One of my favorite parts of recruitment is the door songs.  When I visited for Mom’s Day last year, my daughter’s sorority had an all day Recruitment Workshop…apparently so did every other sorority on the street as evident by the door songs going on.  The girls asked if I would sit in a chair on the sidewalk and watch..critiquing them, giving suggestions.  Of course I agreed!!

Maybe I should back up for a minute.  I guess I am thinking you all know what door songs are.  Door songs happen during recruitment only.  As the PNM’s are standing on the sidewalk and the Rho Chi’s count down the door fly open and the members of the house are almost in a pyramid inside the door frame and stacked into the foyer.  They are singing at the tops of their lungs and clapping or doing hand motions.  The song is usually about “Come on in” and that they are glad to know you.  They try to have it be a catchy tune so that you remember it and it will have the sorority’s name in it as well.  They are loud but very fun!!!

There are lots of Panhellenic rules about door songs and recruitment.  They differ from campus to campus.  At my daughter’s school the sorority members cannot go outside the door frame, nor can the members make noise before the door opens of after the door closes.  Panhellenic actually has a huge handbook on this…here’s a couple of quotes from it:

1) Voices heard before the door song or after closing the door at the conclusion of the party.

– $20/occurrence…(this is the fine asses to the sorority if this infraction occurs.

2) Purposefully stepping over the threshold to say goodbye to a PNM or hugging a PNM

goodbye. – $20/occurrence

So how does Panhellenic know if this happens…well Panhellenic reps and delegates are on the streets watching to make sure Recruitment infractions do not occur.  They are very particular about making sure that no one sorority has an unfair edge over another sorority.  In addition these rules are made for the PNM’s as well ….it protects them.  If a member steps over the doorway  to hug a PNM that might send a message to her that this particular sorority “is interested” in her…when in all actuality the emotion of the moment has just gotten to the member.  This poor PNM leaves thinking that maybe she will be invited back, then does not receive an can see how confusing this would be and how hurtful as well.  I will do a whole post later on Panhellenic guidelines and rules for recruitment.

Okay…back to door songs…they are amazing!!!   There is a specific order to how the girls stack in the door.  It varies from sorority to sorority but basically they put the smaller, prettier girls in front.  The bottom row girls will have bruised knees from “dropping” (falling to their knees as the door opens).  It is all about timing because as the second that the door opens the song begins.  Just a quick aside…the recruitment party process is about timing.  For those of you who went to Preview you saw that in action this past weekend.  You had appx. 9 minutes (I know they told you 10 but the sororities actually had 9)  in each house and every minute was planned out…no kidding!  Each sorority wants to use every single minute to their advantage, so the door song is timed out to take “x” amount of minutes.

When the song starts the girls are in the door frame (or in some cases they will come out onto the sidewalk.  I helped at Mizzou last fall and their girls came out of the doorways and onto the side walks to pick up PNM’s.  When I actually participated in recruitment a bazillion years ago we also came out onto the sidewalks.  It really depends on the Panhellenic rules for your college/university. Anyway the PNM’s are in alphabetical order (remember….those recs serve a purpose here….you are in order and  in many cases at specific girl is picking you up at the door….this is not the case for every girl at every party but it is the case for many girls…especially ones that are being “courted” by that particular sorority.  So…little reminder…RECS are important!!!!

As you are picked up and escorted in the door by the sorority member, the song will continue until the door shuts…then the conversation begins and the party is on.  It’s so much fun!!

Door songs can be the same every day or can be a revolving group of songs. Some sororities will have a song themed for every a special one for Philanthropy, Skit, Preference, it just depends on that particular house.  As I sat in the chair watching my daughter and her sisters sing their hearts out I got goose kidding.  I know it sounds silly but it’s just all the excitement and anticipation of the whole recruitment process.

Door songs can be overwhelming as well.  I think that’s especially true the first party of the first day of recruitment.  You are nervous, anxious, a little scared, excited..basically a bundle of emotions and all of a sudden lined up there on that sidewalk every door opens, all at the same time and literally thousands of girls are clapping and singing.  They want YOU to buy into what they have to offer. They want YOU to be one of THEM.  It can be very overwhelming!!!

So I thought that you would like to see some video of door songs and just general recruitment songs…..kind of a “mini” get yourself ready time.  The spring before my daughter went through recruitment we watched these over and over and over again.  She had no idea what door songs were really like…having not been through recruitment.  Her older sister and I had briefed her about them but I thin that watching the videos really helped prepare her for that first day. I hope these will get you excited and prepare you as well!

These are from a variety of sororities around the United States! this one is a little crazy and actually a goodbye song but I wanted you to see how they do them all at the same time :).

these are just a few and certainly don’t represent every sorority but hopefully you are now inspired to sit on youtube and watch sorority videos  :)…..