Whew!!!  After the mega three part post on ranking houses and bids I thought you might want some good reads.  For the next few days I am going to post a couple of different recruitment stories.  I thought it might be fun to read other peoples perspective on the process.  I won’t be posting which campus these are from (if you are savvy you will be able to figure out a couple).  I wanted you to see recruitment from lots of different points of view and experiences.  The stories will be from girls who got their first choice to girls who did not get their first choice. A word of warning..since “others” wrote these they may not be a 100% fluid and in sync…I do hope you read and enjoy them.  Is it silly that every time I read them I get heart flutters and nervous for the PNM??  Oh my!!  The first story is from a “Mom’s” point of view..all you moms out there enjoy!!!

I thought I’d also let you know that this “sorority girl” is going on vacation!  I need to finish the stack of recs that are currently inhabiting the left corner of my desk but then I am off to the beach for a week of family time.  The weather looks great and I for one am really looking forward to the beach chair, sun, sand and a little down time :).  I am taking my computer but don’t expect the usual daily posts.  I will try and post here and there but the the regular routine won’t resume until the 25th.

So here is recruitment story number 1…I will post the background info the PNM shared along with the story…enjoy!!

My daughter will be going through recruitment soon and she wants me to post her story. She assigned the members of New Directions to represent the different chapters. **The number of chapters has been changed to protect her privacy** They are as follows:






Mr Schuester







We worked very hard get all the necessary letters of recommendation. She asked all her high school and middle school teachers. I asked everyone I knew. Between the two of us we asked about 100 people. Everyone was in 3 different chapters, Kurt,Puck or Mercedes. Ladies in chapters not at daughter’s SEC school put us in touch with other chapter’s alums and we were able to get the final three, Tina, Brittany and Mike from our local panhellenic. She has her outfits all picked out. She is excited for Rush to begin.

Daughter, whom I will call “Dora” has been safely deposited at her SEC-U. Her Pi Chi meeting is tomorrow. She knows several girls from her high school who are rushing as well as her roomie. Her roomie says she will not pledge, because she can’t afford the fees. When I arrived home today, I had received a letter from the ADPi chapter at her SEC-U. It was very thorough and explained all the possible scenarios of her pledging or being released. I am not sure why everyone gets upset when their daughter is cut. The information was very self-explanatory.

Dora had her Pi Chi meeting yesterday. She is the only girl from her dorm in her group. She doesn’t know any of the other girls, but her TTX “Winnie” seems very familiar to her. She asked her where she may know her from and Winnie said she didn’t know. Dora has instructed me to get out her yearbooks to see if they went to high school together. Winnie has a phone # similar to Dora’s, so she is definitely from our corner of the world. I will put on my Nancy Drew hat and get to work. The are having another meeting today, but Dora has another activity she is required to attend, so she will not be there. They are also having dinner together. Roomie has decided not to RUSH and frankly I am glad she did not waste her money on the registration fee if money is tight for her.

I forgot to mention that they are not allowed purses,cell phones or watchs. They are limited to a sandwich size zip-lock bag. Cruel and unusual punishment if you ask me. I told her the contents should be: breath mints, travel size deo, lip gloss, some of those coffee filters, a few sheets of her small notebook with the sorority names already written on them and maybe a few tylenol. She can’t take Advil or aspirin as she has an allergy. Winnie should have anything else she may need. I told her to get with some of the girls in her group to see if they could share mascara or any other make-up since space is limited.

I promised Dora that I would not give any specifics about her parties until recruitment was over. That being said I wanted to tell everyone about the CUTEST shirts they wore the first day. The shirts were Garnet and they had a charm bracelet design. Each charm represented a different chapter. A lyre for Alpha Chi, an owl for Chi-O,a lion for ADPi, a quatrefoil for Phi Mu, a dolphin for Tri- Delt, a turtle for DZ, a cresent moon for Gamma Phi, a key for Kappa, a crown for Zeta and what appears to be a leaf or a flower for KD. I would attach a picture, but my daughter’s nametag would be in it and I want her identity to remain secret. Also in the story Artie and Mr Schuester are phantom chapters, they only existed to throw everyone off her school. I have typed up her impressions for the first two rounds and will post them when recruitment ends. Today is the first day of classes, so no recruitment.

