So for some of you…you have just come off the fabulous Preview Weekend.  Chances are if you are like my daughter, you didn’t want to go home.  I love Preview!  It gives you a picture of what to expect during recruitment, a chance to meet some of the potential PNM’s, a sneak peek into the different personalities of each of the sororities AND you get to go INSIDE those beautiful houses!!!!

But now it’s over (sniff, sniff) and so what come next????  First of all, chances are many of you will find new Facebook Friend requests in the next few days.  You met a lot of sorority women who want to know more about you.  Social media at it’s best ladies!!!!  Since I have been harping, harping, harping about what’s on your Facebook I know that you won’t be scrambling to “clean it up” before accepting these requests.  Remember turn about is fair play…when you accept the request you will be able to see the sorority woman’s Facebook page as well.  This is another tool you can use  to get to know the sororities on campus just a little bit better.  I would caution you on making judgments on these ladies just as hopefully they don’t judge you but if you are looking through pics and you see drunk photos with solo cups and a lot of partying and YOU are not a party person ..well then you might decide to ask some really pointed questions during recruitment.  Don’t write off this house immediately because of one persons post (remember houses of 250 girls..lots of different personalities) but use it as a tool to get to know this sorority better.

If you have some spare time you might Google each sorority and do a little more research on what they are involved in on campus.  At many of the houses you saw videos and heard the recruitment chair speak briefly….9 minutes at each house is not very long to “get to know” that sorority but hopefully you have a better idea of what that sorority is passionate about.  I have been lucky enough to see a couple of the videos…they were great weren’t they.  Makes you just want to join now!!  Spring semester is the time when a lot of sororities team up with fraternities to do different philanthropy projects to benefit their own charities but also other charities as well.  Be thinking about the different philanthropies you were introduced to…what one is your passion.

I laughed today….a very sweet girl who I have been helping get ready for recruitment called.   She was so excited after Preview and she was talking so fast…..she wanted to know if it was awful that she just kept going to the different sororities website and looking at all the pictures.  She loved a couple of the sites that had slide shows with music.  She just kept telling me over and over how she could see her self in several different houses.  If you haven’t gone and looked at each sororities website you should.  They are listed under Chapter Profiles on the Panhellenic Website page.  Each one is well done and fun to look at.  Just click away.  I am sure that you will undoubtedly immediately go to your favorite and flip through the pictures looking for any of the girls you talked to.

For those of you who did not go to any invite parties…don’t worry.  They are great tools for sororities to get o know you a little better…better tools for YOU to get to know the sororities better but they are by no means a “weeding out” tool.  I’d be lying if I said that some girls are already on some sororities radar. That’s just the way it is.  Chances are that these girls have a good friend and that friend has introduced her around and her personality has meshed with the girls in that house.  Even for girls like that..bids are not guaranteed.  I know it’s so hard to keep an open mind  but what you experienced this weekend was just a tiny picture of each sorority’s personality.

Ok I’m sorry off the subject…so if you only went to Preview on Saturday and you only visited the houses for that teeny tiny amount of time it’s ok!!!  You are going to be ok.  For the girls who didn’t go at all….you too will be ok.  Yep sororities know who was there and who wasn’t…they also aren’t going to judge you if you came late, left early or didn’t manage to get to their party at all.  There were so many girls!!!  This weekend was not a make it or break it time.

I hope you are all working really hard on your recs and resumes.  Hopefully the little info session they did clarified any questions you had.  I always try to give the most up to date info….my inside source sometimes gets a little perturbed with me because I bug her so much.  As I said the whole having a transcript with the rec is new.  Threw me for a loop .  But….like I said yesterday if you’ve already sent your rec packets out it’s ok….just send the Official Final Transcript to Panhellenic and to each house..   I did confirm with my connections to sororities that not having a transcript in you rec package will not hurt you at all!!!  So don’t worry.

So I have a question????  How many of you went home and made a list of “to buy things” after seeing PNM’s and sorority women with items that seemed popular and stylish?  We made on in the car when we went home.  Seriously….my daughter picked up on about 4 things and so we made a list.  That list grew and grew but in the end when she left for recruitment she had everything she thought she needed to “look” great!  It’s always fun to see what everyone had one.

The one thing that was missing from this weekend that you will get during recruitment is door songs!!!  I really wish they would do door songs at Preview.  So tomorrow…we will do door songs.   Get ready they are so fun!!!