I wanted to update you a little on what’s happening here are Sorority Girl 101.  First of all as of Monday, May 14..we are now officially our own website…..sororitygirl101.com!!!!! No longer just a blog this little adventure is growing by leaps and bounds.

Secondly we now have our own email address, sororitygirl101@aol.com.  that means now you can write us and we can answer :).  So email us questions, things you would like to see me write about or just give us a “shout out” and tell us what you loved about the page recently!

We now have a twitter account so you can follow our tweets.  So go on twitter and follow sorority girl 101.

Don’t forget us on Pinterest.  I have to apologize here.  I haven’t pinned a lot lately.  Getting this up and running and a few other projects have been monopolizing my time.  Look for many new pins coming soon.

Finally we have a Facebook page but it is not officially “open to the public yet”.  It still need a little work .  I will post when it opens.

But the most exciting news is the ebook.  I am in the process of compiling all your favorite posts and blogs as well as TONS of new information into an ebook that should be available soon!!!  We will announce it here as soon as it is finished and ready to go.  It will have templates for sorority resumes and a recommendation packet mock up so you can see exactly how to put one together.  In addition it will be discussing submitting online recs and resumes, how to do it effectively to give yourself a little edge in the recruitment game.  I am so excited for this!!!

As they say…”Now onto to today’s feature presentation”.

Have you read our daily quotes?  You should.  Each day I post a little something to make you think and maybe inspire your day. When my kids lived at home I would do this on the mirror in their bathroom, especially for our youngest two who were athletes…gave them something to think about as they prepared for their sport and their day.   Today’s quote is “These letters don’t make me better than you, they make me better than I used to be.”

I chose this for a reason, well actually several.

It seems that lately I have been asked a lot about “top tier” houses.  There currently seems to be an obsession amongst some PNM’s.  They seem  to be worried about what sorority letters they choose.  They want to know what houses are the “top” houses on campus and will their resumes, GPA’s and recommendations be enough to get them a bid.

Ladies, ladies, ladies…..you have been pulled over to the dark side by the ugly tent talk monster!!!  Remember that post?  We’ve talked about this before.  Listen…..RECRUITMENT IS A MUTUAL SELECTION PROCESS.  The key word there is MUTUAL!!!!!  So while you are obsessed with choosing the “best” (in this case I am referring to the most socially popular house on campus) sorority or at least one of the best houses ( as perceived by who???) on campus you need to remember they also get to choose!

I know, I know, you tell me that you are just wanting information, that you will going with an open mind..this is just really so you “know” which houses are at the top. Ummmm..no!

So lets disspell any rumors.  Yes…on every campus there are tiers of houses.  I would tell you though there are different tiers for different subjects when it comes to sororities.  For example there might be a tier for houses with high stats girls who have amazing GPA’s. There are tiers for houses that are fun to hang out with.  There are tiers for houses that are just considered to be socially the “it” house on campus.

I know we all want to be “part of” the best.  For some of us this quest is more important than it is for others.  That’s okay,  but I worry that you are setting yourself up for disappoint by limiting your choices.  We tell girls over and over again to go through recruitment with an open mind.  Remember those words “maximize your options” ?  If you go through recruitment limiting yourself to just “certain” houses because they are the most popular ones, you have the potential to find yourself with a bid to a house that you actually don’t “fit” in or worst case scenario find yourself with no bid at all.

My very first blog post was how going through recruitment is like trying on shoes…you have to find the right fit.  The right fit might not be the “shoe” or in this case the “sorority” you are wanting.  Trying to fit onto something that is not “YOU” doesn’t work.  You might be able to “fake” yourself in, but remember this is a sisterhood for a lifetime,  you will be spending 4 years with these girls and in some situations, sisters for a lifetime.

If you find the right fit your sisters will inspire you.  Your letters will make you better than before you pledged.  That’s the point isn’t it???

So when looking for a perfect sorority fit don’t look for letters that make you better than everyone else look for letters that make you better than you were :).