While doing some research I came across this on the University of Montevallo Panhellenic page.  It is so wonderful I wanted to share it with all of you! Enjoy!!!


A sorority is….

A sorority is not simply about a flower, national conventions, worn-out songs, by-laws, membership standards, or a golden pin.

And it’s not entirely an institution, a creed, a legacy, an obligation, or a way of life.

A sorority is not only borrowing a skirt from Laura and a blouse from Alison, shoes from Mary, a scarf from Leslie, and a coat from Jenny for that big date and passing it off as your own.

It’s sitting on the back steps and listening with all your heart because she’s helplessness, lost and lonely and it seems the whole world fell into ugly, little pieces around her.

And it’s coming in very late one night and closing the door to tell someone who has seen you through the hardest years of your life that you’re happy now, and you’re getting married.

And a sorority is, I suppose, a kind of learning experience.
You grow up inside these halls, and perhaps you do learn more of this grizzly, ungrateful circus we call life, than if you lived it somewhere else.

You learn that no matter where you come from or who took you
there, you’ve still got to find that one small acre that
belongs to you, by yourself.

You learn that the world is made up of people you are not going to like, and you live with them anyway.

You learn to wait, because change is slow and isn’t always right.

You learn that there is a lot to believe in and a whole lot more to
hope for.

And if you’re smart, or very lucky you learn that no matter how big or how messy the world becomes, what is precious and what is permanent is always the same.

And in the very end, a sorority can only be a better way to live…
and love.