Wow!  I asked for suggestions for columns and you definitely rose to the occasion.  I had lots of email requesting topics .  I promise…I will get to each and everyone you sent in.  Thanks so much for the suggestions and ideas :).

I wanted to let you all know that this sorority girl is on the road again..this time to Chicago to help our son (child #3) pack up his apartment and move all of his worldly belongings back to our home in Blue Springs.  He walked at graduation in May but as of 3 pm tomorrow he will officially be done with college.  Wait….don’t get overly excited…he’s coming home to work for a year before heading off to law school (we hope). Being a “good mom” I am driving up today to clean and pack the rest of his “stuff”.  On Saturday his dad will arrive with an 8 ft cargo van, which we will stuff full and then drive it all back to our house.  Oh did I mention it come with a cat name Phoebe, who has claws and will be sharing our home which already contains a very old clawless cat called Tinkerbell, our Bassett Hound Max and out Morkie Mr. Bear.  Thank goodness my husband is getting on a plane early Monday morning to LA…hopefully he will escape before the “wild ruckus” begins.  The reason I am blathering on about this is there might not be a new post until Monday.  It will depend on how horrific the mess is and how much I have to pack and clean.  Bear with me ok?  I’d much rather be writing but “mommy” duty calls!

I wanted to finish talking about being organized while being a sorority pledge.  For the girls who go through recruitment and then start classes a few days later I just feel like A LOT is thrown at you.  You’ve just been through an emotionally draining week, the jubilation and emotional “high” of Bid Day (yes…I realize that for some it also might be an emotional “low” if you didn’t get your first choice) adjusting to a new roommate, being away from home and then BANG classes start. Just typing this makes me want to throw my arms in the air and run screaming for help.

The good news is I have a pretty good system I’d like to share with you that hopefully will lend some organization to what is going to be a VERY bust and fun-filled first semester.

The first thing you need to do is either purchase a wipe on wipe off calendar or one of those HUGE desk calendars like they sell at Staples or Office Depot.  We bought a wipe on wipe off one from Pottery Barn.  Here’s a link from PB Teen that has lots of the Wall Decal calendars …..they even have a Greek one!!!! I really prefer this kind but they are pricey and so if you want to go the economical route then just go get the big desk one.

You will need to buy colored markers…wipe on wipe off for the PB Teen calendars and just plain ones for the paper calendar.  I know you are thinking that you can get a little wipe on wipe off calendar form Stapes but you need the BIG one…trust me.

You next have to list the different categories of things you are involved with and that need scheduling.  So hypothetically I am going to just use a sample schedule of a sorority pledge.  In this instance here are the activities and things Patty pledge is involved.

Patty is a Kappa Delta so she will have meetings, sisterhoods, required speakers, Swaps, date parties and other sorority commitments.  Since one of Kappa Delta’s colors are green Patty is going to use green and write on the calendar every single sorority activity she has.  Now she can just glance at a day and see if she has a Kappa Delta meeting, Swap or sisterhood. I might suggest that you go so far as to make boxes around meetings, starts around Swaps and hearts around sisterhoods….again the more you can do to just be able to glance up and know what you have on a particular day the better this system is!

The next item on the list is classes.  Patty is a biology major on a Pre-med track.  She has Biology on Monday , Wednesday and Friday from 9 am to 10 am and Lab on Thursday from 8 am to 10:30.  Patty has assigned the color blue for Biology and has written in her class times (Biology) and then has added any assignments, labs, quizzes, test or homework.  Again at a glance Patty can tell what is due for Biology and when.

Next is Chemistry  and Patty will follow the same method.  Chemistry will be red.  Patty has assigned Black for Calculus 1,  Purple for her Computer Science class and Orange for her Freshman Pre-me lecture class.  By the way Patty is taking 15 hours this semester which is at the top end of what I would suggest a pledge takes (especially with that double science and the hard math class).  I always tell the girls I help that I KNOW they are smart and can handle a heavy schedule (they remind me constantly they did it in high school) but TRUST me this is not high school.

So Patty now has all of her sorority dates and class obligations on her calendar.  Finally she will add all the little “extras” in an extra special color like lime green or fluorescent red or orange.  Use a color that really stands out.  the items in this color will be things like Bible study, ice cream with friends…maybe she is a member of student senate… get it right?

In addition I would suggest that for Homecoming week you make a separate calendar.  Each box should be 8 1/2″ by 11 1/2″.  You will use the same method only for this week assign each type of activity a color.  So float prep would be one color and house decs would be another and so on and so on.  For those of you who have never been to a big SEC homecoming you are in for a treat and week of incredibly LONG hours and no sleep.  It’s a lot of fun but very tiring.  the brunt of the “grunt works” ie: pomping, falls on the pledges…that’s just the way it is.  The pledges will have mandatory activities every night as well as the other duties of decorating.  Remember there are still classes and homework…I’m telling you the more organized you are the better off you will be.

I promise if you diligently do this method for the WHOLE first semester your life will be a whole lot less stressful.  You will also get into a routine and it’s so much easier to be productive and successful if you have a routine.  It will be easier to be prepared for study hall hours and the little “Surprises” that come your way will minimal.

So there it is…the Sorority Girl 101 method of organization.  I highly recommend it. Hmm…i wonder if this would work for packing and cleaning an apartment…gotta go get a calendar and some markers!!!! :).