For many of the college campuses recruitment is just a mere 4 months away. will go quickly!!!  I promise.

So you’ve got all your recommendations, your packets are sent, you’ve been to preview…so what do you do for 4 WHOLE MONTHS???

Well here’s a few suggestions.

I was in Dallas this weekend with my husband while he drafted his fantasy league baseball team.  I ended up having some “Me” time on Saturday and so I headed up to Highland Park…the mecca of designer shopping in Dallas.  After making a few necessary purchases ..ok… so I spent over an hour in Anthropologie, I went to Starbucks for a little coffee refreshment.  While sitting outside enjoying a perfect day I struck up a conversation with two girl next to me.  Amazingly, they were out scouting clothes for recruitment.   Turns out these ladies were going to Texas A& M in the fall.  I was telling them about the blog and they shared a few ideas of how they are passing the time before recruitment.


Pinterest….the girls seem to have a large group of friends who are all going through recruitment at various Texas schools.  They have all agreed to help each other look amazing for the process so they came up with this cute idea using Pinterest. They all created Pinterest boards just for recruitment outfits.  When one of them sees an outfit  or part of an outfit that she thinks is amazing, she creates a Pinterest post of it and posts it on the board of the girl who she thinks should wear it.  They shared a few of them with me…I wish I had a way to post them here but it was the best idea. So…. find a group of friends and get started…..sometimes people are able to see clothing options that you just can’t see yourself.  since you want to have a killer wardrobe for recruitment why not enlist the help of your friends?


They also shared these little books they made they called “buddy books”.  They took small empty books and used scrapbooking paper, sticker , ribbons and embellishments to decorate each page.   The girls then saved ticket stubs from movies, coasters, napkins name it they saved it.  Each week they get together and who ever has something to put in one of their “buddies” books they take the book and decorate the page, adding the items from the adventure they had together and a brief note that they tuck in a little pocket they made on each page.  One of the girls was telling me that her older sister did this with her friends and when recruitment got stressful and she was with out her “buddies” she got the book out and read the pages and it made her feel like her friends were there with her.  She also said they were going to make them for recruitment  as well with all of their recruitment memories.


I asked if the had recruitment coaches…they laughed, but one confessed that her mother wanted her to go a place that worked on conversation skills and general manners.  She said she was resisting it but acknowledged that the conversation part might be helpful.  One of her friends piped up and suggested they plan a “mock” recruitment.  They all got very excited and started to plan who they could get to be stand in sorority girls.  They all agreed that practicing might make them feel more at ease when the actual process occurred.  We even started a list of potential questions that they might get asked as well as what types of questions they might want to ask.  So…think about it.  It might be fun to throw a “mock recruitment” party.


Now is a good time to set up a really great volunteer job for summer.  It will give you lots to talk about during recruitment as well as I am sure…experiences that will be very memorable.  Maybe you don’t want to commit to one opportunity but rather do one a month. Maybe you can try out a few of the different philanthropy’s of the sororities on campus.  You might find one that is your passion.


Make new friends.  I am sure that every college that is having recruitment has a facebook page for these girls.  Initiate conversations (don’t listen to the tent talk) and make plans to meet during orientation if you are both going to the same on or at least at the opening convocation.  Everyone will be very nervous..there’s safety in numbers.  You will probably become close to girls in your Rho Chi Group but the more the merrier.


Practice being positive!  You have to go through this process with a positive attitude.  Everything happens for a reason..if you keep an open mind and a positive attitude you will be fine!


Plan your dorm room.  There are so many cute things out there for dorms rooms these days.  Many are so expensive.  Now is a great time to start to look for ways you can make so of those cute items you want to buy.  In addition if you and your roommate are having coordinating fabrics ect you might want to get a old of a seamstress and get her started on the sewing.


Choose a good book to read over the summer.  A book makes a great conversation piece during recruitment.


Make a sample schedule (or two or three) so when you attend orientation you will be ready to choose classes. Remember to make your schedule a little lighter that normal for first semester…you will be very busy with sorority activities.


So here are just a few suggestions to pass the time.  Remember as of May 1st there will be no contact with sorority active members.  If they live in your home town, attend your church or are family friends you can still talk with them but they are strictly forbidden to discuss sorority life or recruitment with you…

One last suggestion…go to Office Depot or Staples…by one of those Big calendars and a package of sticky notes.  On the under side of each stick note write a motivational quote about doing something hard..sorority recruitment, going greek.  I will try to post some tomorrow.  Number the top of the sticky and place one on each day until the day you leave for recruitment.  What a great and motivational way t count down the those quotes will give you something to think about :).