As promised this is the first of many installments about recruitment at various college campuses across the United States.  It makes sense that our first stop would be (drum roll please……) THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA!!!!!!!!  A big “Roll Tide” to that!

The University of Alabama is situated in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  With over 30,000 students on campus approximately 30% of the campus is Greek. Greek life is vibrant and active on campus.

According to Wikipedia in 2010, 29% of male undergraduates were in university-sanctioned fraternities, including 32% of male freshman. 38% of women undergraduates, including 43% of female freshman were in university-sanctioned sororities. There are 27 Inter Fraternity Council (IFC) fraternities on campus and 18 National Panhellenic (NPC) sororities. In addition there are 9 (NPHC) International Greek Letter fraternities and sororities. In 2009 a United Greek Council (UGC) was formed and has 2 multicultural sororities and 1 multicultural fraternity.

Annually, Alabama has one of the largest and most competitive recruitments across the United States.  It is also one of the first recruitments of the fall season.  The recruitment dates and registration information are:


Aug. 11, 2012


Sunday & Monday, Aug. 12 & 13, 2012


Tuesday and Wednesday, Aug. 14 & 15


Thursday, Aug. 16


Friday, Aug. 17


Saturday, Aug. 18

Full info from UA Panhellenic here:

Register for University of Alabama recruitment

Online registration is taking place now through Aug. 10.

Onsite registration only on Aug. 11.

Sixteen NPC sororities participate in formal recruitment. Two NPC sororities do not participate.

Roll Tide!

Last year over 1700 young women signed up to visit 15* houses in 6 days.  It was a record number of girls but then that’s nothing new for Alabama, they have been setting the record of girls participating in recruitment for years.

*Delta Gamma was colonizing and so they dropped out after Ice Water Tea day and completed their process a few weeks later.

This year will be no exception.  If the numbers hold it looks like close to 2200 young women will converge on the Alabama campus on August 11th to participate in this years recruitment process.

The University of Alabama’ Panhellenic has an excellent website, that gives all the information girls need when starting on the recruitment journey.

There are two valuable buttons at the top of the page.

1) The first is “CHAPTER PROFILES”.  If you click on this button it will take you to a page that lists all 18 National Panhellenic Sororities on Campus.  Clicking on each sorority’s name will take you to a page where you will find information specific to that sorority including a link to their website, mailing address for recommendations.  For example I clicked on Alpha Phi (imagine that 🙂 ).  I was then directed to a page where there was a picture of their house, their mailing address:thumb_Alpha-Phi


Attn: Bridget Bailey and Shelby McNutt

P.O. Box 11045

Tuscaloosa, AL 35486

complete with the names of their recruitment chairs (this is where you send your recommendations and to whom they are sent in care of) , a link to their website:

Note: contact information, (if after exhausting every single contact and venue you cannot find a recommendation) for recommendation help

There is a similar page for each sorority.  Of the 18 sororities listed only 16 will actually participate in Formal Recruitment (August 11 – 18th).  Both Alpha Delta Chi and Sigma Delta Tau will hold their recruitment events at a later date.

2) The second button that is important in the one marked “RECRUITMENT”. Clicking on this button will drop down a list of topics and discussions about the recruitment process at Alabama.  Here you will be able to register for recruitment as well as read about the schedule, rules, helpful hints and what to expect.

After registering for recruitment (hint:  Have your resumes and pics ready when you do this. Once you start you cannot save and go back later.  This process is almost like writing a sorority resume, many of the questions can be answered off of yours.  If you do not have a sorority resume search this blog for the “how to” of writing one.) Panhellenic will then pass your information onto the sororities.  There is charge for going through recruitment and the costs are listed on the page labeled 2012 Formal Recruitment Registration.  Make sure to scroll down and read everything.  There are links to pages that discuss recommendations, a link to the Alabama Panhellenic website as well as contact information should have questions or concerns…..all very valuable a definitely worth reading.

In late June the much anticipated recruitment manual called “GREEK CHIC” will arrive at your house. This magazine put together by Alabama Panhellenic is filled with pages upon pages of information, pictures and advice about participating in recruitment at Alabama.  It is a wonderful publication!!!  Here is a link for last years 2011 Alabama recruitment manual. Happy reading….guaranteed you will come back to this over and over again.

Finally I would suggest you follow UA Panhellenic on Facebook and Twitter.  they tend to put information here regularly.

Sorority Girl 101 has a Pinterest page that has boards related to recruitment at The University of Alabama.  Go check it out!!!  New pins arriving daily.  There are boards that show pictures of what to wear for each day of parties.  In addition there are great ideas for Bid Day Baskets, jewelry and Game Day dresses.

So there you go…Recruitment at THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA. ROLL TIDE!!!!!!