So recently I have received LOTS of emails asking LOTS of questions.  Most of then deal with going through recruitment, chances of getting a bid, securing recommendations and just general anxiety over the process.

SO…I thought today I would address the most prevalent ones and hopefully alleviate some anxiety in the process.

1. If you want to go through recruitment DO.  You will never know unless you try.  Obviously if you have a huge issue that will cause you to be released by every house (the main one is a low GPA) then you probably need to reevaluate the process but if you want to try you should.  The MOST IMPORTANT thing is….make sure you are as prepared as possible!!!

If you need recommendations for each house then GET THEM.  If you need letters of support..again..get them.  Make sure your resume is top notch.  Even if you don’t have lots of extra-curriculars there are ways to make even the simplest of resumes look spectacular.  Practice your conversation skills.

MOST IMPORTANTLY…..go into the process with an open mind.  BE OPEN to each and every house on campus.  Maximize your options. If you do all of the above hopefully the outcome will be what you desire….but you will never know unless you try.

2. RESUMES……make sure your resume has ALL of the information on it an alumn needs to fill out her rec form.  Nothing is more frustrating than trying to do a rec for a girl and finding that you don’t have the info you need.  It then becomes a game of email or phone tag….take it form someone who has filed out hundreds of recs…..this can be VERY frustrating!!!!!

3. RECOMMENDATIONS……if you need them then you need them.  WARNING!!!!!! If you do not come from a Greek orientated upbringing this is A LOT OF WORK.  Just accept it and get going.  It’s part of the process.  Just sitting back and sending emails to friends expecting them to share the contacts to cover your rec without doing any of the leg work isn’t ok.  It’s lazy and if I were an alum I most likely would say “no” (and I have).  I know it sounds mean but you have to want this.  Investing in the process makes the prize at the end all the sweeter.

SO… ASK EVERYONE you know and come in contact with. And when you are done you ask friends and friends of friends. Enlist your family’s help.  Have parents and grandparents ask co-workers, club members, neighbors.  You would be amazed at how many women have sorority affiliations.

IF and only IF you have exhausted every possible avenue then you google the contact information for your local alumnae Panhellenic chapter in your town or city. You send them a very polite email informing them that you are going to participate in recruitment at college ABC and you need recommendations for sororities X, Y, Z, (list the sororities) and you were wondering if they had women who were willing to write recommendations.  Local Panhellenics will have 1 member (sometimes more) from each sorority that has an alumnae chapter in that city.  MOST will be more than happy to help you get in touch with the women representing the sorority you need a recommendation for.

Be prepared to also google the local alumnae chapters for each individual sorority you are needing recs for as well.  When you do you will most likely find a website.  Go to their website and look for some sort of contact email.  AGAIN..send a VERY polite email explaining your situation and inquiring if they have a member who would be willing to write you a recommendation.

4. BE WILLING TO GO THE EXTRA MILE.  After you have emailed these women be willing to meet with them, talk with them, Skype with them…do what ever it takes to make them feel like they know YOU well enough to write you a rec. REMEMBER these women are potentially recommending that their sisterhood offer you a membership…..FOR A LIFETIME!!!  Ladies it’s a really big deal and to some women IT”S A REALLY BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!

You will encounter a few women who take this REALLY seriously!!!!!! You need to be prepared some might say “no”.  You just be polite and keep looking.

Make sure if you are meeting with these women that you are well mannered and groomed.  Hair, make up, clothes…you are making an impression on these women.  BE YOUR VERY BEST!!!!

5.  DO NOT EVER, EVER, EVER turn around and share any of a recommendation writers personal information on ANY type of social media or public site…NEVER!!!!!  For some reason this year especially, girls seem to think it’s ok to just ask for emails of rec writers from anyone and everyone.  Sorry ladies but doing the leg work and going through the stress is just part of the process and it makes that prize of a BID all the sweeter!!! If you choose to do this chances are that the woman who wrote your rec may rescind it (call the chapter it was sent to and tell them that she does not endorse you for membership).

6.  On a recommendation there is a box to mark if you “ENDORSE” this young woman for membership.  Just because someone says they will write you a recommendation it doesn’t mean they have to endorse you.  I don’t want to scare RARELY happens but it can. ESPECIALLY if you are rude, your resume is not complete, the “impression” you give is not a good one…again it rarely happens but i can. MAKE are at the top of your game at all times when dealing with someone who is writing your recommendation. I have only done this once…and it was actually this year. I had a young woman who after multiple emails and phone calls over a long period of time still did not send me the correct rec paper work.  When filling out her rec and thinking about her attitude I felt that she wasn’t invested in the process and even more felt she was of the “opinion”..she was “entitled” to this rec.  If she portrayed that now, what type of a sister would she be.  I sent the rec with a note attached stating my feelings and explaining that I had told the young woman I would write the rec (and it did, I am a woman of my word) but that I did not feel that she would make a good sister and could not endorse her for membership.  As I said…it doesn’t happen often but it does happen.

7. GPA…if yours is above a 3.0 then you are good.  There are several sororities that have a required average that is above a 3.0 (ADPI has a 3.2) but if you have a 3.0 you are most likely safe.  Is a high GPA a shoe in for a bid…nope.  Lots goes into considering a girl for membership GPA is just one part.

What if your GPA is lower than a 3.0.  On some campuses that won’t be a HUGE problem but on competitive recruitment campuses this will be a problem.  Will it cause you not to receive a can.

So what can you do?  Well, if there is a specific reason..illness, family issues, ect then you can ask the women who are writing your rec to attach a personal letter of support explaining the situation.  You can HOPE that someone reads it.  Some sororities might take this into consideration and others will not. It just depends upon that particular sorority on that particular campus. DO NOT have anyone call the sorority to plead your case.  The only scenario would be if you had a very strong connection to someone at the National organization of that sorority and even then I would not do it.

IF you GPA is because you had a lot of fun and you didn’t work in high school…well then the process is over for you and I am sorry.  GPA’s show sororities that you are dedicated, a hard worker and this transcends how will participate and be involved in the sorority.

8.  If you NEED HELP..ask for it.  There are lots of sorority alums across the US that are willing to help young women go through this process.  Seek them out, ask questions, accept their expertise and knowledge.

REMEMBER..being in a sorority isn’t just about parties and swaps.  Its working together as a sisterhood to make a difference in others lives, you own personal life and the lives of those you meet.

Here’s a definition I really like:

A sorority is defined as a women’s student organization that is

formed chiefly for service and/or social purposes. However, it offers much more than just membership. A sorority provides academic enhancement, friendship, development of leadership skills and the opportunity to serve the community. As a national organization, a sorority generates personal and professional growth through networking and participating in other activities well beyond your college years.

Oh one more thing…if you haven’t checked out the sorority girl 101 Pinterest page you should!!!!  We have been SUPER busy pinning alls orts of GREAT sorority things..go check us out and then let us know what you think!!!!