The last few days, while traveling in the car, I have gotten several emails from young women wanting to know a sure way to get a bid.  I wish I could tell you that there was a fool-proof system but there isn’t.   There are a  few things you can do that will help you “shine” at recruitment.

First of all if you are going through recruitment at a school that is listed on the “Must have recommendations list” then get them!  Don’t just pick and choose…get at least 2 for every house.  why 2?  The first one you need and the second is an insurance policy in case the first one doesn’t arrive for some reason.  Make sure you give the alum lots of time to write the rec.  Make sure your envelope has the proper postage…I received two recs last week that didn’t have enough postage. I paid the extra for both but some alums might not be so kind.  Kind of embarrassing if your rec arrives to the sorority with postage due!

Remember that alum can write you a rec and still not support you for membership.  I have done this on a few occasions…why you ask?  Well, as I got into the young women’s resumes there were a few items that became liabilities and I didn’t feel that I could support their membership.  since I had said I would write the rec I did but I did have to call these young women and explain the situation..not fun :(.

Come prepared to get to know each sorority on campus.  Remember the famous “maximize your options”.  I know that many of you have favorites but carefully consider each and every house.

Be prepared for cuts.  They happen. They will happen to you.  Don’t dwell on the “why” but rather prepare to go to the houses that have invited you back and be the best you that you can be!

Make sure that every day you are presenting the best “You”.  you don’t have to show up with designer clothes and dripping with David Yurman but make sure that you are dressed nicely and appropriately.  Make sure that your hair and make up are well done.  Wer a smile on face even if it’s 100 degrees and your feet hurt.  It’s only a week or less out of what will be a lifetime of sisterhood.

Be ready to carry on conversations. No one word answers.  Be engaging, energetic and interested as well as interesting. Be a good listener.  Be an active listener.  Talk about yourself with confidence.

Don’t talk about the sororities negatively, their members or the girls who are going through recruitment with you.  Take it from someone who has been at never know who’s listening.  The last girl a sorority wants to give a bid to is a drama queen that is going to stir up trouble.  You move from the bid list to the liability list very quickly!

Make sure you GPA is strong.  That is the first thing a sorority looks at the first set of criteria they will use to release girls after the first round of parties.  In rare cases a girl might be kept but it is the exception to the norm.  I have been asked if a PNM has a low GPA can she attach a letter of explanation.  you can but not all sororities will read it, pay attention to it or even consider it. It’s wort a try but don’t think just because you did that it will save your GPA problem.  Most likely it will not help.

Rank all of your houses!  Go to each party you are invited to (smiling!!).

Being a legacy does not guarantee you a bid.  Be careful what strings you pull…sometimes that can be more hurt than help.

There are no guarantees during recruitment.  I wish there were.  The best way to a Bid is to go in prepared and with an open mind.