there have been a lot of lists floating around about what to bring to recruitment.  I thought it might be helpful to just put everything here…right in one place where you can print it and mark it off as you buy it.  You may find a lot of these items around your house and that’s great :).  Many of the items are just simple little things but you’d be amazed how when you are away from home its some of the little things you miss the most!

  • sturdy. lightweight tote bag to carry all your “things” in (water proof??)
  • bobby pins
  • hair brush
  • personal fan/ paper??? tiny battery operated one???
  • band aids
  • umbrella
  • oil blotting sheets…Clean and Clear brand
  • fresh wipes
  • baby powder
  • snack/granola bar
  • breath mints/ breath strips
  • water bottle
  • deodorant
  • pen for notes.
  • flip flops (for walking between houses on days where you are wearing wedges of heels)
  • magazine, puzzle book
  • your recruitment manual (look book)
  • extra hair ties or pony tail holders
  • beach towel in case you get caught in the rain or need to sit on the ground
  • pain reliever..Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Advil
  • sun block
  • safety pins in case of a wardrobe malfunction
  • small mirror
  • lip gloss for touch ups
  • Wisps to clean your teeth between parties (specially if you are served food)
  • light scented misting spray to make you feel fresh..NO heavy perfume!!!!
  • travel size bottle of hair spray
  • tampons
  • tissues…travel size
  • Tide to go stick or Shout wipes
  • needle and thread
  • clear nail polish
  • emory board
  • Blister block
  • mini hand sanitizer

So there you go…The LIst!!!  You might want to add a few items that are personal to you…everybody has their own personal preferences.

I wanted to chat about one little thing before I end todays post.  In less than a month many of you will be half way through the recruitment process.  You will have experienced a roller coaster of emotions.  I was thinking about last years recruitment and [articular PNM came to mind.  This dear young girl was BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She was a very talented cheerleader, winning several National titles.  Her resume was what I would call average.  She’d done a few clubs, cheerleading (she was Captain for two years), did a pageant or two and had placed in the top 5 both times, and volunteered a little.  Her GPA was a 2.8.  She was going through recruitment at a VERY competitive SEC school.  I worked with her to get the recs she needed for each house.  We talked numerous times that her GPA was going to limit her options.

Well…recruitment rolled around and after the first rounds of parties she was only invited back to half the number of houses she could have gone back to…for example let’s say she could go back to 10 houses…her party list only had 5.  She took it pretty well.  She called to chat and admitted that she’d dropped the ball on getting some recs for some houses and so she understood that between her GPA and the missing recs that the list was what it was.  Round two parties came and went and when she got the next list she again suffered DEEP cuts and was only invited back to two houses.  This time she was pretty upset but was excited because my sorority was still in the picture.  she gushed how she loved my house.  She was convinced that it was “the perfect” house for her.  She even called me immediately after attending her party there….she was excited and was certain she would be invited back for Preference. That night she was released from recruitment.  The reason I am telling you this story is not to scare you (especially those girls who have GPA issues).  The reason I am telling you this is because after being released this PNM called me.  She was crying and quite upset.  Her words to me were “You wrote me a great rec to your house…I thought that since we had chatted and connected it would guarantee me a bid!”

Girls…..a wonderful alum may write you a glowing rec to “HER” house but that does not mean that the alum’s sorority is obligated to offer you a bid!  I have written quite a few really great recs for some terrific girls.  Some of those girls have had a high GPA and others have not.  I have even called the Alumna Advisor for several campuses to let her know about some pretty special girls that are going to be going through recruitment at the school she advises at. BUT……all of this in no way guarantees that any of these girls will get special treatment or be offered bids.

So PLEASE…..just because an alum says she has written you a great rec or a letter of support don’t expect that you will be given preferential treatment.  Understand????  Gosh that sounds so harsh and I really don’t mean it to be but I just all of you to go into recruitment with your eyes open.

This story has a happy ending:).  It just happened that a new sorority was colonizing on the campus where our PNM went through recruitment.  To her credit she dusted herself off and decided to go through the colonization process and…SHE GOT A BID!!!!! It gets even better….she has gotten great grades and holds an important position in her sorority. You see…she maximized her options..even when it seemed like it was over she found a home.  Don’t get discouraged if things don’t go exactly the way you think they ought to. don’t hold the alums who wrote your recs responsible if you are not invited back to their house.  Trust the process…it will all work out for the best :)…Start the countdown!!!!!