My son is home for the MLB All Star Weekend games and general chaos that accompanies such an event.  He is OBSESSED with baseball and hopes one day to have a career in the administrative side of the game.  Yesterday we did our regular run to the farmers market to pick up fresh veggies and fruit for the week.  The hour in the car (30 min both ways) was spent him telling me everything about how an MLB All Star player gets picked and the ins and outs of a MLB All Star pitcher.

All of that got me thinking…what makes an ALL Star PNM?

Just as an MLB All Star player has to have superior skill and talent at the position he plays so does a PNM who is going through recruitment (especially those going through at super competitive campuses).  I think several things can qualify here.

First of all ..the ace in the pocket is connections (think MLB fan base…the fans love the player)  If a PNM has really strong connections to a particular or even a group of sororities on campus she may be guaranteed a “home run” as far as guaranteeing a bid goes.  This is not something you can “Do” to make yourself more desirable…this one’s up to gods. Being a legacy doesn’t give a girl an advantage here either. Back in the day if you were a legacy you were pretty much golden in the bid category but oh my how times have changed.  Even girls who have sisters in a sorority on the campus that they are going through recruitment at don’t have a 100% guarantee.  You have to have friends in hgigh places..point blank!

The second thing that I think makes a PNM an All Star is her personality and good conversation skills.  Girls who are laid back, easy going and CONFIDENT in who they are will stand out.  It’s the girl who is comfortable in her own skin…she knows who she is and what she wants but she doesn’t come off cocky and self absorbed. This PNM can talk to anyone about anything!  I know two such girls who are going through recruitment at a large competitive SEC school this fall.  Both girls are amazing!!!!  They make you feel at ease when you talk to them.  they are not working hard to impress and can talk about anything.  When I sat and talked with each girl it was like I had known them for years! I am sure both girls will have a terrific recruitment with their pick of houses on campus.

The third thing that makes a PNM an All Star is a killer resume combined with GOOD recs for each house.  I had a long conversation yesterday with another sorority woman about recs..especially recs at competitive recruitment schools.  I plan on blogging about his later in the week so I won’t give tons of info here but….a rec is important.  It makes the chapter aware that a particular PNM is coming through recruitment and to look out for her. But just any old rec is not a home run for a PNM.  It’s the rec that has been written by an alum that is written in a way that makes this particular PNM really stand out.  Usually these recs are written by an alum who either knows the PNM VERY well or it can also be written by an alum who has ties to that particular chapter on campus and has been impressed but contact with the PNM she is writing the rec for.  The rec and resume have to grab the attention of the sorority.  In this case then the sorority will be on the lookout for this particular PNM….she will more individual attention. You can see where this is going right?

The fourth thing that makes an All Star PNM is her attitude. She’s a team player. As hard as it is keeping an open mind and even more an open heart to what each sorority is important.  If you asked me I would tell you that I think this is probably the most difficult thing to do!  It’s not only the tent talk and the opinions of all of the other girls but it’s so easy to get sucked into a particular house.  When aPNM starts to focus on one house in particular she immediately jeopardizes her chances with other sororities.  An All Star PNM will look for the good in each sorority.  It’s the glass half full theory.  Instead of looking at her party card and remarking “Wow I only got invited back to 6 houses and why does house XYZ keep coming up into my party schedule..I cut them already?”…she remarks “Wow I got invited back to 6 houses. House XYZ has come back up into my party schedule again, they must really like me and see something that makes them think I would make a good sister.  I will have to really look at them today.”  Sounds hokey but it’s a great attitude to have and I guarantee with this type of attitude a PNM will have a better recruitment.

When you put all of the skills (personality and conversation), talents (good attitude) and hard work and practice (a great resume and good recs for each house as well as connections) you have an All Star PNM.  Anyone can be one!  Just as the MLB players work and train for the chance to be an All Start..young women who are prepared for recruitment can too! Wonder who will be our All Star PNM’s of 2013?