Lots of questions lately about lots of topics.  I thought I”d take a moment today and answer a few.  Hopefully I answer yours :).  If I don’t answer the question you have email me and I will try to post your questions and answers in the next week.  Happy reading 🙂

What should I wear to recruitment at Ole Miss?

The Ole Miss Panhellenic has a website and on it is a page addressing just this.  you can access the page through this link : http://dos.orgsync.com/org/umpanhel/whatexpect.  Basically it shows shorts or jeans for Round 1..Panhellenic will provide you with the t-shirt.  Round 2 is a very cute..no too casual summer sundress.  Sorority girl 101 has Pinterest boards for Alabama’s recruitment clothing. You might want to check them out…look at Ice Water Tea, Day 1&2 or Skit Day, Day 5 for some ideas :).  Round 3 at Ole Miss is Preference.  A cocktail dress is great for this day, no sequins or beads.  I have also heard that wearing black or white can be awkward since many of the sororities wear one of these colors.  My daughter wore a beautiful cream dress…just a thought.


Do you need letters of support for Ole Miss sororities?

YES!!!!!  You will need a recommendation for each sorority on the Ole Miss campus.  In addition a Letter of support should be attached.


How many girls don’t get bids?

This is a tough question because it changes from campus to campus and year to year.  It also depends upon how many girls go through recruitment.  Most major Panhellenics use a system called RFM which stand for Release Figures Management.  It is a way of managing formal recruitment and optimizing the maximum amount of girls receiving the maximum amount of bids.  Need more info?  I am going to discuss this in length tomorrow :).


Are “Letters of Support” and “Letters of Introduction” the same thing?

Yes.  What both of these refer to is a letter, written by an alum that “introduces” and “supports” a PNM to her sorority.  These letters are not to be confused with recommendations and ARE NOT the same thing nor do they TAKE THE PLACE of a rec.  These are more informal and personal.


Can a current sorority member who is at a different campus write me a recommendation?

I would not suggest this.  It is best to get recommendations from an alum that is in good standing with her sorority.


Should “letters of support” be hand written or typed?

This is up to the writer.  It used to be that these letters were hand written because they were so personal in nature.  Today many women type their letters.


Will an alum not write me a recommendation if my resume is printed on plain old copy paper?

I advise PNM’s to use quality resume paper to print their resumes on.  I think it looks more professional and also indicates that you want to present the best “you”.  I do understand that this can be a financial consideration.  I have never known an alum not to write a rec because of the paper it is printed on but I have known them to not write a rec because the resume was incomplete and not well done.


What sorority campus was Luke Bryan’s song “Sorority Girl” written about?

The song was written about Luke Bryan’s wife who was an ADPi at Georgia Southern.


Am I required to buy new clothes once I join a sorority?

No, but you will need to buy some clothing and accessory items for “recruitment clothes” once you are a sorority member.  Let me explain.  For each day of recruitment a sorority will have a theme.  Often times the girls will all wear coordinated outfits.  If you do not have the clothing or accessory items that the recruitment chair wants each girl to have then you will need to purchase or borrow them.  Example: my daughter needed to wear J Crew 3 inch sand colored shorts last year.  We didn’t have those so they had to be purchased.


Do all sororities cost the same amount?

No, sorority costs vary from campus to campus and more specifically from sorority to sorority.  Most Panhellenics will give you an estimated cost of joining a sorority but be aware the cost does vary.


If I email an alum asking for a rec will they automatically say yes?

No.  Some alums take rec writing VERY seriously.  In some cases they will only write a rec for a hometown girl or someone they know either personally or through an acquaintance.  Don’t be discouraged and give up.  Keep emailing alums and if you still are having trouble then contact the sorority’s national offices.


So a few questions and answers to think about.  Tomorrow I will talk about the mysterious RFM and how it works.