since you have been reading this blog for a while (an hopefully they haven’t done any major changes) you will be familiar with the language and some of the different concepts.  I remember sitting there listening to a dad who stood up and was telling about his older daughter who was already in a sorority on campus (he was there with daughter number 2) and how she had bought so many t-shirts and run out her Purchase Fund account.  I thought to myself at the time “not my daughter”….yep well $1400 worth of t-shirts later….Greek Resources will be your best friend.  Remember when they talk about t-shirts, zaps and the Purchase Fund account that they don’t debit the account until the t-shirt is delivered.  Girls need to keep a running debit tab so they know how much they have to spend.   You could be bold and stand up and share that…just saying :).

So as I sit here in my jammies….drinking my third cup of joe I wish you luck 🙂  today.  I hope it all goes smoothly.  I pray the parking spot god give you good karma to find a great spot but more importantly a spot at all.  I wish that you and your daughter have a wonderful day full of great information, good memories and new friends.  For a moment I had a flash of Disney World and Cinderella’s castle….today is the stuff that dreams are made of :).