I got up this morning and my heart was racing!  It’s july 19th…in just less than 1 month young women on several campuses across the USA will be opening not only bid cards this morning but also opening a new and exciting chapter in their lives!!  I am so excited I can just barely stand it!!  A flood of emotions filled me this morning as I sat to write this post.  The song “My Favorite Things” from the movie The Sound of Music has been playing in my head….so…todays post is kind of a take off on that song.

What are my favorite things about sorority life and recruitment??  Well here goes….(you have to sing the song in your head while you read this :).

Door songs and clapping from actives excited,

PNMs who are nervous and want to be invited

to parties with names like ice water teas….

these are few of my favorite things!


Philanthropy projects and dvd stories,

Skits about life in this terrific sorority,

members you bond with and sisters you’ll be

these are a few of my favorite things.


Girls in white dresses at Preference parties,

Opening a Bid card and squeals are starting,

Running with new sisters to your sorority home,

these are a few of my favorite things


When your listing , your top houses

and you don’t know what to do

Just simply remember you favorite things

about each house

and then you will know.. what to do!

Okay cheesey right?? But there will be so many things about recruitment and joining a sorority that you will LOVE…

  • that first moment when you KNEW this was YOUR house.
  • your first Rush Crush
  • crying at Preference
  • finding out that your recruitment counselor is now your sister
  • showing up at your new home to be hugged by your bid day buddy
  • getting to wear your letters
  • your first Swap
  • sitting with your sisters at the first home football game
  • winning at intramural sports
  • Greek Week
  • Game Day meals
  • Date Parties
  • Working for your Philanthropy
  • getting your big sis
  • walking through the doors of your sorority for the first time
  • seeing your letters in another city or even another country

watching the Bachelor in the tv room with your sisters

  • breakfast at midnight during finals week
  • initiation
  • a new Lilly
  • having a sister to share with
  • someone to make sure you get home from the band party
  • practicing door songs until you are horse
  • watching your skit Day skit and understanding why you love your sorority
  • Norts and oversized t-shirts
  • Bid Day
  • candle passings
  • your first time being on the other side of recruitment
  • being an officer of your sorority
  • being serenaded

I could just keep going and I am sure that many of you will experience all of my favorite thing and add more of your own.  Just thinking about gets me all excited!!  I loved my sorority experience and loved every minute of each of my daughters (ok so maybe not every minute..the more stressful ones I would not classify as favorites but you must have the bad to truly appreciate the good..right??)

So as we count down (I have my calendar out and am marking off the days)…start thinking about all of your favorite pre-recruitment moments that have happened so far! Now store those away in your head and your heart and revisit them during recruitment week when things get tough and emotional. It’s all worth it really it is!!!