The countdown has begun.  For those of you who “know” me you are thinking that I am referring to the first college football game of 2012.  Yes..we all know I LOVE college football and YES I have been counting down for kick off since Alabama won their 14th National Championship on January 9, 2012 but NOPE that is not what I am chatting about today.

It’s 8 days,  352 hours (give or take a few), until the official launch of Fall Formal Sorority Recruitment 2012.  Auburn and the University of Georgia kick off the first recruitments.  Auburn starts with move-in on August 5th and then on Monday August 6th..there will two information sessions for PNMs (you only attend one and your Pi chi will tell you which to attend). The University of Georgia has move-in and recruitment orientation both on August 7th.  Move-in is from 9am to 5pm with orientation from 7 to 9pm.

Just typing the words gets my heart racing and my palms sweaty!!!  I know several girls who are going through recruitment at Auburn….I helped them find recs, wrote recs for them and have offered advice about the process.  Ladies…I am now sending you a BIG hug and warm wishes for a fabulous recruitment.

I remember when I was younger, my cousins and I would try to build a domino bridge that would collapse when you knock the first domino into the second.  Do you know what I mean?  Well that’s what happens after Auburn begins recruitment…just like when my dominoes fell in order so does every other recruitment….they just go one right after another  sometimes multiple ones at the same time.

Here’s a few….

Alabama…. August 10-18

University of Kentucky…. August 11-16

LSU….August 11-19

Arkansas….August 12-19

University of Missouri…August 12-18

Tennessee….August 13-21

University of Arizona….August 15-21

University of South Carolina….August 18-September 2 (no recruitment Aug 20 or 23)

Texas A&M …..August 19-25

University of Texas Austin…August 19-25

University of Southern California…August 26- September 2

University of Michigan…September 2-September 30 (Yep you read this right…they do it a bit different up north…this would kill me!!)

University of Washington…September 8-15

University of Mississippi…..September 16-23

So there you have it….just a few,certainly not all and if you haven’t guessed I have girls that I know going through recruitment at each of the schools listed above!  Lots and wine and chocolate at my house for the next month!!!

I wish I had the ability to gather “my girls” together in one place for just a few minutes before they head off to one of the most exciting experiences of their lives. If I could I would give them each a hug but I would also give them a pep talk. So here goes..since I physically can’t give this “little talk”in person I am going to post it here.

Ladies…I want you to know that each and every one of you are AMAZING.  Not only are smart,talented, beautiful..inside and out, kind, caring and compassionate but you will an asset to any sorority on the campus you are attending. Here are a few things I want you to know as you head off to recruitment.

First of all …..Recruitment is fun.  Don’t shake your heads…it’s just your mindset going in. All of you are prepared..we took care of that together.  This is a rewarding,educational experience.  Enjoy it!

Your Rho Chi, Pi Chi, or what ever they call your recruitment counselor is your friend.  They have trained long hours and WANTED to do this job.  They are there to pour your heart out to.  Use them!!!

Recruitment is a great place to make new friends.  Every girl who is a PNM is going through the same emotional roller coaster experience as you are.  Use this opportunity to make new friends.  You can start with the girls in your recruitment group but branch out.  My daughters are still friends with girls they met during recruitment (no they all didn’t pledge the same house but they are still friends).

You don’t have to be a legacy to get a bid.  As you stand under the tents getting ready to go into a house will hear girls talk about being a legacy to this or that house.  In todays’ recruitment world there are LOTS of legacies out there (some of you are one).  If a sorority just bid their legacies they would be missing out on some amazing young women! So if you’re a legacy don’t limit yourself to just your legacy house and if you are not a legacy..don’t worry!

PNMs come from all over the US.  Being from in-state is not necessarily an advantage. You are not at a disadvantage because you come from a different part of the country.  There  will be some sororities that do have a lot of girls from the same general area, state or states but this will not limit you.  Use your great conversation skills to captivate the members you meet.

When you go to rank your houses MAXIMIZE YOUR OPTIONS!!!!!!! Fill every spot. If you get your party card and are disappointed to find a house that you really didn’t feel a connection with back again, go to their party with a smile on your face and an open mind.

Remember that the sorority members are just as nervous as you are. For some girls this is the first time they have “been on the other side”.

Finally THINK BEFORE YOU WITHDRAW!!!!!  Please remember that each sorority will pledge fewer than 5% of the total group of potential members,so it is important to come in with an open mind, considering each sorority and looking for ways you can be a great member in each one, rather than focusing on one or two. When talking with girls who withdrew most told me that not receiving a desired invitation as the main reason for withdrawing.  On some campuses chapters have 200 or more members…you will find a group that you make a connection with!

Good luck ladies!!!  I am so very excited for each and every one of you.  oh and watch this more time…it’s one of my favorites!!!!

Our Potential. Your