I got up this morning and following my usual routine I logged onto Greek Chat http://www.greekchat.com/gcforums/forumdisplay.php?f=217.  If you haven’t been there it’s worth a look see but be WARNED!!!!!  (especially if you choose to ask a question) the ladies who post there can be very caustic and sarcastic with their answers and responses.  Still, there are some who are very knowledgeable about recruitment across the United States and if you can get past some of the “not so nice” remarks there is good info to be had.

My eye is trained to read the different discussion about the SEC schools.  This morning I came into the middle of a conversation between a transfer student and several ladies who are “regular” posters.  Apparently this young lady is transferring to a SEC school, is interested in sorority recruitment.  She seems to be all over the place as to where she is going but has made it pretty clear she wants to “Go Greek”.  She asked a variety of questions on several different areas on Greek Chat…it seemed as if she was almost “fishing” for answers.  As I read further, I realized that perhaps I knew this girl.  I help a lot of girls with recruitment questions, recommendations, and general sorority advice.  I am currently helping several transfer students this year.  I have one in particular that seems to be “second guessing” me at every turn and I believe that she went fishing on Greek Chat for answers to questions that I had already answered.

She was warned on this website that the information she gave could be enough that she might be identified by the Greek communities where she would be going through recruitment at.  Those ladies are right…if I could tell who she is then I am pretty sure the sorority women who are also reading this site (oh and if you think they are not reading it then you are wrong) will be able to identify her as well.  I have to say it’s very frustrating for someone who spend hours of her own personal time helping young women to have one in particular who seems to want to “take advantage” of the situation.  I don’t mean to sound witchy about this but at least to my eye this young lady is going through recruitment for all the wrong reasons.  I happened to go over to her Facebook page where there are pictures that are not flattering and inappropriate language.  I’ve ranted on here before about social media and cleaning up your Facebook page.  This young lady wants everyone to help her but refuses to help herself!

Whew!!! Ok I have now vented and so onto the real reason for the post.  I wanted to give you a few places you can go to read about sorority recruitment.  If you’re reading my blog then you have obviously searched around and may know these sites but if not I encourage you to go, read, process, use what you can and remember everyone has their own opinions and experiences.  I write through my own personal experience, the experiences of my daughters and my current role with my alumnae status and involvement with my sorority,  I read TONS about recruitment (I find it exciting and fascinating) and if I don’t know the answer,  or can’t find the answer then I will try to direct you to someone who can answer what ever question you have.

So….I would encourage you to visit and read…and enjoy!!

Greek Chat…lots of sorority recruitment stories and general recruitment advice from women who are generally well informed but can be somewhat unkind in their responses : http://www.greekchat.com/gcforums/forumdisplay.php?f=217

http://sororitysecrets.wordpress.com/..this is a couple of years old..take it for what it’s worth.

http://www.phiredup.com/index.php?option=com_wordpress&Itemid=2 from a company that goes around college campuses teaching sororities how to recruit…a look from the inside out.

http://www.hercampus.com/life/top-10-things-not-say-during-sorority-rush…these ladies have some good suggestions!

http://sororityrush.webs.com/firstthingsfirst.htm..worth a read.




Greek Rank: http://www.greekrank.com/..ok so here’s the deal..this site is there for every vengeful sorority and fraternity guy to self rank their particular house and to sling mud at every other house on campus.  It is simply mindless entertainment and it’s rankings are false and inaccurate!  That being said if you look at it as nonsense it can be an entertaining read….Pay NO ATTENTION TO THE RANKINGS!!!!!  Seriously!

There are books written about Sorority Recruitment….the most famous is “Pledged The Secret Life of Sororities ” by Alexandra Robbins….IF you are going to read this remember it’s just one journalist who set out to “expose” the negative aspects of sorority recruitment.  The incidences in this book are few and far between and although I have no doubt the did happen they are the “Exception” not the “norm”.

Some fun reading…..”A Southern Belle Primer or why Paris Hilton will never be a Kappa Kappa Gamma”…discussed the rituals of sorority and junior league life in the south..it’s a fun read.

I Heart Recruitment by Jessica Gendron (this is old but has some good advice)

Rush Right: Reveal Your Best YOU during Sorority Recruitment by Sunday Tollefson….there are also DVD’s available. We had a friend who used this while going through recruitment at a very competitive SEC School….it made no difference what so ever…think RushBiddies in book and DVD form.

Zeta or Omega?  (Sorority 101) by Kate Harmon and Marley Gibson..haven’t read it.

So…if yo have something to do you can “troll” as my sorority girl calls it.  Be careful…I don’t want to sound creepy but you would be surprised how many active members are out there doing the same thing.  Just as with social media sites if you put yourself out there make sure it is the “YOU” that you want people to see, like and get to know.

The best piece of recruitment advice it to be yourself.   As an active alum who is in contact with sororities around the US every day, I will tell you that this is so important.   There is a young woman going through recruitment at a southern school.  I happened to be chatting with the recruitment chair of my sorority yesterday and she was telling me about this girl.  She was lamenting because EVERY house on campus wants her..she’s the “IT” girl of this recruitment season.  She happens to be a sister sister legacy to a house on campus (he sister is currently in a sorority on that campus and oh yeah…she holds an Exec position).  They did not put that she was a legacy on her recruitment forms because this dear girl wants a fair shot at each of the sororities on campus.  When I asked my recruitment chair why everyone loved this girl she said”She’s just so good at being herself”.

So…Be yourself…read and enjoy trolling..remember a little knowledge is a powerful thing…Happy Saturday :).