Many of you have finished your resumes (although I am still editing, correcting and revising many), sent your recommendation packets and anxiously awaiting the big day. No, I am not referring the beginning for recruitment but rather when you can actually get on your college or university’s panhellenic website and REGISTER for the recruitment process it’s self.

Many panhellenics have already put the registration link up but there are also quite a few that will go live starting in the next few weeks and trailing on into July. I had a young woman ask me yesterday about registering for recruitment.  She hadn’t gotten on to do it yet.  We were working with her resume and she asked the question, “What if the sorority doesn’t look at my resume? How will they know all of the things I”ve done and been involved in?”

I explained to her that when she fills out her registration for recruitment form it is almost like rewriting your resume on line. A copy of your recruitment registration will be given to each sorority participating in formal recruitment on campus.  It was at that moment that I thought perhaps I should post about it so when/if you got on to register you would be prepared.

The first thing you need to know is that once you log onto register you cannot timeout and go back and start where you left off.  It is a one time event.  It’s very important that you have in front of you EVERYTHING you are going to need to complete the registration process at one sitting.

So…what do you need??

First you need your student ID number.  Along with your name this will be the way panhellenic identifies you.  It’s probably a number you ought to write on a little card and stick in you wristlet as well as memorize, you’re going to need to know it A LOT in the next few months.

You will need your dorm name, room number and in some cases mailing address at the college or university you are attending.  Be prepared to give contact information such as cell phone, home phone and even your home mailing address.  Some panhellenics will mail out “look books” in the summer that is kind of all inclusive “What to do and expect for recruitment” handbook of sorts.  My daughter LOVED this book!!  It was a wonderful to have a schedule and see pictures of all of the sororities.

You need a copy of your completed, perfect, fabulous resume.  Why?  Because as you go through the 7 page registration process many of the questions you will be asked can be answered directly from you resume.  You will be asked, GPA, class rank, ACT/SAT scores, parents names, addresses (in some cases place of employment)….all things you should have on your recruitment resume.

You will need the two pictures that you used for your recommendation packets on a pdf ready to attach to the registration packet.  If I were you, way before you even think of registering I would have made an online pdf package of my recommendation package.  As I posted earlier some sororities now ask their alums to fill out and submit a PNM’s recommendation online.  It is much easier to be prepared and have this done early so you are not scrambling at the last minute to get it done and sent to the alum who needs it.

You may need a copy of your most recent high school transcript.  Some of you are just now graduating and so you will not have a “final” transcript, that’s okay, just have a pdf copy of the one used in your rec packet. will need to send a sealed final transcript to your college’s panhellenic when it come available as well as a copy of that final transcript to each sorority on campus.

You will need a credit card to pay for the cost of participating in recruitment. Many panhellenics do different time periods that coincide with registration, incrementally raising the price of registering for recruitment.  I noticed the other day that the cost for registering at Alabama just increased.

It’s my suggestion that you have a parent, a sister or brother or friend available to help if you have a question, need some advice and just generally for support.  Sometimes you just need that.  Two years ago when my youngest registered for recruitment she had lots of “advice” questions.  I sat on a chair by her desk as we went through the process together.  It’s my opinion that it helped having another person to bounce ideas off of.

Make sure you set aside a chunk of time to do this!  I would suggest at least an hour.  I know you’re thinking, “Really…an whole hour just to fill in a little form?” I am here to tell you that filling in the “little” ..oh by the way…in some cases  7 page or longer form, can be time consuming.  Remember as I told you earlier….once you start you can’t stop and save it, the form needs to be completed all in one sitting.

My final piece of advice is when you sit down to do this take a deep breath, calm yourself and BE PREPARED.  If you have everything in front of you and are ready for anything that might possibly be asked then the process should be relatively stress free and yes enjoyable.  It’s another stepping stone in the journey to find a life long sisterhood.

If you haven’t filled out your recruitment registration do it today.  If you aren’t able to yet because registration for your recruitment then the waiting game continues but there isn’t any reason why you can’t get everything you need together, in a folder, so you are ready when the big day arrives!!!

I think this quote by Eleanor Roosevelt sums up the process of sorority recruitment:

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt