A little housekeeping today :).

FIRST OF ALL:  I’d like to personally wish all of the ladies who are beginning recruitment around the US this weekend.  I know of a couple at Oklahoma State…just looked at the weather and for move-in and the First Round parties is looks VERY hot.  Stay cool and remember to hydrate!  You don’t want to be the PNM that faints on the sidewalk!

SECONDLY:   The link for the Look Book for UT-Austin is here. Have fun looking through it.  It’s well done and as y’all know, I love a good Look Book!

THIRDLY: IF you are a HIGH SCHOOL SENIOR 2012-2013 and you are reading this, it’s now time to begin thinking about a few things:

  1. Who and where you are going to get your recommendations from?  I don’t mean that you need to mad scramble and begin collecting recommendations, but just begin brainstorming and think of who you know that’s a sorority alumnae.  I understand that some of you still haven’t decided what college you’re attending but you can still..begin to start your list.  If you’re undecided then list:
    1. all 26 sororities and just put the names of possible rec writers next to each sorority…
    2. look at the holes and make a plan as to how to fill them.
      • Note: I will be posting how to go about doing this. But give me time to get through recruitment in the next few weeks.
  2. You also should make a first run at a resume.  Remember that a sorority resume IS NOT the same as a resume you would use for a job interview.  It contains very specific information that will be used by the women writing your recommendations.  If you need help let me know.

So now onto todays message…….

How and When to identify what YOU are looking for in a sorority.

I think one of the biggest problem young women have when they go through recruitment is that they really don’t know what they are looking for in a sorority. Initially they decide to GO GREEK because, it is a socially popular thing to do on their respective campuses.  In other words in their opinion “all the beautiful people GO GREEK”.  I am not referring to outer beauty, although in some cases that’s true but the people who are perceived to be “popular” and “noticed” and hold “positions of power” on campus.

So how do you really asses each sorority you visit?

  • The time frame you spend there isn’t really substantial enough to really “get to know” the girls in the chapter.
  • In fact, I really think you get a skewed picture of sorority life because these ladies are on their very behavior and are exhibiting their most charming skills to woo you.

So what can you do?  I think I have at least some what of a plan.

In previous posts I alluded to the fact that sororities develop a needs assessment that targets areas where they are weak.

They take this tool and then use it to search out PNMs who would fit into the various areas that the sorority has determined they would like to strengthen.

So what I’m suggesting you do is take a little time before you go through recruitment and make your own needs assessment that you can use to help discern the different qualities and attributes of each sorority you visit.

Ask your self these questions:

  1. What’s the most important attribute I want a sorority to have?
  2. Can I see myself getting involved in this sorority’s philanthropy?
  3. How do the sisters seem to relate to each other?
  4. Is there a sense of genuine care and concern for one another?
  5. Is the actual house structure something I would be comfortable living in (sleeping porches vs individual bedrooms?)
  6. Do the sisters “look” like me (are they all double 00’s and blonde when you’re an athletic brunette?)?
  7. When they performed their skit was there a sense of cohesion (do they relate to each other?)
  8. Can I see myself spending every free moment at this house?
  9. Are there girls who have the same major as I do?

When you have made a list of questions and a list of attributes you are looking for in sorority, make one copy for each house.  You may have a spot in your Look Book for notes and if so this is a good place. During first round parties try as assess each sorority according to your list.  Between parties write a few notes.  You may even want to use a numerical rating scale and score each house after you visit it according to your list.

On some campuses where you are visiting more than 10 houses in two days things tend to become blurry and run together.  Using this method you can at least a a small reference point to look back on when trying to rate houses.

Remember that sororities are doing this rating process as well so when you get your party list and “THE HOUSE”..you know the one I’m talking about (and probably every other PNM who is going through recruitment), does not invite you back, please do not dwell on the “oh woe is me” (I know you will feel rejected and sad…its ok…give yourself a 1 minute pity party and then move on!), but rather pull out your list and make sure that you are being true to yourself in what you are looking for in a sorority.  Then look at those houses you are invited back to..look at your notes from the previous days and make sure that you haven’t missed anything about those houses.  Sometimes when you are really focused on “THE HOUSE” you lose sight of the other positive attributes that other sororities bring to the table.

You may adjust your list as the week progresses…that’s ok!  Sometimes a little introspection is good….refocusing is fine :).  Every time you adjust your list or revisit it, go back and look at each house you have left..how do they fit in with the list?  I want to also remind you that when a “bottom house” (the ones you listed as not wanting to return to) comes back into your party list wipe the slate clean of a preconceived notions or opinions.  Go in with the idea you are accessing them for the first time.  This is much easier said than done.  But I am telling you if you do this there is the distinct possibility that your eyes will be opened and you may begin to see this house in a different light.

So am now climbing off my soapbox before I fall but I REALLY want you to do this before you start recruitment.  For some of you it’s a few days and others still have a few weeks (and you high school seniors out there..take note and start now…can’t ever be too prepared).

Hugs to all of you as you go through this process..I know what it’s like…been there and done that (3 times now!!!! )  So hang in there and get listing :).