Hello!!!  Day 2 for me in Tuscaloosa.  I definitely got my sorority girl fix yesterday with 7 parties lasting 40 minutes a piece.  Lots of door songs, a fabulous skit and I am proud to announce I am now an expert at making Shirley Temples :).   Many of the girls at ADPi have no voice and are croaking like frogs (mine included!!).  I was able to hang out with one of my favorite newly graduated seniors, watch Dance Mom’s in the tv rooms with my daughters best friends and had a nerve ratting experience at Starbucks (carrying and balancing a VERY large order of coffees while walking 4 blocks to the sorority house..thank goodness for the sweet fraternity guys who jumped in to help 🙂  ).

This trip has not been without it’s share of drama.  There have been BIG cuts here.  We knew it would happen that way especially with 1957 girls going through.  I have heard over 400 girls released after First Round Ice Water Teas.  I haven’t been able to confirm that but it sounds right.  Houses are cutting upwards of 600 girls per party round. We are still looking at quota at 98-100!!!!  With quota adds some sororities will have pledge classes of 125 girls!!! Yikes!!!

And so…Day 2 of Skit continues :).  I am so glad that I have been able to update y’all.  My phone has gone NUTS with text messages..phone calls…and emails.  The questions continue so here goes!

1.  While I am at a party can I ask about the cost of joining a sorority?

The general answer is no.  Sororities are supposed to publish costs to join their chapters.  I the past day I have discovered that this can be hard to find.  If you ask this type of question the message is sent “hey, I am not sure if I can afford a sorority”.  That message of not being able to pay makes sororities nervous.  Remember sororities ARE a business.  They have bills to pay and need to make money to support their national organizations.  I will also share that most recommendations ask the question, “Can this PNM assume the financial responsibilities of this sorority?”  Have to tell you that one’s a loaded question…how can you know if you can pay if you don’t know the number??? That’s something to think about.


2. My next door neighbor and good friend is in a sorority at the school I am going through recruitment at.  She has told me that all of her sisters LOVE me.  ARe they going to offer me a bid???

I don’t have a crystal ball but I would tell you to not assume that the “bid is in the bag.”      One girl cannot guaranteed a bid.  this is a tough situation because of the “friendship involved.  I know if you are released you will feel terrible but know that it was most likely out of your friends hands.


3.  While at parties the sorority members keep telling me how much they LOVE me and how they can see me as a member of their house.  Does this mean I am getting a bid from them?

Although all the signs point towards the fact that the sorority is interested in you I would be careful to count on a bid.  Many sorority girls get caught up in the moment just as PNMs do.  The girls who you have been talking to most likely do “like” you but just as question 2 suggests no single girl can promise you a bid.


4. Do sororities know what parties I am attending?

No….they only see their party list.  They have no way of knowing what parties you are attending unless you share that information.  My opinion..don’t share it.


5.  I only have one party left even though most girls can go to 7..does that mean I am not going to get a bid?

I know it seems bleak but I will tell you what I tell every girl I talk to..it only takes one!  So…goto your party with your head held high.  Give this chapter a chance.


6.  I only have 1 house left and no others!!  I am devastated :(.  I think the only reason they are inviting me back is because they feel sorry for me and I am a charity case!!

No..remember that the sororities don’t know what houses you have…they only know their party lists!!


7.  I have been attending all of my top houses and now I have to make a cut from 8 houses to 3!!  How am I ever going to do this?

Look into your heart.  Look beyond this process.  Look to every day life beyond recruitment.   Where can you see yourself on a day to day basis interacting with the girls?  Where can you see yourself walking in and having everyday conversations?  It’s tough and you may have 3 or more that you can “see” yourself in…that makes you very lucky!


okay am off to the trenches for another day of sorority fun!!!  Stay tuned :).