Today is Memorial Day a day set aside to honor those who have fought and still do fight to protect our freedom.  It has been a role that has been shouldered by many…and so we say a prayer and give thanks to those men and women who take on this role so selflessly.

This day also officially marks the day of summer attire ie: you can now wear white dresses and white pants.  Well..actually you can wear a white dress after Easter in some social circles but I grew up in a home where Memorial Day and Labor day were the guidelines for “White”.

You all know I follow Greek Chat.  I check it out every day and the buzz has been about “white dresses” and rightfully so.  Many sororities use a white dress in their rituals and so NOW is a great time for PNM’s and their mothers to head out and buy one.  Trust me..YOU WILL NEED IT.  My suggestion is you buy one that is either cheap and does the job or if you want to spend a little more $$$$ then get one you will wear again next year when “White Dress Season” come around.

Why now you ask????  Because when initiation rolls around in the late fall or even the cold months of winter there won’t be a single white dress to be found.

I would also suggest that you start the search for a black dress as well.  Although easier to find, many sororities also use black dresses for ritual events.  A little black dress is a staple in a girls closet.

So on your list for the next few days should be shopping…..always a fun chore.  The list???  A white dress and a black dress.  Make sure that you buy WHITE, not ecru, eggshell, cream….no adornments or any kind.  If there is a pattern it has to be white.  I really suggest that if you can find plain go the simple route and get the plain.  Make sure it’s not too tight, short, or revealing.  Modest is good.

Same goes for the black dress.  Look for something classic.  Again not too short or form fitting..make sure you are able to move and sit comfortably in it.

Here are a few links to dresses borrowed from Greek Chat….happy shopping ladies!!!!

Here is a plus-size option with short sleeves:…5957/

This one from Loft:


Lilly: (my personal favorite !!!)…/pc/38/167.uts

White House Black Market:…&maxPg=1&size=

Madewell: (We just had this store open near us…my daughter LOVES it!!)…4711/44711.jsp


There are more out there…Huge thanks to the Greek Chat women for doing the leg work…you guys are great!