Good Morning!!!

My goodness it seems like forever since I have posted.  I have really missed writing!!!

So it seems that the world (yep literally the “WORLD”…countries and such) has discovered sorority girl :).  It happened SAturday while I was gone and the amount of people checking this blog out has gone through the charts.  I wanted to say “thanks so much” for reading.  I hope you really enjoy the posts and find the information you need that will help with all the recruitment questions you may have.

I’d also like to than all of you who have sent emails with words of encouragement and support.  Again “thank you”!  It’s nice to hear that you find the information valuable and entertaining…that’s my goal :).  I hope you continue to check back and will find more valuable information.  Please….share this with friends or anyone else who you think would benefit from its content.  You are welcome to email me at the contact email.  am more than happy to chat or help with any recruitment questions or concerns you might be having. I actually spent over an hour on the phone last night with a young woman and have three more phone conversations scheduled for today…just email me…we will set up a time.

So now onto what I have begun to call “THE DAILY RANT”.  So sorry to rant like this.  I am hoping it doesn’t offend any of you and those who need to hear this are reading.

So here’s the deal….as I said last week, a young woman decided it was her privilege to share all of my personal information with the world via Facebook.  She offered up that I would write sorority recommendations for ANYONE.  My personal email inbox was immediately flooded with girls wanting a rec.  I sorted through it over the weekend while on vacation (yep…the boy is now an official graduate…woo hoo!!), emailed most of the young women back and have a select few that I will be phone interviewing this week in order to perhaps (yes…perhaps…it’s not a done deal), write them a recommendation.

I get up this morning, open up my email and am shocked to find that there are more!!!! Seriously????  I am going to have to sit down and go through these as well, sorting, replying and deciding who I can and cannot recommend.  I am afraid that I will offend some of these young women (although the wording of some of their emails is flippant and well…snotty) but many them have come off as if they feel “entitled” to a rec.  I know it’s via the “air waves” but the tone set in the wording of the emails is one of “ big deal for you….can you just sit down and endorse me for your sorority?”

Well it IS a big deal and the truth be told I just can’t endorse an entire pledge class of girls.  That’s not the way it works!!!!  I always struggle with this.  I know how important these recs are to girls but it’s the “tone” of the emails that really has me unhappy.  These young ladies act like they are entitled to a rec.  No questions, no work, just write a rec and send it in.

So my RANT is this:  Just because you are going through recruitment at a competitive school that “highly suggests” you have recs for each house DOES NOT  mean that you are “entitled” to one.  A rec is a privilege. It is something you have earned.  Does that mean that yo have to have a killer resume with tons of activities, awards, philanthropy hours and a high stat GPA?  Nope, but what it does mean is that you are sincere in wanting to become part of a sisterhood that you will be associated with for the rest of your life.  A sorority is not a “get into a fraternity party free” card nor is it the road to being “popular” in college. If you are seeking membership for either of these reasons you need to reconsider your decision.

Being part of a sorority means being part of a sisterhood.

Definition of SISTERHOOD


a : the state of being a sister b : sisterly relationship


: a community or society of sisters; especially : a society of women in a religious order


: the solidarity of women based on shared conditions, experiences, or concerns

National Panhellenic defines being part of a sorority by…. The Panhellenic Creed:

We, as undergraduate members of women’s fraternities, stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of fine standards, and for serving, to the best of our ability, our college community. Cooperation for furthering fraternity life, in harmony with its best possibilities, is the ideal that shall guide our fraternity activities. We, as fraternity women, stand for service through the development of character inspired by the close contact and deep friendship of individual fraternity and Panhellenic life. The opportunity for wide and wise human service, through mutual respect and helpfulness, is the tenet by which we strive to live.

Basically…you are joining a sisterhood to serve your college, your sisters, the community around you and the world. You are not serving the great porcelain basin god (you know what I mean…parties????)…you are not serving yourself.

So..if you are willing to uphold the “values” of being part of a sisterhood as defined by The Panhellenic Creed then I would be very happy to write you a recommendation. Enough said.


I am always learning new things and this weekend was no exception.  As I have alluded to before “Sorority Girl” is going to be going through some growing changes soon….look for us on Facebook, Twitter and a new webpage is in the works as well as possibly an ebook :)..all VERY  exciting!

You who personally know me understand that I am a total computer nerd.  James at WordPress and I became personal friends during the inception of this blog…no kidding!!  So when a good friend called and inquired about “online submissions of recommendations” well….I told her I didn’t know.  When I don’t know something I call, write, and email until I find the answer and I am pleased to announce I now “KNOW” the answer.

Many chapters both National and Collegiate are going to online submission of recommendations. It’s easier, less mail in the old mail box and less of a chance that a recruitment chair can lose information. In addition since many of the recruitment chairs do not live on the campus where the mail arrives it allows the recs to just go to her in box and she can work on them, compiling all of the recs the entire summer which in turn makes her more organized for Work Week.


Yes…alums can and do now submit their recommendations on-line. still need to send them either by email or hard copy by mail, your resume, two pics (one head shot and one full body) and a transcript This is commonly called a “rec packet”).  If you send it by email they will then attach it to their rec or if you send it hard copy then they will have to find a way to scan it in and then attach it.  I have always like sending in, by mail, the actual rec and pics but I really DO understand that the online version makes much more sense.  Bottom line boils down to what  “THE ALUM” who is writing your rec wants to do.  After all SHE is doing YOU a HUGE favor by taking the time to endorse you for membership.  Does all that make sense?

Finally I wanted to let you know that if you have questions, concerns, or need help you are more than welcome to email me using the “Contact Us” email.  As others will attest I answer every email and am more than happy to help on any way that I can.

Tomorrow I am debuting a new weekly post highlighting recruitment at a different college campus around the United States.  Up first…..The University of Alabama!!!!  Roll Tide!!!!