I love getting the mail.  Well actually I don’t like the “bill” part (although most of ours now come in “online”) but I like the letter and card part.  Sadly, letters and cards don’t arrive nearly as often as they used to.  We just have become a more email orientated society.

This is not the case during recruitment :).  During pre-recruitment many sororities will send out cards and invitations to select girls.  These invitations are usually professionally done and arrive in embossed envelopes.  I cannot even begin to tell you how excited my daughter was when one of these “special” deliveries would arrive.  She would carefully open it wanting to savor the moment.  We would always try to guess which sorority it was from…hoping that it might be one of her “favorites”.  She saved each and every one that came in the mail and I am pretty sure if I go up to her desk drawer they are still there, tied with a crimson ribbon.

Before Preview Weekend (that was what the invites were for) and after Preview, the hand written notes started to arrive….sometimes as many as 4 or 5 in a day.  One particular sorority must have had a letter writing campaign because there was one week where she got at least 10 from that sorority alone.  The notes were on very cute cards, most with the writers initials embossed on the front or in some cases it was just the sorority letters or name.  Each contained a personal note telling my daughter how “excited” this girl was that she was attending “The University” in the fall and even more so that she was going through recruitment.  They usually went onto say that if she had any questions she could contact the writer and it would include an email address and sometimes a cell phone number.

Finally she also received cute cards wishing her a “Merry Christmas”,  “Happy Valentines Day”, “Happy Easter”, “A Fun Filled Summer” and a “Happy Graduation”.

As each note arrived my daughter became more and more excited about her prospects of a sorority bid.  We knew she was attending one of the most “competitive” recruitment in the United States.  She took the notes to mean that each and every sorority that sent a note was “interested” in her.  She was partially true.  Yes…she was on each of the sororities radar but the truth was that she most likely was no more special than the 500 other girls who received notes as well.  Truth be told each sorority asked their members for the names of a minimum of 5 girls who would be going through recruitment in the fall.   In addition those same girls were asked to correspond with those PNMs through written letters and notes as well as Facebook “friending” them and email. Does this mean that you aren’t “special” or “chosen”?  Of course not!  You all are special and chosen.  Someone thought enough of you to add you to the list so you could receive these special deliveries…yes you are special but you also need to be informed.

I am sharing this information with you because I have had a lot of girls ask about the letters and notes they are receiving.  They have noticed that certain sororities send more than others.  It seems that some houses who have a tougher time retaining members or are in need of a potentially large pledge class tend to push the paper envelope a little more in hope of making some really good connections with PNMs.

A word to the wise….this will all STOP sometime between May and June (for my daughter’s campus it is May 1st) because Panhellenic will impose a “no contact” period between PNMs and active sorority members. This sudden stop of mail and correspondence can cause great anxiety in PNMs…don’t let it.  It is not personal,  just policy.

A second warning (AGAIN) if you Facebook friend a sorority woman remember they are doing this not to be your friend but to creep on your Facebook page.  They are getting to know you without actually “getting to know you” if you know what I mean.  So remember…nothing on the Facebook that you wouldn’t want Grandma to see.

So spend the “no contact” time looking at all of those great letters and cards and dreaming of recruitment and where you will find your letters.