Okay so y’all are going to think I am crazy when I make this confession…..(big breath) most people have alarm clocks that wake them up in the morning.  They might have an alarm on their blackberry or iphone that reminds them that they have an appointment or a meeting.  I…have an alarm…to remind me when each recruitment registration around the United States starts.  There, I’ve said it…whew!!!!!

So don’t judge me, it’s just that every time one begins I get so excited, (yes..a a teeny weeny bit nervous) for all of the girls who are taking their first step towards an amazing opportunity of joining a life long sisterhood.

So today I would like to spotlight recruitment at The University of Mississippi also know as Ole Miss.

Ole Miss Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment 2012

Registration for Sorority Rush – Panhellenic Recruitment Registration Opened on 5/14/12 at 12:00am. There is no minimum grade to participate but potential new members should know that virtually all of the Chapters on campus require a 3.0 GPA (as a minimum, if not more) to carry the PNM through to Preference Party. This is a competitive recruitment campus and Letters of Reference and Recommendations should be considered to be necessary.

Recruitment Dates: Sunday, September 16 – Sunday, September 23, 2012.

Open House (Ice Water Parties) will be on August 26th.

Convocation will be on Sunday, September 16th. Rounds will begin on Wednesday, September 19th.

– Philanthropy Rounds on September 19th and 20th.

– Skit Parties on September 21st.

– Preference Parties on the 22nd.

Bid Day will be on Sunday, September 23.

Panhellenic Council http://dos.orgsync.com/org/umgreeks/npc

**** Online Registration Info: https://secureapp.icsrecruiter.com/I…spx?UID=OLMISS

Greek Life http://dos.orgsync.com/greek

Campus Chapters: web sites

Alpha Omicron Pi :

– – – – – http://www.olemiss.edu/orgs/alphaomicronpi/index.html

Chi Omega :

– – – – – http://chaptersites.chiomega.com/default.aspx?site=9

Delta Delta Delta :

– – – – –

Delta Gamma :

– – – – – http://www.olemissdg.com/recruitment.html

Kappa Alpha Theta :

– – – – – http://www.kappaalphatheta.org/chapt…zeta/page/home

Kappa Delta :

– – – – – http://www.olemisskd.com

Kappa Kappa Gamma :

– – – – – http://www.olemisskappakappagamma.com/

Phi Mu :

– – – – – http://olemiss.phimu.org/index.php?page_name=start

Pi Beta Phi :

– – – – – http://chapters.pibetaphi.org/pibetaphi/olemiss/
Ole Miss Panhellenic what to expect: http://dos.orgsync.com/org/umpanhel/whatexpect

Can’t repeat my self too much…..Ole Miss is one of THOSE schools where you will need recommendations for every house and letters of support.

FYI: Ole Miss Panhellenic has a Pintrest Account. They have boards with suggestions of what to wear for each round and Boards for each chapter on campus. Follow Ole Miss Panhellenic on Pinterest

And a Facebook page…
Ole Miss Panhellenic Facebook page, what to wear

And so you know, once a PNM is registered for recruitment they will receive a copy of the Angelia which is all about recruitment at Ole Miss. I believe they actually get it once they arrive on campus in August. It will list things like what to wear, chapter information, schedule, costs, etc, etc…


        An anonymous Ole Miss Sorority Girl created this cute video about recruitment. Seems to hit the high points of what a PNM needs to know. http://youtu.be/hdTahnO69E4
__________________Get on…Register…Go Greek!!!!!