Today I am going to jump from the Heartland to the Cali coast and talk a little about recruitment at USC.  The USC look book (recruitment manual) came out in the past week and it’s filled with lots of great information.

For those of you “in the USC know” sorority recruitment takes place on the famed “28th street AKA…  “The Row”” which houses 9NPC sororities (Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Gamma Phi Beta, Pi Beta Phi, Alpha Phi, Delta Delta Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Gamma).  Alpha Delta Chi, a Christ centered sorority will be holding recruitment on September 17, and Sigma Delta Tau will be participating in the first two days of Formal Recruitment (Conversation Days) to identify girls interested in joining the Greek Community. They will then to COB (Continuous Open Bidding) to fill their 2012 pledge class.


You can fill the application for recruitment here :

************RECRUITMENT DATES*********

8/25….. Saturday Recruitment Orientation  3-5pm Bovard Auditorium

8/26 …….Sunday  Conversation Day 1  9 am to 8:55 pm 28th Street

8/27…..Monday  Conversation Day 2 6pm to 10:25 pm

8/28…..Tuesday   House Tours Day 1 6pm to 10 pm

8/29…..Wednesday   House Tours Day 2 6pm to 10 pm

8/30…..Thursday   Slide show Day 6pm to 11:20 pm

8/31…..Friday   Preference 5pm to 8:30 pm  Bid Card Signing 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm

9/2…..Sunday  Bid Night!!!! 8pm to 1pm

A copy of the Recruitment Manual “Going Greek” can be downloaded from the link below .

Since classes officially being August 22nd Recruitment is held in the evenings during the week.  In the Recruitment Manual it is advised that PNMs check the recruitment schedule to see if they have any class conflicts.  If they do they are to send an email with a copy of their class schedule to:  This will help your recruitment counselor plan your events.

Since fraternities will also be hosting recruitment events during the first week of school is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN for PNMs to attend these events or to be on 28th Street…”The Row”.  The only time they should be on 28th Street is when they are attending their specific recruitment events. PNMS will not be permitted to attend any event that involves sorority or fraternity members (minus of course their personal recruitment scheduled parties) until the day after Recruitment is completely over, which is September 3rd.  Panhellenic Executive Boards members will be monitoring 28th Street for any violations.  If a PNM is found to be in violation of this rule they will not be allowed to participate in Recruitment.

****************WHAT HAPPENS DURING RECRUITMENT****************

Recruitment is split up into four stages.

Conversation (Convo) Day is the first stage. During these days, you will visit each chapter (a total of 9) and spend 30 minutes talking to the members at the chapters. They are thrilled to meet you!

House Tour Day is your opportunity to tour up to six houses, and meet more women in the chapters. The houses are beautiful at USC, and it’s a lot of fun to see them up close. The chapter philanthropy will be on display too so you can learn about their community involvement. You also get great snacks!

Slide Show Day the chapters (up to four) will show you a slide show of what life is like as a member of their chapter. They will answer any questions you have about Greek life too.

Preference Day is the last stage of recruitment. You will go to up to two chapters, where you will get to see their rituals and hear touching stories about what their sorority means to them. This is a very special ceremony for all involved.

Bid Day! Once you finish recruitment, Bid Night awaits! You will receive a bid card with the name of the sorority you have been invited to join. From there you run to the row with your new pledge class, and have a huge celebration with the whole chapter as they welcome you into their sorority.

During each stage of recruitment, you will be guided through the process with your own Recruitment Counselor who is trained and ready to assist you with any questions or needs you have.

***************WHAT TO WEAR*****************

Recruitment Orientation:  Cute shorts and a shirt

Conversation Days I & II:  Unity Days are the most casual days.  A cute sundress, casual dress, skirts and a cute top or pants is fine with a cute pair of sandals.

House Tour Days I & II:  A cute dress or sundress is appropriate for Spirit Days.

Slide Show Day:  A cute dress with wedges or flat sandals.

Preference:  Nice dresses are in order.  You should wear something that would be suitable to wear to an afternoon wedding.  Heels should be worn.

Bid Night:  Shorts, jean shorts, denim skirt, capris or jeans are all appropriate.  You will be given a shirt to wear.

NOTE*******  At not time before Bid Night is denim appropriate or should be worn!!!

****************LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION*****************

The “Going Greek” brochure states “Letters of Recommendation are neither a necessity or an assurance of membership in any sorority.”

It’s just my opinion but I would secure a recommendation for each house that is going through recruitment.  I say this because I was at a Panhellenic meeting not so long ago and this very subject came up.  A rep from California (I thought it was USC or UCLA) mentioned that for the first time last year they had received a substantial amount of recommendations.  She went on and on about how wonderful they were and how they gave the sororities more information about each PNM who was going through.  This allowed them to have better conversations and she felt a much better recruitment. SO…….I would suggest you get them. Addresses are listed under each sorority  house on page 9 of the Going Greek recruitment brochure.

While USC’s recruitment is not as competitive as many of the SEC schools, “Going Greek” is becoming increasingly more popular.  1 in 4 students participate in Greek Life on the USC campus. Recommendations, appearance and presenting the best possibly “YOU” is important.  When preparing be mindful that recruitment does occur after classes begin.  You will not know which women are active sorority members as they will not be allowed to wear their “letters”.  It is best to operate under the theory “the walls have eyes and ears”.  You don’t have to dress up everyday for class but looking put together and presentable is important.  It’s also important to know that your behavior will be watched as well so adopting the thought that “you shouldn’t do anything you wouldn’t want grandma to see” attitude is a good one.  there will be plenty of time for fun, socializing and parties.

**********SORORITY COSTS***************

Although each house varies on costs, most sorority dues pay for all social and philanthropic events, meals during the week and maintenance of the house.  Every PHC offers payment plans to help make membership affordable.  For the majority of the 11 PHC sororities at USC, new member dues range from $1500 to $2500 per semester.  Dues for active members who do not live in the house range from $1000 to $2000 per semester and dues for active members who do live in the houses range from $3500 to $5000 a semester.  NOTE….By signing up for recruitment and accepting a Bid Card you are agreeing to accept the financial responsibilities of sorority membership.

On final word…

Joining a sorority at USC opens the doors to limitless opportunities and lifelong friendships. The USC greek community enhances your personal growth and individuality while linking you to a sisterhood that shares your goals and values. As the largest greek community on the west coast, USC and sororities will offer you an unforgettable college experience

Good luck!!  Have fun!!  It will be here before you know it!