The question came up yesterday…”Which is better an Old Row sorority or a New Row sorority?”

The answer is : “You can’t limit yourself to such pettiness”.

If you get caught up in the “social reputation” of a particular sorority then you are in this for the wrong reason and inevitably will be disappointed in your sorority experience. When referring to Old Row and New Row houses we are generally talking about SEC schools and in particular schools like Alabama, Ole Miss, University of South Carolina just to name a few.

The term “Old Row” delineates sorority and fraternity houses that pay extra $$$ to have that label.   The label “Old Row” carries with it a certain amount of prestige.  This prestige is generated by a false sense that “Old Row” girls are prettier, more popular, more likely to win Homecoming Queen…you get the idea.

So back to the question at hand…”Old Row or “New Row”?

If you are worried about this than most likely you are going through recruitment at a school that has a VERY competitive rush.  Letters of recommendation are a must.  In addition those sororities that are termed “Old Row” most likely have enough young women who are legacies to fill at least one and maybe two pledge classes. These houses are old, staid, traditionally “southern roots” sororities.  And…I am here to tell you that as of today, May 16th…with recruitment a little less than 3 months away, most legacy heavy houses have about 1/3rd of the pledges that they want already chosen!  Seriously!!!

I remember calling the national offices of one such “Old Row” sorority to ask a question about my daughter’s legacy status.  My husbands mother is a member of this particular house and since there was a chapter at Alabama I wanted to understand whether they considered my daughter a legacy.  After what I would term “a talking to” the woman informed me that “no” my daughter was not considered a legacy (granddaughters are not legacies) and she then went on a diatribe about how they have enough legacies to fill multiple pledge classes and yep, they most likely have already picked the girls who will make up the pledge class for that year. Oh by the way this was March!!!!

What I am trying to tell you is to not get caught up in the “label” but to focus on the girls who are going to be your sisters.  Remember the mantra, “Maximize your options!”  Keep an open mind and be open to what each house has to offer.  Don’t listen to the “tent talk” and the reputation labeling.  If you limit yourself to the houses that are just “Old Row” then you most likely will be disappointed.  You will be setting yourself up for potentially not getting a bid at all.  Remember that girls with “Old Row” ties have been visiting and making connections with these sororities for quite a while.  These girls have connections through summer camp, legacies, high school, hometown friends.  They have a “foot in the door” so to speak.

So don’t limit yourself to labels.  In fact I would your best to not even concern yourself with them.  Don’t limit yourself to just a few houses but be open to every house on campus.  You are looking to find a “home” not a “house”.  I have told my children that a   “house” is just bricks and sticks but what makes it a “home” is the loving family inside.

Todays’ quote says it all..

.”What we love determines what we seek.”  Seek you those who are like you…girls you can create a sisterly, loving bond with.

“What we seek determines what we think and do.” Once you are a member in a sorority that compliments you then you will become one with those sisters. and the ideals and values of your sorority.

“What we think and do determines what we become”.  The ideals and values of your sorority will become part of your daily life. Putting them to practice will enable you to do great things!

So…seek out those you have a genuine bond with.  It’s like trying on might want the Louboutins but if the fit isn’t right or if you limit yourself to just Louboutins then you may end up disappointed!