It happens every year after Preview….the recommendation frenzy hits!  So many girls go to Preview with kind of “well if I get rec then I do and if not ..well”, and leave hyperventilating over the fact that they don’t have all the recommendations they need.  I think it just takes hearing it…”LADIES….at any SEC school (or at any of the schools that I listed on a previous post) YOU HAVE TO HAVE (ie” strongly suggested!!!!) at least 1 rec for each house.  I REALLY think you need to try very hard to get two because if for some reason one doesn’t get there then you have a back up.

Let me tell you a little story.  I am the queen of organization.  As I have said earlier I had this whole recommendation thing down to a system.  Less than 2 weeks before recruitment while sitting at my desk in my den, tidying up papers I notice what looked like a rec form. When I picked it up I nearly had heart failure. In my hands was my daughters legacy form and rec for my sorority!!!  For some reason I had not mailed it.  I felt like I couldn’t breathe!!! With my heart racing I called the recruitment chair (who I happened to know) and asked her if she had recs for my daughter.  Her answer was not what I wanted to hear and was my biggest fear..”NO”….they had no recs on file for my legacy child!  I immediately hung up and called the sorority sister who wrote my daughters rec and asked if she’d mailed it…she of course replied she had.  I called the recruitment chair back and asked if we could email the rec and fax the legacy status and rec form.  She was so sweet and said “of course”…in less than an hour both were firmly in the hands of the recruitment chair and my daughter was saved.  So you can see how important it is the have 2 recommendations.

Recommendations are hard to come by…I get that.  You search and search and search and then look at your list in disbelief because you are still missing 5  and that’s just the first series…you have hardly any houses with two.  So you begin what I call the recommendation scramble.  This dance goes something like this……you call all your friends and ask them if they know anyone who is a sorority alum in good standing (hey they have to be in good standing…or the rec will be thrown out…and yes they do check)…..since this most likely isn’t the first time you’ve called you can feign mental fatigue (rubbing forehead with thumb and second finger) from looking for recs if they remind you that you’ve already asked.   Next you assume the prayerful position while you hear their reply.  If you are lucky (jumping up and down) then they will have remembered a great Aunt Sally who was a Tri-Delt who would write you a rec but if not then you now assume the position of utter defeat…(head in hands, slumped shoulders).   But wait!!!!! All is not lost (head come up) maybe their friends have friends and so as they give you the emails of all of their friends (hand waving to the right and left to work out writers cramps) you begin to smile…there might be a silver lining after all (Picture Snoopy doing the happy dance).

So you get the idea…I know it’s really hard!!  I have been there and done that and it nearly drove me to insanity.

Just a reminder about WHO can is prefered to write a recommendation.

1) Your first and best choice is an alum, who is in good standing with her sorority, knows you personally and was a member in the Chapter at the University you are going through recruitment at. (Good luck with this one…it is a tough one to find!)

2) Next…an alum, who is in good standing with her sorority and knows you personally.

3) An alum, who is in good standing with her sorority and knows your family or extended family personally.

4) An alum, who is in good standing with her sorority and lives in your city or general area and is acquainted with someone you or your family knows..  You should meet with this woman so she can get to know you better and can then write a more “personal” rec.

5) An alum, who is in good standing with her sorority, who has volunteered to write recs through her local Panhellenic.  You can usually find these women by contacting your local Panhellenic.  They most likely will want to meet with you.

6) An alum, who is in good standing with her sorority, who you have found through internet searches of local chapters of sororities that have chapters on the college campus you are attending. She may ask to meet with you or in some cases will write what is called a “blind” rec…meaning she will just use your resume and not have had personal contact with you.

7) A college senior, who after graduation will have “alum” status and is a member of the chapter, which is located on the campus where you will be going through recruitment and knows you or your family personally.  this one is touchy… need to make sure this young woman has been converted to “alumnae status” officially at the national level.

8) A college senior, who after graduation will have “alum” status.  (See above for clarification).

9) A collegiate, who is a member of the sorority you are needing a rec for BUT IS NOT A MEMBER in the chapter located on the college campus you are attending.

10) A random alum found by contacting the chapter you are needing a rec for, on the campus of the college you are attending. this is for desperation only and a last resort.

So you have 10 different options to find recommendations.  Hopefully many of you are done and have rec packets ready to go.  I know that for some of you , you’re about half way through the process and still “looking”.  For those of you who haven’t started…you need to get a move on now!!!!

Remember to double check your rec packets…especially that you have included 2 pictures (with your name, hometown and high school written on the back) and that you have the proper postage on your envelope.

Good luck and happy rec searching!