I had a great weekend hanging out at my daughter’s sorority house this weekend.  It was Parent’s Weekend and also the Spring football scrimmage, so I decided to drive 11 1/2 hours to go…I am so glad I did!  Thought I’d write a little about the experiences of the weekend.

I LOVE my daughter’s house mom!  She is delightful and since I have been to visit so many times we have gotten to know each other pretty well.  Last year She and I spent the good part of an afternoon together putting together the flower arrangements for the tables for Game Day meal.  That’s just one of her many duties.

Wait….some of you might not know what a house mom is. She is a woman who usually lives in a small apartment inside of a sorority or fraternity house.  Back in the day (when I was living in my sorority house) her job was to “manage” the girls, at least that’s how I saw it.  I am sure she managed more than us but WE were a full time job!

Today’s house mom has a much more sophisticated role.  She manages the staff, the meals, pays the bills, plans events like game day meals, makes sure that the “house” runs smoothly and “mothers” her girls.  I think it’s a tough job but one that really interests me :)…I think some day I might like to be a House Mom!

My daughter and I spent about an hour and a half Friday night sitting in the informal living room of her sorority house talking with “Mimi” (that’s the name the girls call her..she has a real name but everyone calls her Mimi).  She had just returned with some barbecue carry out and as she sat and ate we chatted about the new house the sorority was building, the noise in the upstairs hallway and the big pancake breakfast that was occurring the next morning.  Mimi was a little worried we were going to run out of pancakes.  From Friday dinner until Monday breakfast there are not “staff” on the premises besides the security guard.  Since the girls were having their pancake philanthropy Mimi had brought in a couple of cooks to make pancakes.  The girls had decided this year they would have “To Go” boxes as well as serve in the house.  This made Mimi nervous…I think it was the unknown as to how many people would come and get a “To Go” box.  She was also worried that since all the parents ( and in some case siblings) were eating that if they took more than two pancakes the supply would be depleted quickly and the cooks wouldn’t be able to keep up.

I volunteered to serve pancakes for the next morning and as we talked through the different scenarios we decided to just put a couple of little notes up asking the guests to just take 2 pancakes.  Mimi asked if I would sit in the informal living room and greet people as they went through the line (the buffet was set up onto of the pool table. the pool table is too heavy to be moved.  It was a gift from an alum..a VERY influential alum I might add.  In fact so influential that a special room just for the pool table is being built-in the new sorority house.) and also keep an eye out to make sure that they kept to the “2 pancake”  rule.  I was so excited…I got to play house mom for a morning!!!!!

It was very fun..I chatted with parents and girls..helped pour OJ and coffee.  Mimi brought me pancakes. I really enjoyed my self.  As the buffet died down Mimi and sat a chit chatted some more.  I asked her about the new house that my daughter’s sorority is building.  She got out the plans and we poured over them.  Since my daughter is Exec VP Property she goes to all of the Housing Corp meetings with Mimi.  It was nice to be able to see what she had been talking about.  the new house is double the size of the old on and will sleep double the amount of girls appx. 70 (the old house sleeps about 35).

So here’s the big news…I think some day I would like to be a house mom.  I know that 3 are currently leaving their positions at my daughter’s school.  Unfortunately the house mom at my sorority affiliation is not one of them :(…and I have this husband problem.  I am pretty sure HE would not like to live in a small apartment inside of a house with 70 girls.  But I sure do think it would be fun!

I remember my house mom.  the woman was old as dirt..seriously!!  She was hard of hearing and perhaps liked a few too many “libations” in the evenings :).  She had an apartment on the first floor and she wandered around in her house coat a lot.  i do remember her being quite nice but she never really had “control” of us (Mimi runs a tight ship!).  I also remember her being REALLY upset with us when the stray cat we found and kept (we moved it from room to room to hide it) had kittens under one of my roommates beds.  She made us get rid of the cat and the kittens.  I took a kitten home.  When it climbed the living room drapes because it was afraid of our dog my parents made me get rid of it.  They must have known the house mom :).

One final thing.  Not only is Mimi house mom for my daughter’s sorority but she is also house mom for my daughter’s boyfriend’s fraternity.  apparently the house moms do double duty.  She was telling me that the fraternity just got new furniture and the boys have already broken one of the chairs!  Hmm..I don’t want to be a house mom for a fraternity.