So here’s a great recruitment story from a PNM’s point of view…Enjoy!!

As summer is starting up soon I thought it would be a good idea to share my recruitment story as PNM’s are getting ready for recruitment in the fall.

I went to a medium sized school where Greek Life was a big part of the overall community. Our recruitment was delayed, meaning we could not rush until after 1st semester. After getting a feel for what all the sororities were about I was anxious to go through recruitment.

There were 9 sororities at my school. I will use them in code name (via Karsashian themed names because I love all their shows!)










I will point out that as you have probably heard, the most important thing when going through recruitment is keeping an open mind (even when you think you may know the sororities because you were surrounded by them for 1 semester before recruitment).

DAY 1:

Day 1 was philanthropy day. At first I was a little nervous but I was also really excited! Before we walked into every room to meet the active members they were screaming chants and clapping and dancing. It was super fun but a bit intimidating at first.

First I visited KIM: I loved it here! I felt totally comfortable and talked to some really cool girls (I don’t remember what we talked about) but there were never any awkward pauses which was nice. They also put on a really funny skit about their philanthropy. I also got to talk two girls I knew from my high school which made me feel more at ease. Overall it was a great start to the day!

Next we went to KOURTNEY: I was paired to talk with a girl who had the same name as me, and we were also both from the same hometown. Their skit was also funny but didn’t really have anything to do with their philanthropy and considering it was philanthropy day I thought that was a bit odd. The girls seemed nice but I didn’t feel as comfortable as I did at KIM. I wouldn’t mind coming back, but I wouldnt be crushed if I am not invited back.

After KOURTNEY I went to KYLIE: I loved it here! I was paired to talk to a girl who I’m friends with (we are both in an extra-curricular together and had a class together first semester). I also talked to a few other girls who were really nice and there were no awkward silences which was a plus! Their skit was hilarious! It involved some of my favorite movies and talked a lot about their philanthropy. I left here loving it and really hoping I get invited back.

Then we went to KENDALL: This is known as a “top sorority” but I wasnt loving it. The girls were nice but they rubbed me the wrong way. All they did was talk about shopping (and how thats helping the economy), country clubs, and vacation. not that I don’t enjoy all these things I just don’t think they should be a basis for a friendship or a sisterhood. Their skit involved a show I have never seen so I did not understand it. Also, most girls had fake tans and super blonde hair. I left feeling that I wouldn’t mind not being invited back but I would also like to get to know them better.

After our lunch break I visited MASON: The girls seemed a little bit awkward, but super nice! I held decent conversations with the girls I talked to, but they never brought up their philanthropy, but seemed to have a tight sisterhood! I left wanting to come back to learn more about these girls.

Afterwards we went to KHLOE: I felt so comfortable here! the girls I talked to were so genuine and down to earth! They also seemed to love their philanthropy! Additionally they seemed to have a really strong sisterhood. I left loving this sorority and keeping my fingers crossed that I get asked back tomorrow.

Next up was KRIS: they were really loud! The girls were really outgoing and funny (they didn’t take themselves too seriously which I liked). Their skit was cheesy and they didn’t talk too much about their philanthropy at all. I had funny conversations with members, but I also know that everyone “loves” this sorority so I wouldn’t be shocked if I was cut from this group tomorrow, but Im hoping I can go back.

Next I went to BRUCE: I really liked this group a lot! The girls seemed very “real” and involved on campus. I talked to one girl who had a really strong connection to their philanthropy and it was very touching to hear her story. I left BRUCE hoping to be asked back tomorrow!

The last group of the day was LAMAR: They were really nice but the conversations seemed a bit forced. A lot of times I had to keep the conversation rolling, and at other places I didn’t have to. Their skit was hilarious, but didnt even mention their philanthropy. Overall I really liked this house and am hoping to be asked back tomorrow, but wouldn’t be totally crushed if I dont.

At the end of the day we had to rank all 9 sororities. The last three were the ones that we would prefer to not go back to. I had a little bit of a hard time making the decision because I pretty much liked all of them, but this was how I ranked them:


2) KIM









DAY 2:

I couldnt sleep last night I was sooooo nervous and was trying to figure out who would invite me back. This morning finally arrived and I got all dolled up for the day. I finally got to my GRC meeting to receive my schedule :0 They called us up one by one to receive our schedules…of course I was called last! I was happy, but sad at the same time when I saw it: I was only invited back to KHLOE, BRUCE, KIM, and MASON. I loved all of these groups yesterday but it is scary to only have 4 left by day 2 when 6 was a full schedule! But I reminded myself that these were all great groups and in the end it only takes one.

First I went to KHLOE: today was skit day so I was soooo excited to see their skit! It was adorable! I absolutely loved their theme and decorations! I talked to one new girl, and two people that I talked to yesterday, and the others I talked to yesterday came up to me and said they were glad to see me back! I had great conversations with everyone I talked to today and really enjoyed their skit!