Going into rush she had no opinions about any of the chapters. She went in with an open mind. That being said she hoped to get a bid from a house that put an emphasis on academics. Dora went to college for an education and not to party.

First Impressions

KURT- Dora loved Kurt. She was introduced to the President. She felt the conversations went really well here. She really wants to be invited back to Kurt.

BRITTANY- The conversations were awkward here. The Brittany girls found out she was in a certain campus activity and tried to tell her exactly what she should do with this activity and she was turned off by this. She felt they were trying too hard to Rush her.

MIKE- She loved Mike, they paired her with a girl who had her same major and identical summer job. They had a lot in common and the conversation flowed.

MERCEDES-She was already in love with Mercedes prior to Rush. She had seen the inside of their house during Scholar’s weekend and they mentioned how they got together every week to watch Glee. They had her at Hello!

QUINN- She loved Quinn. She said she felt a sensation that she really belonged here.

SANTANA- This was her first house of the day and it was very awkward. The girl kept talking about all their social activities. She kept asking Dora if she had questions. Dora asked about their campus GPA and the girl said they had one of the highest GPA’s( Dora later found out this was not true, they infact had one of the lowest)

RACHEL- Dora really like Rachel. She was double rushed here, but she was able to meet several girls who she had things in common with.

PUCK- She said Puck was just average. She did not have an opinion one way or the other.

FINN-She was also lukewarm about them. She would welcome an invite to get to know them better.

TINA- She did not feel a connection to Tina.


Dora had 6 invites: Rachel,Tina, Kurt, Mike, Brittany and Santana.

She was very happy to have 6, many of the girls in her TTX group had only 4 or 5. She did not know anyone with 8. I was sad to see Mercedes and Quinn not on her list because she had liked them so much. She said that she was going to concentrate on the chapters that wanted her and not lose sleep on the ones that didn’t. I told her to look and Tina, Brittany and Santana with a fresh set of eyes.

TINA- She started her day here and she really enjoyed herself. They spent the whole time talking about football. (That’s the SEC for you) Tina moved from the bottom to one of her new favorites.

RACHEL- She really liked them again today. She hopes to go back for round 3.

KURT- She spoke with the President again and was introduced to several people on the rush committee. They asked her if she really liked Kurt. She said she did.(no other house asked her this)

MIKE- Mike is still a favorite. She said conversations at all the houses were better today.

BRITTANY- Conversations were again awkward and they were trying too hard. She was really trying to find common ground with these girls, but it was not there.

SANTANA- She really enjoyed their skit. The girls were all very talented. She said at all the houses the President introduced the skits, but at Santana the President was in the skit.

Her opinions from favorite to least favorite:







They could go back to 8 on the second day, so she ranked Brittany and Tina at the bottom.

Skipping ahead to Prefs, because let’s face it that is all anyone really cares about. They were to be notified by 10am on Saturday if they had no invites to Pref. I was a nervous wreck, but was trying to stay busy. At 9:50 am , I get a text…. my heart is racing, it says

“how do I wash my _________dress”( the dress she had worn to round 3). My heart starts beating again. Her top two choices for the day were Kurt and Rachel. I am pulling for Kurt, but have put on a pink/brown outfit to support Rachel if that is where she ends up.

After her visits, she texts me Kurt is the one and nothing the Rachel’s could have said would have changed her mind. I had a very emotional moment, teared up and texted back “welcome to the sisterhood”. You see Kurt is her legacy chapter and she was guaranteed a bid if she was invited to Pref. So going into bid day she already knew where she would end up. She enjoyed her bid day. They went to the Zoo.

My daugher is now my sister. Kurt is Alpha Delta Pi. Our neighbor went KD and no word on where the other hometown girls ended up. Lots of Azure Blue/White items on their way along with a few Alphies. Congrats to all the new members!

Just wanted to update, Dora was initiated this weekend with my pin. I was not able to attend the ceremony. I made arrangements with the Pledge Educator(old terminology) for Dora to have my pin and when I got it out to give to the PE, I noticed that the enamel on the Delta had worn off. So it literally says A Triangle Pi. How ironic! I am thrilled that we will always have this bond. There is another daughter. Will she be an ADPi as well? Only time will tell.

So….recruitment form one mom’s point of view.  who knows maybe some of you will be inspired to write your own recruitment story and we can share it here :)…it’s something to think about!