Just as it for many college campuses, recruitment at The University of Kentucky is just around the corner.  I have several UK PNM’s and their mommas who have been asking for info on UK so here goes. Here’s a little Youtube video to get you excited!  Go Big Blue!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7-AOMoMtSE

University of Kentucky
City: Lexington, KY
Dates: August 11-16, 2012
Chapters: 13
2011 Quota: 62+10

Recruitment starts with MOVE IN on August 11th and culminates with Bid Day on August 16th.

There are 13 active NPC chapters on campus at UK.  As you can see from the above statistic last years quota was 62 with possibility of adding 10 upper classmen.  With record numbers of girls registering on campuses across the US I wold anticipate for the quota number to increase this year.

Although NOT as competitive as Alabama or Ole Miss, girls going through recruitment at UK should still get recommendations and letters of support for each house on campus.  Remember it’s just my opinion but if you can put yourself out there, too your own horn and have the sororities notice you BEFORE recruitment I think that it’s just a HUGE advantage! By the way…if you haven’t been working on getting those RECS and LOS/LOR’s you probably should start now :).

UK follows the typical recruitment schedule.  August 11th is convocation. after moving in, you will meet your Gamma Chi group and your parents will have a chance to attend a Parent Orientation meeting.  Go home..get LOTS of sleep as the next day it begins FOR REAL!!!

August 12**** OPEN HOUSE DAY***  You will visit all 13 sororities on this day.  I have to tell you that a lot of campuses divided this Round One Party into two days but not a UK.  Kentucky is HOT in August so make sure that you hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! you’ll be wearing your recruitment shirt and a cute pair of shorts.

August 13**** SECOND ROUND***** You will be visiting houses that you were invited back to today.  Remember recruitment is a mutual selection process. When you get your list today there may be a surprise or two (remember my post on how your party list works???? https://sororitygirl101.com/2012/06/06/understanding-the-term-mutual-selection-process/).  Keep an open mind when you visit these houses.  they have popped up onto your party schedule because THEY wanted YOU…so give them another chance :). Known as “Philanthropy Day” on some campuses, dress is a cute pair of dressy shorts or a casual skirt.  I was at J Crew yesterday…the options are endless!

August 14****THIRD ROUND***** You are probably starting to make connections with certain houses.  That’s how it’s supposed to work!  On many campuses this is known as “Skit Day”.  You will really see the personalities of each sorority shine today.  I always tell girls to start to look around the room at the PNM’s ..these young women could potentially be your new pledge sisters.  Do you see yourself as part of this group? You should wear a cute causal dress and comfortable sandals.

August 15****Preference**** This is it..PREFERENCE  (AKA Serious Day).  you will be visiting your top three houses this day.  It’s emotional!  I have no doubt that you will have formed bonds with some members of the houses you visit today.  The mood is serious. The sororities will showing you how they can see you as a sister.  AS tired as you are I want you to remember that these sorority members have been riding the same emotional roller coaster all week.  I know that’s hard to see because “they” are already holding that coveted membership that you desire so much.  These ladies are wanting a fabulous pledge class and so they will want to convince YOU that they are the right home.  Preference parties sometimes brings tears and emotion..prepare yourself!  A VERY nice dressy dress is what you should wear.  No sequins or prom dresses but something special that you might wear to a cocktail event.  LBD (Little black dress ) that is conservative and stylish is ok (remember some sororities might be wearing LBD today) but you might want to go with something like in the pictures supplied in the UK look book that Panhellenic sends out.

August 16**** BID DAY!!!!!!*****Today you will receive an envelope that will hold a bid to your new sisterhood.  PNM’s wear white dresses today (I LOVE THIS!!!).  Pledging rituals and ceremonies will be held later today (that’s the reason for the white dress).  Here is a very short Youtube video of Bid Day at UK :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsvfwFxe_A8&feature=related.  I know this sounds silly but when I watch any of these I tear up!  Oh my!!

AS I mentioned yesterday don’t forget your tea cards (yep..ordered some for Sorority Girl 101 yesterday at Paper Source!).  I would caution you to error on the side of conservative/classy.  I heard a story yesterday from a friend about a girl who went through at UK.  This particular girl had tea cards that had a bee that looked like it was buzzing around the card.  They were very cute but throughout recruitment she was referred to as the “bee girl”.  Yes…she received a bid and I am sure the houses remembered her but just make sure they remember you for the right reasons.  While choosing my cards yesterday there were so many options.  I could have gone cutesy but instead chose a very classy script.

Some things to remember**** bring an umbrella…it has been known to rain.

Drink the water …it will be hot..you need to hydrate you don’t want to pass out.

Just like on every other campus there will be “Tent Talk”..don’t listen to it!  Instead listen to your head and your heart.

Maximize your options all week!  Give houses that come back up into your party schedule a second chance.

If you have time take notes on the houses you visit…it will help you remember them when it comes time to vote/list that night.

Put together a Recruitment Week Emergency kit.  I am going to blog on this tomorrow so you can start shopping and gathering items :).

Mom’s don’t forget to order Bid Day flowers and Bid Day baskets.  Here’s a link for ordering them from The Wildcat Den http://www.wildcatden.com/sororitybidday.aspx

And most importantly try to have fun, meet new friends and enjoy the ride!!

I came across this cute slide show from ADPi at UK…thought you might like to watch.  I LOVE the fact that each sorority gives their New Members big balloons in the shape of their mascot or symbol!!! What a great idea.  Very cute!!


The last thing I would add is to go to each UK sororities website (you can find these listed in the 2012 lookbook)…read about each one.  Look at the pictures.  And…get EXCITED!!!  It will be here before you know it!