When I was pregnant with our oldest (now 33) someone gave me a book called “What to Expect When You’re Expecting”.  It had chapters for each month of the pregnancy and discussed how I might be feeling and experiencing.

I was thinking this morning..someone should write a book like this for recruitment!  Of course with over 655 college campuses can you imagine how many young women would take advantage of something like this!  I remember when our second daughter went through recruitment it was stressful but not competitive in nature at all.  Almost every girl who went through got a bid, usually to their first choice.  When the baby went through at one of the most competitive recruitment campuses in the United States we had no idea what to expect.  We heard rumors, had well wishers give us advice, sought out advice from national organizations who were “in the know” but the bottom line was we really had no idea what to expect.

Looking back on the experience and hind sight being 20/20 I am now able to write more objectively about the process.

So here’s a mini…What to expect while going through recruitment :).

  • Stress….it starts with having to find recommendations for each house on campus and ends with the agonizing moments of sitting on your bid card while waiting to open it and find where your new sorority home will be.
  • Euphoria..it first arrives in the form of a card in the mail from a sorority inviting you to a pre-recruitment event and will end on the lawn of your sorority home as your bid day buddy helps you get the jersey over your head that has “your” letters proudly  stitched on it.
  • Support…you will be AMAZED how many people will offer their help and assistance.  From writing recommendations to helping you find the last one you need…people will be there to support your throughout the process.
  • Tears…there will tears of frustration….can’t find that last elusive rec, tears of exhaustion walking in 100 degree heat from house to house while trying to smile, be up beat and outgoing, , tears of sadness when you look at your party list and realize that “the house” didn’t invite you back,  and tears of joy as you are surrounded by your new sisters on Bid Day.
  • New Friends….the opportunity to make new friends will be around every corner.  Embrace it! It might be the girl at Preview who is out of state and reaches out to you, the sorority member who Facebook chats you, the woman at J Crew who offers to write you a recommendation.
  • Compassion….you will not be going through this experience alone but with many other young women who are experiencing the same thing you are.
  • Frustration…yes..there will be those days and parties when things just don’t seem to be going right no matter what you do!
  • Joy…..to realize that despite all of the emotional roller coaster rides the fact is that you did find your letters just like everyone said you would.
  •  Flexibility…Just when you think you have it all figured out a curve ball will come your way.  It could be when you realize that a rec didn’t get mailed or the fact that you bonded with a house that wasn’t even on your radar.

Since each of you will have different experiences I can’t predict all of what you will experience but I do know that this will be one of the most emotionally charged and exciting experiences of your life.  As you walk down the recruitment path keep the prize always in your sights there is a means to the end and oh what an end it will be.  I am confident that each of you will find your letters and a “will live happily every after”