Good Morning from The University of Alabama!!!  Roll Tide!!!  I thought I spend a few minutes answering a few questions before I head off to sorority row to spend the day being a “sorority girl”..ok so I’m serving drinks but I get to be at the house ALL day watching the skit and seeing the door songs…can’t wait!!!

Just a brief update….last night the moving trucks were late on sorority row.  For those of you that don’t know this…after each round of parties the sororities change out all of their furniture.  Since last night was the end of Philanthropy Round Two parties and today starts the beginning of Skit Day Round Three parities it was time for the “big switch”.  Its amazing to stand on sorority row and watch this line of trucks and the men who are moving all the furniture… efficiency at its best!!  Because the trucks were late the sororities (well some anyway) got started late on making cuts.  Poor dears after a REALLY early start yesterday due to the disaster from Monday (computer crashes, late invite lists, lost lists, missed emails and weather) the girls will be tired today.  Am making a Starbucks run on my way to the house.

Okay enough about me…questions,questions, questions?

1.  If I don’t attend all of my parties and am released from recruitment can I be added as a quota addition on Bid Day?

No!  You must list all of the houses on your list and attend all parties to be eligible for quota additions!


2. I have a house on my Preference party schedule I really don’t feel a connection with..should I still go to the party?

YES!!!!  Go and give them another chance.  You never know..this might be the day you make a connection :).  EVen if this is your only house I always tell girls to try don’t have initiate.


3.  Everyone in my Rho Chi group go a full party schedule and I only got half..what’s wrong with me?

Nothing is wrong with you.  Are you at a competitive recruitment school and have recs for each house?  Is your GPA in the acceptable level?  Ask yourself how you think your conversations are going?  ARe you being friendly and engaging?  Are you giving more than 1 word answers?  If you are shy this can be hard.  Some girls with take big hits at the beginning  of recruitment and then carry those houses for the rest of the parties.  Hang in there…don’t get down.  You need to be happy and smiling at each party you go to.  Let the members know you are glad to be there and excited to meet them.


4.  There is only one house I like.  Is it okay just to write that house down when I rank and not list any other?

No!!!!!!  This is called suiciding and it is not a good idea.  This is just as the word implies.  If you just list that one house and you are not on the sororities first list then you will be released. In addition you will not be eligible for quota additions.


5. I am so sad that some houses have let me go when I thought I had a real connection.  What happened?

We don’t know for sure but what you need to remember is as hurt as you feel the sorority didn’t do this because there was something wrong with you or they “didn’t like you”..they just had other girls who they thought were a better fit and they placed them ahead of you on their list.


So a few questions and answers….more later..have a great to be a sorority girl wooooo hoooo!!!!!