So first things first ….. a new Panhellenic info session has come to my attention :).  This session will be held in Fairhope, Alabama on

Thursday, May 24 at 5:30pm at the Fairhope United Methodist Church, Wesley Hall at the corner of Morphy and Section Streets in downtown Fairhope. Please bring multiple copies of your resume and photograph.


U of Alabama Fall 2012 Recruitment Dates

Aug. 10, 2012
Sunday & Monday, Aug. 12 & 13, 2012
Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 14 & 15
Thursday, Aug. 16
Friday, Aug. 17
Saturday, Aug. 18
Full info from UA Panhellenic here:
Register for recruitment here:…d=46&Itemid=41
Online registration is taking place now through Aug. 10.
Onsite registration only on Aug. 11.
Sixteen NPC sororities participate in formal recruitment. One NPC sorority does not participate.
Roll Tide!
Okay got all the “business” out of the way now down to the REALLY exciting stuff!!!!!!!
My children (especially my girls) give me a lot of grief about the fact that I will talk to any one or anything.   Having been a kindergarten teacher for a very long time I can’t go to the store without running into a former student, their parent or even a grandparent.  Most times my kids won’t even go with me any more for fear of being sucked into a half hour conversation.  My youngest still tell everyone about the day we were walking in the local nature center and I had a conversation with a mother turkey about her chicks (I explained to my daughter very matter of factly that all mothers like to be complimented about their children).
My love to chit chat has brought me many new friends as I help navigate young women and their mothers through the recruitment process.  It has also opened a lot of doors and I am hoping that in the next few months that it might just allow me to generate a little “mad money” as well.
A very sweet lady reached out to me this past week regarding this blog and Pinterest.  Now…gotta tell you I am a Pinterest junkie. I will wake up at 3 am and go sit on the computer “pinning”.  I should also tell you I am the ultimate technology nerd.  I have learned so much putting together this blog but WOW, I have so much more to learn.  So when this sweet woman reached out to me, wanting to link my blog to her Pinterest page which was all about Alabama Sorority Recruitment and Life I was a little skeptical.  I was even a lot skeptical when she had an alias” for a name.  So… I did what I do best, I talked to her on the phone and much to my delight I discovered that we were clandestined to meet and connect.
You see she had a daughter that was in the process of getting ready to go through recruitment at The University of Alabama (y’all know that place is near and dear to my heart) and had started a Pinterest page where she could about sorority life at Bama.  She felt that pinning my blog would allow it to reach and help so many more girls!  After hours of talking (turns out she likes to talk like I do!) it was done!!!!
I am so excited…this is almost as great as my own web page (hint hint..this might be coming soon).  She went into the archives of this blog to find different subjects she could pin about.  The page is continuing to grow and develop but right now it has 34 boards and 106 pins!!!!
What????  You want the link to it!  I can do that!!!  Aren’t you excited?  I am beyond words excited!  I love to get on and look at all of the boards and pins.  this lady is amazing and being able to link pictures and sayings and things called jpegs (I really do not know what those are but I think they might have to do with pics).  Visit sorority girl 101 on Pinterest at this address.
Since we are adding to it daily I would keep checking back.  The boards are continuing to grow and new boards are being added.  But best of all it’s now going to be in one spot so if you read about something in my blog you will be able to go over the Pinterest site and look at it.  Some of us are such visual people this should really be beneficial! I am also hoping it will really help the OOS girls get a grasp on what sorority life at Alabama is like.
So go and’s eye candy..I”m telling you :).  If there is something you would like to see added let me know!  I should also share that the blog is going to have it’s own Facebook page soon and a web page is not far off.  So share the good news…start pinning away…..and most importantly come back and check in here often to see all of the new exciting things happening with Sororitygirl101.