Today is Sunday….I usually don’t blog on Sunday but I have a very crazy week coming up and so I thought I take a shot at it.  I also am missing our youngest daughter.  Remember I told you that sorority life can motivate you to do great things?  Well our youngest is headed to the Dominican Republic this morning along with 12 other students from her university to do a mission trip.  She will be living in a small village outside of Santo Domingo.  Her days will be spent working at an orphanage (this is where she is staying), volunteering in a hospital and building a water filtration system for the village.  I am excited for her to experience this opportunity.  She never would have gotten involved if her sorority hadn’t pushed her to join two extra clubs at the beginning of her freshman year.  Stay tuned will give you updates as I get them.

Now for the “housekeeping piece”.  Sorority Girl 101 on Pinterest is creating some great boards and I would love to have you check them out.  We have focused on Alabama’s recruitment but as time permits will be adding boards for lots more schools across the country.  Why Alabama first you ask?  Well let’s just say that a certain blogger and her new best friend (who happen to share the same first name…imagine that 🙂  )have a vested interest in that particular university and sorority life there…nuff said..oh and “Roll Tide!!!” So hop over today, follow us and feel free to repin.  The link is:

Now for today’s feature presentation..I sound like the movie man right?? Ha ha!!!  I wanted to share with you the relationship between a sorority “Big sis” and “Little sis”….otherwise to be known as “big” and “little”.  When you pledge a sorority many times you will get a Bid Day buddy or some active member who will be your “guide” for lack of a better word, through Bid Day and the beginning of pledge ship.  It might be a girl who had bonded with you during recruitment and in fact in some cases it might be the girl who preffed you (the girl who was with you during the preference party and ceremony).  She will introduce you to her circle of friends and her “big sis” in the house.

As time goes on and you meet and really get to know the rest of your sisters you will begin to bond and make friends with the older girls, especially those in the pledge class a year a head of you.  It’s magical…I can’t explain it on paper but you find this one girl..she’s have this special bond….a bond that’s different from the one you feel with the rest of the girls.  About a month into school it will be announced that you are going to get your “big sis”.   The actives will have been talking about it for a while and I have to tell you as the time approaches yo will be so excited!!!  In some cases you will be asked to list 3 active members that you would like as a “big” but with some chapters the actives pick…just depends on the sorority :).  You will know it’s “big/little week” because each day you  will get little presents.  They will be left anonymously and often time might have a quote or a clue.  On THE DAY there are several different ways that you might find out who your “big” is.  Scavenger hunts, dressing in certain clothes left for you and then finding your matching twin, puzzle pieces that fit together, following a set of clues….each sorority does it different and it might even change in that particular sorority from year to year.  The squeals of delight when being pair with your “big” will equal those of the day yo opened your bid card.  There is usually a huge party (not a party party but like a celebration).  One sorority I know actually put on a circus…complete with bouncy house and pony rides.  But the most important thing is that you are now bonded in a way that I can’t explain but it is the most magical feeling ever.  Your “big” will tell you about your “family”..her “big” and your “grand big and great- grand big”.  I get goosebumps just thinking about it!

Some of you may be sitting and reading this shaking your head..what’s the big deal??? So you are close to one girl?  The best way to  explain is to tell you about my “big”.

My “big” stands about 5’1 on a good day.  She’s small in stature but big in heart and determination!!!  I love her.  Over 35 years ago we became a family.  I knew we had a connection from the first day I met her during recruitment.  We talked about anything and everything and when the bell rang for me to move to the next person I hated to leave her!  I looked for her face each time I walked up the walk for a party and was all smiles when she grabbed my arm at Preference and walked me in the door of my soon to be new home.  She was there on Bid Day to welcome me with a hug.  She ran track in college and was an education major (like me)…we had so much in common.  As the days progressed it seemed she was everywhere I the library studying, in the tv room, at my table for dinner.  It was about a month later that the little inspirational notes and presents started arriving.  Of course we all were on the lookout for was doing the delivering in hopes that we could figure out who our “big” was.  I can’t tell you how I found was part of a ceremony that I am not allowed to share with non-members but when “my big” was revealed to me I couldn’t have been happier!!!

The next years flew by so quickly and in the process I became a “big” and got my own “little”.  Our “family” grew.  amazingly enough my “little” was also an education major, in fact if you were to look at our lineage there’s a long line of teachers in my family.

Most sororities have a special ceremony when a sister gets engaged.  It’s called a candle passing.  The engagement ring is tied to a candle that is in a bouquet or arrangement of flowers.  The candle is then lit, a special song is sung as it is passed from sister to sister.  After each sister has touched it once when the candle arrives at the girl who is engaged she blows it out!  It’s one of my favorite memories.  My “big” got engaged her senior year. I was the first o know because I got to get the candle and flowers. I felt s o special being a part of this ceremony.  But my role became even more important when my big asked me to be maid of honor in her wedding.  Of course I said “yes” and on a beautiful sunny Christmas Eve Day, in a church made entirely of glass and filled with poinsettias I was again an important part of my “bigs” life. A year later my “little” helped me with my candle passing and the following year she stood in a church and watched me say my vows.

The skeptics in the group will say that’s nice but are you still connected….and the answer is “yes”. I email or message my “big” several times a week.  Our lives have taken us to different states (she’s in Texas and I am in Missouri) but that the distance has not diminished the bond we have. She is an amazing woman and we still have so very much in common.  We both taught and then moved into the “special ed” sector of teaching.  We both LOVE to travel and have been to many of the very same countries, cities and even have stayed at the same hotel.  We are each others support system.  We both run, something she has always done and I am so proud for she is now a tri-athlete!  She just recently made a career change and of course is off and running towards success but of course I knew she would!!!

My “little” lives in California and though we don’t talk as often as “big” and  I do, we still are connected.  I have realized as I write this that this is a connection  that is hard to describe on paper.  You just have to be a part of it to understand.  It is however, one of the most memorable and life enhancing relationships that has happened in my life.   Here’s a link to a  blurb from a young woman’s blog about her bib sis experience and reveal…I hope you  enjoy it :).

This quote sums it up for me:

My BIG sister is a blessing to me.. we have shared so many good times. My sister and I have an unbreakable tie no matter how far apart we are. We have a special sisterhood that time can never unravel. Words can never really express the bond that we have.