Next I went to KIM: I talked to a girl from my hometown and we had a lot in common, and actually started doing the “bye bye bye” boy band dance together. I felt totally comfortable here and the girls just seemed like they were goofy and down to have a good time! I really liked their theme and thought their skit was funny. I really hope I get invited back here tomorrow, but my gut is telling me I wont

After my lunch break I went to BRUCE: I talked to all new girls here today and when I saw the people I talked to the previous day they did not recognize me. For this reason I felt a little uncomfortable here. Regardless, their skit was really good. I was hoping to be invited back but would not be crushed if I was not invited back

Last, I went to MASON: I had a great time here today! I felt like I could really be myself here. The first girl I talked to was so funny and we spent a lot of time quoting the Hangover and Step Brothers and talked about the most random things! Their skit was a bit cheesy, but their song and dance performances were adorable!

At the end of the day we get to make selections, but since tomorrow we can be invited back to 4 (maximum) I wont be “cutting anyone.” I am just hoping that I get invited back to all 4 tomorrow and trying to not get my heart set on a single place. Also, I heard of some people being dropped from every sorority this morning, and some were even invited to 1 or 2 parties, so that made me feel like I wasn’t totally unloved.

This was the order I liked them in from most liked to least liked:


2) KIM



now onto DAY 3:

DAY 3:

I did not sleep last night…I was literally so nervous I would get cut from everywhere.. I was excited to see that I was invited back to MASON, KHLOE, and KIM!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe I got asked back to all of them! My GRC’s were so excited for me (they even teared up a bit) today we got to see sideshows from all the different organizations.

First I visited MASON: I had a great time here today! I met this really cool girl and we have a lot in common! She then showed me a scrap book she made from her memories in the sorority and it was adorable! I talked to other people and the conversations flowed smoothly. They did show a slideshow but I couldn’t see it b/c I was in the back row. I left feeling like this probably was not the place for me but I still really liked all the sisters.

Next I went to KHLOE: All the girls here are so pretty and looked so put together. I felt so comfortable here and talked to three outstanding people! They were really involved in their sorority and on campus and really seemed to love their sisterhood. When hearing the girls talk about what KHLOE has done for them I had this (ah hah) moment that this was the place for me. Their slideshow was really cute and emphasized their sisterhood which I liked.

Last I went to KIM: The girls were singing a really pretty song when I walked in, and the room was decorated with lots of cute things in their colors. All the girls I talked to were so nice and funny. The thing I love about this sorority is they are all kinda goofy and silly so I feel like I could totally be myself. Their slideshow was adorable and it looks like they have a lot of fun! Though I really liked it here, my conversations were not as in-depth as they were at KHLOE.

Tomorrow I can only be invited back to 2 sororities so I ranked them as such:


2) KIM



DAY 4:

When I got my invites to pref night I saw that I was invited to KHLOE and MASON. At first I was upset that I didn’t get invited back to KIM but I got over it because most people only got invited to 1 party, and I was very fortunate to have 2 great sororities left.

First I went to KHLOE: I loved their pref night ceremony and decorations. I talked to one girl that I already knew and we had a really good conversation that just flowed smoothly. The next girl I talked to was so nice and we had a really deep conversation about sisterhood. At the end of the party I knew that this was the sorority for me. I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would see them tomorrow on Bid Day!

Next I went to MASON: Their ceremony was really pretty and very personable. I was paired to talk to the current president. She was really nice and we had a lot in common, but I didn’t feel comfortable here and actually felt homesick during the ceremony. I was not sure why, but I just felt so uncomfortable that I wanted to be home and talk to my mom about it. I knew these girls were nice but I was not sure if I could be happy here.

When it came down to it I had a hard time deciding if I should suicide (only put KHLOE on my bid card or put down both). In the end I decided to put both down because I know I would eventually be happy in MASON. I knew that I would rather be with a group of girls that want me in their sisterhood, than not have a sisterhood at all. I also remembered that everything happens for a reason and that I would end up where I was supposed to.

I ranked them:



Tomorrow I will receive a call before noon letting me know if I receive a bid, and then at 3:30 I will find out where I got the bid from (if I make it that far) I am just praying that I get into KHLOE!

So I got the call…which means I received a bid!!! I was so happy but then I realized I still didn’t know where I received the bid from… It felt like FOREVER till 3:30 rolled around to pick up our bids. We got to hold the envelopes in our hands and my envelope was white (looked identical to a girl in my GRC who suicided KHLOE) whereas the girl who suicided MASON’s envelope was cream.

So I was pretty sure I would be a KHLOE but I still was not 100% sure.

Before we could open our Bid cards our GRC’s revealed which sorority they belonged to. Mine were neither KHLOE or MASON. Finally the countdown began for us to open our envelopes….

I tore mine open and read that I was extended an invitation to the sisterhood of….


Also known as….ALpha Delta PI!!!!!